Foursquare for BlackBerry 10 gets overhauled, brings a new look and bug fixes

By Bla1ze on 11 Mar 2014 05:22 pm EDT

Its been a while since the last update to Foursquare for BlackBerry 10 but it seems the developers have been rather busy. The latest release is now filtering through BlackBerry World and showing up on devices. It's a pretty big update as well as it not only brings a new, flatter look and feel to the app but also fixes a lot of previous bugs.

  • Big performance improvements on the main screen.
  • New "Highlights" carousel on the main screen letting you know the best things going on around you.
  • Redesigned venue pages.
  • Updated profile page
  • Check-in right from the Hub with the Foursquare item in 'compose'.
  • Delivery options on the venue page, if the venue has Grubhub or Seamless available.
  • UTF-8 Characters are now appropriately displayed in the active frame
  • Settings - Account Settings - Profile has been fixed
  • BBM Connection and sharing reliability greatly improved. Can now share to BBM from a card.

Overall, a pretty spiffy update now that it is here. Go ahead and fire up BlackBerry World to get it downloaded, it should be waiting for you. If not, you can always use the BlackBerry World link below to try and force load it from the website directly to your device.

Download Foursquare for BlackBerry 10

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Foursquare for BlackBerry 10 gets overhauled, brings a new look and bug fixes


An Adobe Reader update hit as well. :)

Nice to see the amount of updates increasing.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Thanks for the tip.

It's funny I didn't get a notification for updates and when I forced checked for the updates in BlackBerry World it said I had none. I had to check adobe to get this update option.

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Update notifications are only pushed once in a while, not right after updates become available. And secondly, even if updates are already uploaded, they do not show up on your 'update' screen right away. Probably because they want to avoid a sudden heavy server load.
That is why, sometimes, it is faster to search for the app manually to see the 'update' button.


Foursquare is great to find points of interest.

Foursquare is extremely useful even if you never "check in".

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Kinda feels like windows 8-ish. I actually like it. It just doesn't fit well with the overall BB10 UI in terms of looks and design.

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Yep. But I really like possibility to check in from hub. No need to use app at all! And it's definitely faster.

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Foursquare has been headless for a lóng time now. You just have to enable the "notification" feature, and then it will always run in the background.
Of course then it will also use the location feature 24/7. Not sure how much that would impact battery life.

Possibly, maybe, fingers crossed, hell maybe the Leafs might even win the Stanley Cup but I'm hoping that one day the CB10 app might even get an update.

Fantastic update.

Nice updated interface, and it appears they fixed that notification bug that annoyed me.

Swiped from my Z10

I just know that I can "force" an app download/update from Blackberry World in browser to my phone. Thank you!

I've downloaded & deleted this several times over the past year due to it continually draining my Z10 battery due to the GPS tracking always coming on whether the app was open or not - got tired of messing with the thing to get it turned off when not in use......Might try it again to see if that's been taken care of.....any comments from members here about this problem?

It doesn't use GPS only cell tower and wifi. Both of those shouldnt really cause any noticeable battery drain.

Maybe it's just me, but the icon looks a little iOS7-ish.

On the bright side, being able to check-in from the compose button means I can bury the icon in a folder somewhere. So that's kind of neat!

nice move 4sq, nice move BBRY!
** just noticed that after the update I saw there were 2 Foursquare apps. Did anyone of you notice that as well? I ended up uninstalling Foursquare and I reinstalled the app and now it works. so weird.. but the overall UI is smooth and it's fresh!**


I'm looking for an app specifically for looking up business phone numbers like a Yellow Pages app for iOS or something similar.

Any suggetions?

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Just got the new BlackBerry OS update
It's the same

Posted by BlackBerry z10

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Once you open the app after the update and then use the "mark all items read" in the HUB, Foursquare will open each time.

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I'm happy they worked on the BBM reliability. I hope it's successful. I liked updating twitter, Facebook, and BBM with my check ins. It's part of what made me purchase Quick Post.

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When the hell are we going to see map integration in foursquare?!

Seriously... you don't know what your missing until you see you friend on their version of the app... :(

Now, this is was I call improvement.
A better UI, a new age look
Hope such improvement are made on other apps too.

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I hope not, those colors are too flashy and the top bar has gradient removed, making it inconsistent with the rest of the OS

I love this update. They fixed notifications, brought back the old feed for friend check ins and made everything really colourful. I love foursquare lol

I updated Four Square just to see my battery die? I've deleted it and everything is fine with my z10. Not sure what the problem is?

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