Foursquare v1.9.10 for BlackBerry now available for download

Foursquare 1.9.10 for BlackBerry now available for download
By Bla1ze on 7 Jan 2011 04:50 pm EST

Foursquare has just let us know they've gone ahead an updated the BlackBerry app for users. You can now hit the Foursquare download page to grab version 1.9.10. Only a few changes this time around but, Foursquare also made not in their email to us that in the coming weeks they have a few surprises that they will be rolling out to users. In the meantime though here is what's listed as being changed in v1.9.10:

  • Improved tip/todo management
  • Users can now call a business straight from the venue page.
  • Nearby specials screen now lets you jump to that venue.
  • Improved battery life and performance.

It may take some time for it to show up for everyone in BlackBerry App World so, be sure to use the direct link listed below if you simply cannot wait. You can also try refreshing BlackBerry App World. Either way, check it out!

*Update* - v1.9.12 is now avilable to correct a check in issue, you can find it in the same spot

Download Foursquare v1.9.10 here

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Foursquare v1.9.10 for BlackBerry now available for download


Dear Foursquare,

Blackberrys have cameras, too. I would like to use it to take pictures and check-in with them, much like my iOS and Android friends. Thanks.


Eagerly awaiting them to enable photo uploading as well. I've had that ability on WebOS for months, was happy to finally see it on iOS. Now where is it for BBOS5.x, @pete, I am a iOS, WebOS and Android developer. Give me a shout if you need some more hands on the BB app.

Or anyone @ CES for that matter... Can you ask someone from RIM when the Sirius radio application will be available for the Torch?

I have a new BLackberry but cannot access this application because it does not support BB 6. Kinda frustrating to listen to all of the Sirius radio advertisements for the new app and I can't get it.

I have written RIM and Sirius and no one can give me a reason why or a possible date. I figured that while you guys are in front of RIM folks you could ask someone "in the know".

I have loved all of the Playbook reports! Been waiting for any info since the announcement of the device with very few updates and then these last few days have been like Playbook porn!


Yawn. The Foursquare BB app lags almost a year behind the iPhone app, and yet there are more BlackBerrys than iPhones. What gives?

Worse than ever, I cannot even put my user and password. All I have is a white screen... with the last version always have a network error...

Seriously, what happen with this app?? some beta version for other app work perfectly and with 4sq I always have problems.

I experienced the white screen as well. I actually fixed the issue by downloading from the FS site via the browser on my BB. The version I downloaded was 1.9.12. I suppose they found an error in 1.9.10 and immediately sushed out the 1.9.12 update. Hope this helps you out!


Hey guys from foursquare...

What the hell you have done with the new version 1.9.10?
On my Blackberry Storm2 i have got only a white screen ... I have reinstalled the old version 1.9.9 immediately...

just got a update from foursquare... there will be a fix in 24h (and it's not the version 1.9.11)

Read my reply above to the previous member - 1.9.12 it out now via the FS website. I have a S2 as well so I can relate and downloaded this version fixed the issue.

Been using Gowalla but thought I would give Foursquare are try just to see how it compares but so far have not had much success. Installed and rebooted twice but all I have is a white screen and BB keyboard and nothing else....not a good start for a new version....

wow... this seems like a epic fail. o_O ... it's deserve a hahstag like #4sqwhitescreen in twitter XD

Same deal...nothing but a white screen on my Storm2. Do these guys even test updates before they release them?

Oh dear, and here I thought things were gonna go smooth for this. Staying with 1.9.9. until they get that mess fixed. And until they do, is it too much to go ahead and roll it all into a V.2 update that both fast, pic support, and.......wait for it.........WAIT FOR IT.......WIFI support? Seriously guys, there's no excuse for that in this day and age.

Pete from foursquare here. I apologize for your inconvenience. Just did a 1.9.12 release that should resolve your white screen issue.

This fix is available at

Email pete at foursquare ... if you continue to run into any issues.

Regarding WIFI support. This has always been an interest of ours. The one issue is ensuring that users are able to get proper location support when they are !0 on WIFI and 2) out for range for true GPS and 2) not connected to a cell tower for location assisted lookup.

Broken for me. Typical. Blackberry users are always getting the shaft. From RIM, from FourSquare...cant wait for that Verizon iPhone!

Hey Pete,

Please let everyone at Foursquare know that this BlackBerry user closed his account 2 weeks ago after seeing how far behind we were being left. If Foursquare and their business partners are not interested in the business oriented users of Blackberry, and would rather hold the newer features for iThings and Androids, then the feeling is mutual.



Please let everyone at 4sq know that THIS user appreciates the fact that there is an app available for BlackBerry, not to mention just about every major smartphone OS. THIS user also appreciates the fact that 4sq worked quickly to release fixes twice in 24 hours. It shows that you guys are listening, and care deeply about the community.

Thank you.

PS: Can't wait for v2.0 that's supposed to be dropping soon. If you need any help testing it in the field, I would be more than happy to oblige. ;)

yes, version 1.9.11. Something happens, but I cannot download it.... yep! a great update

It works great for me on my Sprint 8530, however it reset all my damn ringtones.

Looks like my ringtones fixed themselves overnight. That's pretty weird. Oh well, time to check in somewhere.

Mine is giving me the white screen on .10 AND .11. I'm getting peeved about this. Waiting for either a fix or a statement from the Foursquare team. If it's not soon I know there are plenty of other apps that offer the same concept that still WORK at the same time...

Ya, same white screen for me on my trusty S1. Hopefully the new version will let me click on the " Special Nearby" button and actually see what the special is, that would be great!

Version 1.9.11 "running" and still the same white screen. And @4sqsupport in twitter reply me with an "we're on it". Oh! Yes? Great job!

Yeah .11 is white screen of death here too. Hey Pete was there a time frame for the New Year's Badge. Shouted "Happy New Year" when I got up to go to work that morning at about 4 am and never got it. Just wondering.

Wow. 1.9.9 wasn't all that great. 1.9.10 had a bug so they issued 1.9.11 which now boots to a white screen and does nothing more.

Way to go, Foursquare. You're totally on the top of your game.

I think they (as in foursquare) updated there app AGAIN because the link above takes me to version 1.9.11

I can only speak for me and my Torch but it may be something worth looking into (or may not be).

Either way, foursquare ROCKS and thanks for the heads up CrackBerry! :)

1.9.10 white screen... 1.9.11 still white screen on my S2 Awesome update! any links to the 1.9.9?

I don't use App World but i use a lot 4S, so gonna download it and get the old version.

Thx jrlandis! ;)

After updating, I can't see people badges when viewing profiles...that sucks....anyone else have this problem?

Had the white screen with 1.9.11 also. Just found that 1.9.12 is now up, and seems to be working on my Storm 2.

I installed it, and surprisingly it not only worked, but they finally shrunk down the size of the (previously) huge and ugly icon bar along the top! Thank god.

When I installed it was 1.9.9 but it flaked out and on reboot had no version of it at all. Went back to site and they had 1.9.11. I was able to check in and send to twitter with out issue. Putting on 1.9.12 now. Waiting on the 7 minute reboot. Thanks 4sq for fixing the issue so quickly!

OK, white screen has gone, but this app still doesn't works for me. I've got the same problem with previous version, network error again... :_(
(only woks for a short time in my storm2, a long time ago...)

All permission to allow, all the my apps connect fine, except 4sq... I was hoping that with update this bug is fixed but no. very disappointing. I am with contact with 4sq in twitter hoping there was a solution for this.

Are we ever going to get add-ons for Foursquare like the Iphone has? Ones where they will prompt you to check in after you've been at a place for a certain amount of time?

Any chance this update would prevent us from loading pics via RiM's FB app? I know it's a longshot but for some reason I've lost the ability to do so since updating Foursquare. There's a thread in forums regarding this problem.