Four things that have me longing for my BlackBerry after using the Galaxy S4

By Chris Umiastowski on 10 Oct 2013 01:47 pm EDT

Almost two weeks ago I ventured out during Toronto weekend shopping traffic to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4. My plan was to swap over to this Android phone for a while since I’d never really spend any time with the mobile OS that has more market share than any other. It has been a glaring hole in my knowledge base, and needed to be corrected.

Since I’m not even two weeks into this little experiment, I’m still in the honeymoon period. There’s a lot to love about the phone, which I can elaborate on in a later post if people ask for it. But for now I thought I’d write about the things that bug me about the the GS4, which happen to line up with things I miss about my Z10.

  1. The Z10 touch keyboard blows the GS4 away.From the very first day I couldn’t stand the Samsung keyboard, which isn’t stock Android. I installed the Google keyboard, which at least does automatic word substitution. But I can’t stand it so far. I hate typing on this thing. It seems to very often miss basic corrections. I happen to hit the “b” key instead of the space bar a lot. My Z10 fixes all of this flawlessly. The Android? Not so much. The GS4 is also a very slick-feeling phone, where I find the Z10 sticks to my hands better. The form factor is nicer to work with, and this makes me miss the typing experience on a touch screen BlackBerry. Simply put, BlackBerry has the best touch typing experience in the world. And I miss it.
  2. I miss feeling like my device is robust. I’ve never put a case on any BlackBerry that I’ve owned. I’ve always loved knowing I didn’t need one. And I’ve been a BlackBerry user since 2000, so when I tell you I’ve never broken a device from a drop (ever), I think it means something. My Samsung is thin and fairly light, but it feels like it needs some kind of protection. It feels fragile. And if I put a case on it I won’t be able to stand the bulk. Last night a friend of mine even remarked to me, over a pint, “Dude ... you need a case for that. It’s a Samsung, not a BlackBerry.”
  3. I miss the incredibly fast multitasking. No complaints that multitasking works well on Android, but it bugs me to have to hold down that home button and wait for what feels like eternity to get into the tile view of open apps. The flow of BlackBerry 10 is way faster, and when I’m looking to hammer out a quick email or tweet, but need to check something in the browser first, I love that I can do it all with one hand, and very quickly on a Z10. Android may be solid in many areas, but it can’t touch BlackBerry for multitasking.
  4. It sucks not having one place to see all communication. The Galaxy S4 has a nice drag-down notification panel. It gives you quick access to key settings, and a nice list of recent app notifications including email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. But I still have to go to manage each communication in a separate app. I miss the universal inbox of BlackBerry 10. I miss instant one-finger access to the hub where I can see all of my communications and reply right from there.

What’s not on this list?  I don’t really miss BBM too much because I didn’t have a huge list of friends on it. I can’t wait for it to go cross platform so I can get all of my iPhone and Android buddies to get on board. I don’t miss the Z10 browser since I find the Chrome browser to be just as good. This is good news, because it means BlackBerry finally has caught up on browser quality.

What’s the one thing I wish BlackBerry would add?  Better voice dictation. I am a huge fan of the way Google has implemented this. I can speak and see the results of the dictation as I continue speaking. This makes it an order of magnitude better than having to finish speaking, upload data to the cloud, and send back the results. If BlackBerry can stick around and return to health, I’m hoping they can eventually convince Google to bring their suite of services to BlackBerry 10. That would absolutely rock.

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Four things that have me longing for my BlackBerry after using the Galaxy S4



Yeah.. very ugly phones, bad bad phones that's why so many buy blackberry and not the S4..
The apps on blackberry is great, the camera is also great, the specs on z10 and 30 blew s4 and Note3 out of the water. Hey plus updating your OS in the blackberry is so easy with a push of a button.. blackberry never hangs, and you don't lose contacts on it when it just froze for no apparent reason. you can check your battery level at all time, even when you are charging it.. they always keep their promises and gives us top notch service, the company also making record profits, the stock price is sky high at the moment..
Wait wait.. do i got it confused or what.. LoL..

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Did u reply to the wrong person?

Or did I miss something?

Posted Via CB10 On The Brother Of Future Z30

Wow such an idiotic statement why do the trolls.insist in being on the page of a phone they dislike so much

I think you meant..."The apps on blackberry ARE great,...' I'm all for fun and games (and sometimes mockery) but c'mon...if you do it, use proper english or move on.

I believe it is "use correct English"

Just saying :p

Posted using CB10 on my Z10STL100- running

@TJKGT You could write a comment like that if you could speak or at least write properly a minimum of four languages. If you can only master English you should keep quite, this site as an international clientèle not just Americans.

The comment was posted in English, so what is this garbage about having to speak four languages to be able to criticize usage? You be quite....oops, quiet.... ;-).... however, it was a pretty minor infraction to get criticized for considering the butchering of the English language that goes on in forums everywhere.

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Loser! The article never stated all that crap you speak of. He praised his z10 device for somethings and the S4 for others.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Your post was extremely helpful and well written. Your English and grammar were impeccable. You sound like a very intelligent, productive person. Wait, wait...I must be confused...your just a moron posting constantly on a site for a product you seem to dislike. The one thing you got right is that you are confused.

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If you're going to be critical of someone's grammar, you should check yourself first (your/you're).

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I tried to say the same and I got flamed too.... oh well about as smrt as a bag of hammers

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The diversity of Android is a gift and a curse. We not only choose an OS to use, but a manufacturer and a model. I think with 2 year subsidies being the most common route (in America anyway), that people want to justify that they chose the right phone. Every post on AC pertaining to a certain manufacturer has a nexus or some other phone comment. I think for some, it's hard to shut that off. I have an S3, and it is hands down the best phone I have ever had, so I got interested when I saw the bb/s4 comparison. I guess we just need to remind ourselves that they are just phones, and not get so offended.

Don't you agree it's not 100% Blackberry's fault?
Blackberry has been trying to bring as more ecosystems as possible. Since when QNX came aboard, they brought Android 2.3 runtime to Playbook showing the platform possibilities. When BB10 was released they created many tools, incentive programs to developers port their apps to BB10. Many have simply ported but some big apps are reluctant just to bring it. Like Netflix, Instagram, Candy Crush. I have them all sideloaded and working smoothly on my Z10. If its that simple and works just fine. Why??? Why they don't simply port and within the time, they study and develop the native version. I can live without these apps, I would be happier for sure, everything I need for doing daily tasks and personal entertainment we have, but way faster, better and safer!

Does anyone dare to explain WHY???

which version of Candy Crush and where did you get if from? I just sideloaded CC that I got from my S3 mini by way of APK Extractor but then it didn't work.

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I would love write a step-by-step way to run ANY Android app on your BB 10.2 and above with its 4.2 runtime. It all depends if you have an unlocked or original runtime. If it is original and you want to sideload it, you must create a debug token for your own device which means you must be a little bit over-the-average user. I would help YOU only to have your own debug token to compile the APKs to BAR and have fun. I just need your PIN to generate the debug token for you and I teach you how to compile and install and work ANY Android App on your BB10. My e-mail is eduardo at fontes dot ca

Because when RIM was on top they abused their relationships with carriers, partners, developers etc and now that the org needs help from these stakeholders they don't want to. These partners won't lift a finger to help.

Or....? Maybe some other conspiracy theory?

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All companies do this. As an example: Apple has, and still is, squeezing the life out of its carrier partners.

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

Concise points Umi!

Agree on all four of them, too. I've been carrying around the Q10 since leaving NYC as my daily driver, but have been running a second phone at the same time (hotspot to Q10) just to build up my expertise and take advantage of some of BB10's missing apps. S4, HTC One, iPhone 5s. 

BB10 touchscreen keyboard is sooo much better. Miss the hub big time on other devices. And definitely feels slow moving in and out of apps on other platforms. 

What does Kevin carry? 9900? If so, I can understand (but he should carry BB10 device)

Posted Via CB10 from my BB Q10

Comment quality sure has decreased... First we saw people commenting before reading an article. Now that has morphed into commenting before reading a comment.

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Titty sprinkles.

Oh, sorry. I was just replying to your comment without actually reading it.


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Kevin, please convince BlackBerry to do up a CLEAR television ad on the Z10/Z30 keyboard. This will generate a lot of sales. It just has to be clear and show people how it works. Same with Time Shift. Two great features that the marketing department doesn't understand.

Yeah that just as funny as I've recently seen more people on Motorola Rzar than on z10 and Q10 LMAO....

As for the voice part, every platform except Apple needs some work. I really just want system level commands that work. It's lacking on Android and BB10.

The Android one is way better than Apple's Siri.
When did you use the Android one? It has system level commands now.

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Agreed about voice input. I'm not super happy with voice controls yet. Once it's like Jarvis from ironman id be more inclined to use it

Swordsmanship Channel: C000C9AF6

A while ago Bla1ze (I think) shared Jarvis voice commands that you can set up on your BlackBerry. I installed & ran them for a while on my Q10; they were kinda fun

My wife was using a company issued iPhone the other day. Every time she types on it always complaining how come a lot people so in love with if the UI was so old because of the home button.

Ahh well that rules out a Galaxy as my next device. Does anyone know if HTC uses stock android keyboards? Or if there is a way to load a keyboard skin that resembles the BB10 keyboard?

The HTC One does NOT use a stock keyboard. i think I liked the keyboard it was using slightly better than the stock keyboard though. I was using the HTC keyboard for a week or so before i put the Google edition rom on it and then it took some getting use to but at time I felt the HTC was auto correcting things the GE was not.

I only use an S4 keyboard briefly (I owned one for 48 hours) but can say it was my least favorite of the 3 (Samsung/HTC/stock).

With android there are numerous excellent third party solutions. Among the best is SwiftKey. It features the best predictive typing experience and you can personalize it to learn your typing style from previous emails, SMS, and even Facebook. I have been using it as my primary keyboard on all Android devices for years with excellent results.

The wonderful thing about Android is you don't have to use stock anything. Just thought I'd mention that if you plan on going the Galaxy or HTC route and come to find you dislike the keyboard!

> With android there are numerous excellent third party solutions. Among the best is SwiftKey.

I had understood the Z10 keyboard is from SwiftKey.

They worked with Swiftkey on the development but still put their own spin on it, from what I understand.

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I sideloaded SwiftKey onto my Z10 several weeks ago. It works a lot better with my Android apps than the BlackBerry keyboard. Overall, SwiftKey is good but BlackBerry's keyboard is better.

Agreed. Swiftkey is good and it's what I use on Android, but not quite as good as Blackberry keyboard.

My brother uses Swiftkey on his Android and it is pretty amazing!

I will grant that BB10 has the best keyboard, but let's not kid ourselves - there is some good competition.

That all said, Swiftkey logs your key strokes and I'm not too crazy about that.

Any predictive keyboard does. Yes, the BB keyboard does too. You cannot possibly have a predictive keyboard that doesn't. That's how they work. They record what words you use more often so it can predict what words you want.

As someone who has used Swiftkey extensively and the BB10 keyboard extensively, I'm not going to give the crown to either one. And the language support on the iOS keyboard is very very good so you can't count them out either.

Fair point about logging key strokes. I just wish for some privacy.

And I do agree that it is getting difficult to rank between OSes. They are all pretty strong, even BB10!

I use two languages on z10 and it is amazing. At any point when I type I see suggestions from both.

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They told me you had jumped ship, Umi. Abandoned BlackBerry. I see that may not be the case after all. Moreover, I have used the S4 before, and I agree with all your points.

I thought it was just my mumbling and slang that was the reason that the voice doesn't work for me.

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I agree with these views, except one. During a recent vacation in Italy my wife's S4 felt to the ground over concrete, and I can ensure you that, yes, they looks fragile but, these Samsung phones are really quite strong.

But that is his point - the look and feel is fragile, he wants it to feel robust in hand, to have that sense of "man this thing could be nearly invincible"

Excellent points. One that you may have forgot to mention is lag. The s4 because of its bloated software lags like mad. When I used one I switched to Nova launcher. It made it much quicker but you lose any Samsung features you may have come to enjoy.

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Lol, it's so funneh ppl bitching about android's lag when Z10's menu (yeah, THE menu) was a really pita on launch.

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BlackBerry is unique. Maybe this whole horde of two competing systems do not agree. I was using and iphone and android and windows phone. Nothing human in them. Only dry technique. BlackBerry is a friend with the soul. And do not exaggerate!

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Thanks for the write up, Chris. I would be interested in reading a more in-depth analysis, when you have given the S4 enough time.

> There’s a lot to love about the phone, which I can elaborate on in a later post if people ask for it.

Sure Chris, I've used only iOS and BlackBerry OS/10, so am curious about the Android experience and would like to read about your experiences.

The home button of iOS was one of my biggest dislikes -- I don't understand why reviewers consider the lack of a home button a "shortcoming" of BB10?

I don't consider the lack of a Home button a"shortcoming" either. I guess if It's not like all the others it's a problem. Apparently they haven't spent any time with a Z10 or Z30.

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Ditto. Especially if something fatal happens to Blackberry, then I'd like to hear from the Crackberry writers about alternatives compared to BB10.

Regardless, I always appreciate Chris' writings and insight.

I had a Galaxy at the start of the year, it was given to me to use for work, I honestly could not stand it, yes had all apps and all that, but I went back to my old bold 9780, I am now with the z10 which I love, I have tried the Apple 5c and laughed , I said in the store you must be serious what is this a toy, are you sure it was made by Apple not Fisher Price,
But moving forward it is very sad to hear all this news regarding, Blackberry it is a truly a great phone and a most of all a great product.

Its amazing to see all of the Android users "concur" on these points.... kind of makes you wonder why Frank Boulben and his marketing team could not make the public aware of these....

Best post, even this Louis Hamilton AD is great now imagine an AD in the hands of an actor like Allen, Dicaprio etc

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I also got the same feeling after I tried out my friend's iPhone 5c. It had sort of a "My First Phone" feel between the icon set, is and the overall feel if the phone itself. I just don't get the draw of these phones. It baffles me. People must just buy into the "Apple Image".

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* "...between the icon set, iOS and the phone itself".

My Z10's keyboard mustn't have wanted me to type "iOS". Lol.

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You're right, people who buy 5C's have definitely drunk the Apple Kool-Aid, but I think an even bigger part of it is that they either can't afford a 5S, or don't want to pay the price Apple demand for one, so they go with the much cheaper 5C. I agree, the 5C does have a toy-like 'my first phone' kind of feel to it.

I'm an S3 owner and have to agree about the Android multitasking and typing experience - even with Swype, it's brutally inefficient and error-prone. If there was such an animal as, let's say, a Z50 with a removable battery, expandable SD storage and 1080p screen, I'd be all over it like stink on a monkey. If BB survives this current round of uncertainty and has some solid backing, I'm really hoping for it to be my next phone.

The O-series blackberry's (most likely Z50) just happen to be quad-core, 1080p and 13MP.

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To me in the S4 everything feels unorganised like a letter soup.

Nissan GTR Channel - C001216B5

Unrelated to this thread but something I see often and am wondering what it means is your "Channel" number. What does it refer to?

It's for BBM Channels - kind of like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram had a baby. It's pretty cool. Hopefully it'll fully launch soon. You can get it though the BlackBerry Beta Zone (search for it).

You hit the nail on the head when describing how Samsung's implementation of Android looks and feels. A while back I bought a Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet and found the UI to be kind of funky and weird. I ended up returning it. I much prefer my Nexus 7 tablet, which has a 'pure' implementation of Android, since that's what Google wanted when they partnered with Asus and a couple of other companies to manufacture the Nexus line of tablets.

I would add the big mess (widgets, icons, shortcuts, launchers, home screens, settings) to the list of annoying things.

Those are all completely customizable. You can make it messy or neat as you want it. Its definitely for more likely to people that like to tinker. Some people like their stuff laid out, some like to organize to suit themselves. I tried bb10 out, and the set up is awesome, just not something I could commit to. There is a lot of webos feel (my first smartphone was a palm pre) which is both awesome and aggravating to use with instantly relating them. I guess we just usually start using one OS and its hard to learn a new software. I would love to get a z10 when they get cheap enough just to mess around with in order. I guess what I meant to say before I got long winded is that different OSs are for different kind of people. There will, of course, be parts that are comparable, but the user experience ultimately depends on the user. I personally love the Android experience since Jelly Bean, and couldn't imagine using another phone daily. Of course, there was a point when I couldn't imagine using anything but webOS...

For your keyboard issue try SwiftKey. It is by far the best Android key part IMHO. Not quite as good as the Blackberry keyboard, but as close as it gets. And it's highly configurable.

If memory serves, I thought I read that BlackBerry worked with SwiftKey to develop their keyboard...but I cannot find that reference now, so maybe I imagined it.

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Yes, BB working with swift key to produce the awesome product we have today. Unfortunately for android users they need to pay $5 to get the full unlocked version for android. In my opinion the keyboard we have in OS10 is better than the android product despite the customization capabilities of the android variant from swiftkey.

Chris is right on the ball. For the best typing experience you will need swift key. But for me the pros far outweigh the cons. The Google integration is amazing and makes no sense mentioning apps, we all know bbry can't compete. The longer Bbry takes with cross platform bbm, the more I am loving hangouts.

I'm pretty impressed with hangouts too.  As an IM chat client, even, it's very solid.  I haven't really done much video with it yet.  Given Google's support of Android and iOS with their products, Hangouts could become the challenger in mobile IM if BlackBerry sits on its ass too long.

I'm thinking that it might be too late already. Too much negative sentiment about BlackBerry nowadays which will taint BBM as it already has tainted BB10. Doesn't matter that both are superior systems to a fickle public most of whom still think BlackBerrys have track balls.

The most important to me playing youtube videos with your screen off. You can't do that on Android Os.

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I had the opportunity to play with the LG Optimus G Pro Android Phone. It has a 5.5 inch screen on it. I like the screen real estate and some of the features, but I agree that my Z10 just flows much better. I agree with all four points that Umi wrote.

Chris - I had a Galaxy S3 and wanted to "throw the thing against a wall, everyday" because of the horrific typing experience. Tried Swipe and a number of "typing apps" still sucked - Z10 is "far superior" and looking forward to typing on my new Z30 - bigger screen will make "the Best - Even Better"....

And we can all thank Frank twiddle-fingers Boulben for that.
Seriously what is this guy doing? Barely any ads, no presence, no campaigns, nothing!
Did he blow most of the marketing budget on that weirdo superbowl ad?

For the love of all things, fire this guy.

Chris dude, just hit me if you want an spare Z10 to rock on, I will happily accept that ugly piece of android! ...oh sry, forgot you are not insane.

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I love Blackberry's strength, i dropped my torch down an inspection pit at work - from my height that's about a 10foot fall it bounced and landed in a puddle of oil... oil got in the speaker, so replaced the speaker and voila! perfect. I'm now loving my Z10, can't understand why the uptake was so poor, it's the best phone I've ever owned by far, and beats the hell out of my other half's S3 (which I'd considered getting too). I've also dropped the z10 off a train I was driving at about 10mph, it landed between the tracks, so i stopped the train and collected it.. not even a scratch!! I used the S3 for a bit and just got more and more frustrated with it, it seems to take forever to do anything, and the number of button presses to get anywhere is annoying as he'll after the bb10. My verdict : S3 pile of ****. Z10 fantastic.

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Which is why Knox was packaged with the Note 3 recently.

Don't pay any attention to such outrageous claims with no backing.

Get a z30 already and compare apples to apples (although its cool that z10 blows S4)

Posted Via CB10 from my BB Q10

Compared to vanilla Android and even iOS, BB10 is a wonderfully clean and consistent UI. Compared to Samsung's UI, it's spectacular.

I suppose that this list plays well to the CrackBerry crowd, but it seemed whiny to me. I kept wondering what 12-year-old stole Chris' login.

It does seem like less of a business-centric posting, that's for sure.

We honestly haven't seen as many of those as we could from Umi lately.

I have to agree with almost all, I still find the Chrome browser lacking respect the Firefox or the Z10's, why? Just because is doesn't run flash pages, Chris you should try the Firefox also.

Being someone that spends 90% of the time of the phone in email and messaging not having the HUB or an all-in-one message center like the legacy devices would keep me away from other platforms for a while, typing experience, no one can match Blackberry at the time QWERTY or touch, Android an iPhone keyboards don't agree with me almost never, multitasking with the Flow of Blackberry is a breeze, pressing buttons feels uncomfortable now. About the voice commands also agree that and the geo fencing capabilities on Android and iPhone are the only things I envy, have seen my friends saying to their phones "remind me to <whaterver> when I get home" and when they get home they are reminded, that's the last big financial effort they should do in the platform, buy or licence some geo fencing software to integrate in BB10's services.

The article is missing a key point about BB10 that I didn't really understand until last week. Hein's vision sort of flashed in my mind and I understood the touch gestures in the hub. The reason this clued in for me was the message interruption notices from any app. It's very efficient in terms of responding to texts, and it short cuts having to squircle or swip into the hub. But the efficiency comes at the cost of user experience. I get into a meditative sub-concious yet conscious state when swiping around with messages (sometimes without any purpose) and it's the equivalent experience of combing a zen garden. There was a harvest moon game that became very intoxicating to play because of that experience. Does anyone else feel this? Less apathy and stress using the Hub and multi-tasking than other UI's?

Thinking back to my old android phone and there was a lot of reasons to be apathetic when using the device. There was no flow, no transition from one task to the next. Combine that with low end phone specs and it's a recipe for added stress in your life.

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I know several android users that get upset with there phones they throw them. I understand there are many low end devices out there. So one day I simply commented that you can't expect a cheaper device to be stable and work well. He looked and said I paid over $600.00 bucks. Honestly I thought he had a cheap phone. I tried it and it is just brutal. Once you use a z10, you just can't go that far back on time. It's like a throw back phone.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

I get what you're saying about the Zen BlackBerry experience. One can get into a completely different consciousness when "flowing" with BB10. Users of competing operating systems who say their devices can multitask really don't know what true multitasking is. They couldn't possibly know as their devices simply don't flow from one thing "into" another. I daresay that most BlackBerry users don't even know how to exploit their phones' multitasking capabilities.

Today I found myself performing multiple communications that required links to this or contacts for that and notes on this and folders created in the remember app containing info I was attaching to emails while I took calls at the same time and forwarded information to them from Web pages. You don't have to think about it. It just starts happening when one accepts the "flow". I started to find myself doing that occasionally on the PlayBook and BB10 takes it to the next level (though I still find the PlayBook UI superior to BB10 in some ways with "showcase" mode as an example).

Nice article. I like the way you pointed out the strengths as well as the voice command weakness .i have tried the keyboard on HTC One and I think life without the BlackBerry keyboard would not be the same for me. I enjoy sitting beside people with IOS or Android phones and let them see how easy it is to flick type on BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Great article as always Chris. However, I am a little bit frustrated and concerned, that so many of the Crackberry staff are off buying new competitor phones in BlackBerry's darkest hour. I understand that we want to try other OS's but trying, and purchasing, a new phone are completely different. For one thing, unless you're investing in a new SIM with a new number than the new phone will be your primary phone, which means you have abandoned the blackberry handset, at least for a while. Once you've invested time in using a new phone, which you've purchased, and gotten used to the apps the reality is that you probably won't go back to your old phone.

Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that that, but if you're representing a product or technology as a 3rd party, which really is what crackberry is doing, than how convincing can you possibly be if you're not even using the product or technology you're representing, or you've moved on from it.

That's like a car salesman trying to sell me a Ford and and all it's merits, and then finding out that his car of choice is a Honda. Doesn't add a lot of credibility to his argument.

Posted via CB10

I feel you on this but, what other way could you truly experience the other options on the market without having one? There's no way to spend that much time in a store and, it's not productive to go in and out of a store to keep test driving it under limited circumstances. You also can't properly argue against or even in favor of something you know nothing about. You can read all you want about things but experience is the best teacher.

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My wifes S4 camera is so much better than my Z10. Got a lot of apps ready for download, if you want no privacy.

Posted via CB10

Once you try the different settings of the z10 camera it is decent. Experiment a bit. Also it takes great pictures outdoors.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

The Z's camera is fine. In fact, when taking photos of the same thing, my Z's pictures always look better than those of my iPhone toting colleagues. I actually don't know that many folks using Android based devices.

Aren't messages on the Samsung in a unified "messages" app on the home screen? I played with a Note while I waited for my z10 and I thought that was the case. I mean, it is no hub, but email and texts were all in one place...i thought.

Posted via CB10

I like to explain the difference as BlackBerry 10 really provides the best "glue" for running applications of any platform. It enables you to get what you need done very seamlessly in the hub and move between apps transparently and effortlessly. The platform enables apps to share information with one another without awkward walls around them. The "Flow" really does work, and needs to be seen by users of other platforms in order for them to believe it (everyone thinks their iOS or Android phone knows how to share information or updates, until they see BB10.) I have an S3 and can't stand it. I only use it for downloading APK files to install on my Z10.

Apps themselves are not a distinguishing factor anymore, as more and more apps are focusing on the same UI cross platform (such as Flipboard, Waze, FB, Twitter, Pandora, etc.) They are building their UI inside the touch areas of the phone and ignoring the "back" or "settings" features that involve weird menu swipe downs or back buttons off the screen. More apps are leveraging BlackBerry 10's swipe gestures.

While BlackBerry 10 provides a better app platform like Hub Integration, toasts, cascades collapse to root, active frames, etc. I would still prefer to use BlackBerry 10 even if all I had on the phone were Android apps because BlackBerry 10 enables you to have a better Android experience than Android devices do.

Another odd way of stating this is I think the most successful phone would have been an HTC One, running BlackBerry 10, with availability of all Android apps.

I would be interested to know what you liked about the S4 vs the BlackBerry after you have finished your experiment - if you can finish it. Lol. Sounds like you may not make it.

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On android I ran the Advance task killer a few times a day. I remember doing some research on the android forums and there was a debate about whether it saves battery life or not. Some argue that the tasks will start up again and take more life out of the battery in the process. Even after using this I still ran the task killer all the time, and every time I launched the program and looked at all the running processes it felt like an unsecure device.

This is where the micro-kernal of qnx really shines. I can kill a task and rest assured it won't start up in the background until I want it to.
o the game. But my blackberry does.

Posted via CB10

All valid points Chris.
And it's nice to see you talking about phones in stead of stock prices for a change. Keep up the good work!

So many threads in the forum about how the pull down notifications is equal to the hub, and how multi tasking is better on android.

It's so nice to see someone who sees it as I do. The pull down notifications is completely useless when compared to the hub. (disclaimer, to me, always have to add that now). Having notifications buried with all your app updates, and having to go in to a separate app to read the whole thing or reply is such a chore. It really is comparing to different things altogether.

And yeah, android can multi task, but the speed and efficiency of BB10 is again so much better than android. (throw that disclaimer in here again). Samsung does that nifty thing with the two windows, but then everything is shrunk down and off center, even when I had the 10.1 inch samsung I didn't use it.

Posted via CB10

Here's my two reasons why I like going back to my Z10 after using my Nexus 4:

1) Signal Strenght/Radio Reception - BlackBerry's have always been good in this regard but you take it for granted until you are in a spot where you have no reception. What's the point in having a smartphone if you can't use it because it has no signal? Yet I pop the same SIM in my Z10 and voila! Full bars (or nearly enough).

2) Battery - People crap on on the Z10 for battery life, and granted when I use the phone heavily it seems to drain at a faster rate than my Nexus 4, but when I'm not using my Z10, it sips power compared the Nexus 4. End result, even if I don't use my phone all day, my Nexus is close to being dead near the end of the day and it usually happens when I'm not near a charger. If I don't use my Z10, it will still have plenty of juice left.

Don't get me wrong, there are lots of things I like about the Nexus but 'core' features aren't the things I like.

Just bought another Z10 after selling the first one :). After using a HTC One device I realized that I really miss the hub, the text prediction, the natural size of the device, BBM etc.
Now i'm fine, happy with my new old device. As a conclusion : if you are tempted to try ios, Android or other OS, please keep the Z10/Q10 close :)

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Shouldn't the comparison be with the Z30? I can't stand Samsung phones, I dumped Apple so there is only one phone for me and that's BlackBerry. If they stop making phones I'll buy one of every BB 10 they have out there.

It's funny. I thought I had dumped blackberry for good in the summer of 2012. Got a galaxy s3 and thought it was the bees knees. Eventually though I really missed the blackberry experience. I got a q10 almost a year later and gave away my gs3 . I have not missed it to this day.

My buddy has a S-NOTE and loves the simplicity of the Blackberry Storymaker App as a social and professional storyboard app

Posted via CB10

Yesterday had a guy tell how superb his Samsung phone was compared to his boss' Z10......and he couldn't even figure out how to edit my name in his phone book.!

Posted via CB10

I really wish you'd tried the HTC One Chris, really think your experience would have been night and day.

And one question - given that we all think that BlackBerry is largely pulling away from the consumer market, how long do you think it will be before we see the officially licenced BB keyboard for sale on the Google Play Store?

I think BBZ10 is the best phone in the market. I have use IPhone and SG3 and are very stiff. Lack of apps is the weakness of BB

3DEE I own a HTC One and it is a jewel more than a phone :). I still think that the Z10 offers a better user experience. I hope that BlackBerry survives the current crisis, as well as HTC should. And I definitely don't like the fact that everyone compares any product with Apple or Samsung..

Posted via CB10

These four qualities of BB10 are so great. I just can't understand why BB10 didn't gain popularity. It must be a prosumer thing because every time I demonstrate how to use my Z10 most people just look at me like a deer in headlights. The others don't even try the Z10 and just proclaim my is better than anything.

Posted via CB10

Add to the list; Bloatware and apps that LOVE running in the background secretly. Dealing with these items is like playing mobile OS wack-a-mole.

no wonder blackberry is in so much trouble....

The great thing about Android is that you can customize it the way you want it to be. If you don't like the stock keyboard. Just get swiftkey. Instead of using the Chrome browser how about trying Dolphin Browser instead. It's superfast. Use Nova Launcher so you won't see the slow touchwiz stuff from Samsung.

It's like that for every part of Android.

Please test the S4 for a lot longer and do some research in what Android is capable before posting an article like this. You're just pleasing the BB fanboys. There is a reason Kevin is caring a second phone. A BB phone is just not good enough. Some apps missing,Kevin? You mean almost all the apps.....

If I give a z10 to anyone for such a short time you had it, Chris. They would post the same thing on a blog of forum about the z10.

I love BB but if the house is on fire why throw more fuel on it with articles like this?

I think you need to account for those users (like me) who are interested in the out-of-the-box experience.

When I look at the OS to OS comparison; BB10 is far and away the BEST!

I don't need to configure the heck out if it. I don't need to search for replacement parts. I just add my accounts etc. and go.

Kind if like how I buy a car. I find one with the combination of features I want/need, and drive.

I recognize that there are people who buy a car to upgrade/replace the engine, transmission, etc. But that's not me.

Posted via CB10

Android offers lots of choices, but the problem is none of them are great. SwiftKey is innovative, but still can't hold a candle to BB's keyboard. Dolphin doesn't support Flash. It's gesture support is nice, but who wants to program gestures on an app-by-app basis. Gestures should be part of the OS. Puffin supports Flash, but crashes a lot. Having 1 great choice is far better than a million frustratingly mediocre ones.

Don't forget that blinking light. Nothing will ever replace that for me.

"Men's Fashion & Lifestyle" BBM Channel: C001214D9

I had tried the Z10 for a week in February, but I returned it and I have stuck with a feature phone until now. I own the Blackberry Playbook and really like it. But now I am looking at a Smartphone in the next month or two. Initially I was thinking a Z30, but now I am leaning towards a Samsung Note 3 because it is just a more mature and advanced system.

I was going to respond to Chris point-by-point, but then I realized that he does make fair points in this article. That said, none of these are an over-whelming advantage and they can be mitigated by apps/accessories. For example, Swiftkey is pretty amazing (though not as good as BB10), and an Otterbox Defender can add a lot of protection.

If the Z30 has an amazing camera then I can overlook some other things, but there are just a few too many borderline functions right now so that's why I'm looking elsewhere.

Don't get a blackberry phone. Its dead in the water just like the playbook. If you want banking apps of even apps that have not been invented like vine or something. There is a big chance it won't be coming to BB10.

100% BlackBerry by far has the best touch screen keyboard experience out there. Doesn't even compare to my galaxy tab 2, actually can't stand it cause I find myself using the swipe gestures as if it were a BlackBerry keyboard then cursing cause it isn't. Lol

Posted via CB10

Flash support seems to be under-touted. I run into flash sites all the time, particularly when people post links to videos from their computers on Facebook. Some may argue that their are other browsers such as Puffin that supports flash on iOS and Android, but I've tried that and it's miserable. It crashes all the time and you have to pay for the privilege.

Great article again Chris. Personally I think that BB10 OS needs a bit of tune up in the appworld that's it. Nobody can beat them in business usage abilities. I just hope something happens in this area aggressively and seriously. If they do get this in order. Get their marketing in place..we are on! It could well become one of the best OS out there. Better then the rest. And I just want to beleive this is so doable. Come on guys..lets put the house in order.

Posted from my superhuman Q10

Well, since Swiftkey is the company behind the BlackBerry keyboard, why didn't you use their keyboard on your GS4?

And I agree on Google software being sorely missed on BB10. Maps works really well, but the latest youtube doesn't, etc.

You're not at all worried about all your personal data being more exposed on an Android device than on a BlackBerry or do you simply avoid installing apps?

If BB goes belly up then I wouldn't know what to choose. I absolutely love my experience with BB10 (10.2 mind you). I get through my emails and notifications way faster and my critical information is all in the hub. I'd really miss the BB10 experience and sensibilities.

We could list all the ways BB has screwed up and some of the things we loved to see improved (look at the forums) but I'm happy with my Z10. The experience and design sensibilities work for me. Fingers crossed that it doesn't all go up in smoke.

Did you realized that all 4 items that you mentionned are part of the most important aspect for business users.
Efficient typing and autocorrect, robust device, efficient multitasking, easy access to see and reply to various communications services. Also very good browser

Not mentionned so far, but in favor of BlackBerry:
- Secured communications, few limitation on email services/provider that you could connect to, ...

Are apps a real issue for business oriented users ? I would say absolutely no.

Clearly BlackBerry did not find the way to leverage their new baby and making peoples to switch to BB10.

Great points. Although I still have S3 users trying to convince me the keyboards are the same, until they shamelessly are proven wrong yet again.
And people don't realise how awesome the HUB is until you don't have one.
I think the masses have become so brainwashed by the way they think things have to be, they don't realise that it could be better

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

I stay on a college campus and have a roommate who has an Android. Every day when he's having a conversation with his girl his phone would shut down on him. One time he was video chatting with her and it kept shutting off on him. It was funny because while I'm on my BlackBerry not having any issues he's throwing temper tantrums. I know I should be a good roommate and recommend BB10 but BlackBerry doesn't have instagram which he uses everyday.

Posted via CB10

I sideloaded Instagram on my Z10 and it worked fine. I found it wasn't a very interesting time-waster so I then deleted it but if it's something you want it's easy to sideload from your computer. Instructions are on CrackBerry. Cheers.

I just picked up a S3 as my daily driver to get up to speed on android and use it for personal and business. I still have my z10 on Wifi connected to work and personal. I'm using Touchdown for corp. email, samsung email for personal, txt msging, twitter, Facebook, etc.

Going from a single hub to the android cluster fck of apps is brutally painful. To access corp email I need to unlock the phone with a passcode, start touchdown, enter the passcode and the go to email. Brutal. I find myself grabbing my Z10 all the time because it's simply light years ahead as a communication device.

The other thing that drives me crazy communicating with S3 is that every app has a different interface to send a message, txt, two email apps, etc. This is where I really miss the hubs compose feature and its simplicity.

I like the big screen on the S3 when reading with it but like the z10 size when out and about.

Z10 keyboard kicks ass on the android kb hands down.

Multitasking on android can be confusing and is less than slick. To make things worse it works different on my S3 than my Samsung tablet. I'm finding it easier on the S3 to just hit the app icon again the swap apps. Bb10 is light years ahead on the ease of app switching.

As for apps, for me personally its a wash. I actually have more apps on my BlackBerry than my samsung. A Lot of the BlackBerry apps are android sideloads. The app performance on the S3 is noticeably better than z10. Hopefully that will improve with 10.2.

Battery life on the S3 kicks ass on the z10. Hopefully the z30 will even this up.

I'm going to

Posted via CB10

I'm going to stick it out with my S3 experiment until the Android 4.2 and BlackBerry 10.2. At that if BlackBerry isn't totally in the shitter I'll have a decision to make.

I have 13 yo on standby hovering to scoop up the S3 if it's no longer in service.

Posted via CB10

Definitely The Hub! I thought leaving BB10 for brilliant 6,44 inch screen Android is easy... but actually no! Missed BB Hub so much! now i'm rockin' 2 devices, BB10 for work, Android for play :)

Oh and I was reading Forbes a few weeks ago and wondered why BlackBerry didn't put an ad in there. If there is anywhere BlackBerry should advertise it is there, no? I think their marketing strategy was extremely flawed and missing the most basic ideas. Hopefully they will market the Z30 wisely and may have better luck this time around...

Posted from my bangin Q10

Thanks for this Chris, it confirms my feelings about Android. (I've had the S3 from my boyfriend to compare with)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

It seems like all the shortcomings are software related... if BlackBerry is sold for scrap, and Google or Samsung acquires related software patents from BlackBerry, it would be a short time before we could see the best of BB10 either in Stock Android or maybe just the Samsung variant... If Samsung gets it, well, i'd still buy a BB10 slider if I could get one.

Posted via CB10

I had also tried to use a G3. One of its worst features is that you cannot turn off conversation mode for Gmail accounts. However, don't tell me that the Z10 is a "solid" device. In that respect and in terms of battery life this is the worst device that BlackBerry ever built.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Which OS are you using? Z10 gets the worst out of all bb10s, but 10.2 has helped a lot.
Z30 gets about twice the battery life of Z10 as well thanks to new radio, AMOLED and huge battery.

Posted via CB10

I think there should be a commercial, or promotional video that has people on the bbz10, s4/note3, and iPhone 5s compete to send out messages. Like have 3 people with those phones stand next to each other, then put 3 cameras right above their hands on the key board and tell them to write and send the same message. Everyone will see how much better the keyboard is for blackberry. You could even have 1 handed and 2 handed competitions. They have to be fan boys though, like apple fan boy on iPhone, fandroid on s4 ,bbboy for z10/z30. It would be an eye opener.

Posted via CB10

Not agree with browser statement... I challenge my friends to do this:
Search a movie online over any browser (chrome even with plugins downloaded from Google store, safari) ok they find the movie,
Now open a page from results (ex:, voilà other browsers open the page too,
The flawless end, try to open the movie online, oh oh oh oh :( S4, IPhone don't do anything, guys looookkk, my Z10 is playing the movie.
If that isn't enough, e y y y y my Z10 had the desktop mode off.
That's the point when everyone takes iPhone and Samsung away and says that someone is calling or texting them.

Long live BlackBerry!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Hitting the B key instead of the space bar and not having my z10 correct exactly my biggest beef with my Z10 (which otherwise I like) I wonder why yours corrects the B and mine doesn't.

Posted via CB10

1. That's the beauty of play store.. thousands of them keyboards apps.. for Free. Using samsung stock keyboard on note2 4.2

2. I've used BlackBerry 8520, 9700, 9900, Z10 for a month, Q10 & GalaxyS2, S3, note2.. & ive always put a very thiny case on them.. never want them to get scratch.. lucky me, none of them ever got broken.
So, not sure about that robust part.

3. Really dont know why ur s4 is said to be slow on multitask? Nvr on my note2, guess it is ur s4 only?

4. & that the greatest thing that android invented which even 'great' Apple copied.. notification center ( which can also being drag down just like on bb10, only much better & been there for years).

Nice comparison anyway.. +1

Posted via CB10 with BlackBerry Q10

Notification center isn't the same thing as unified messaging. You can't go to your notifications, press s, type a few letters and find an email from last month and then reply to it.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry z30 is such an amazing phone people underestimate it because we don't have apps like Snapchat or Instagram and they say I phones and android are better because of that the media also plays a large role by always putting BlackBerry down a CANADIAN company
Follow me on twitter @BlackBerrygrow

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Chris. Honest to God. I miss nothing about my Android devices. I could not imagine going backwards to a backward OS like that again.

I am sorry to say I switxhed to an S4. As you can see thw autocorrect is not thay intelligent Howevwr the number of apps and the great integration with my work and personal email and calendar synchronization are so much better. Which is ironic since this was BlackBerry's fortieth. I got to the point where i had a hard time defending why my Z10 couldn'd do this or that. For peat sakes I couldn't even accept meeting requests or make group meetings. I found this as a worse situation than being able to type correctly.

I agree, Chris. Also, feel free to pay a couple bucks and download SwiftKey with Flow. One of the differences between Android and Apple or BlackBerry is that Android is more open. There are arguments on both sides of that one, but most people I know buy one of the many competing keyboards to use on their Android devices rather than use a stock keyboard that came with the device. It's a pretty robust and competitive niche. I think Nuance paid $100 million for the Swipe keyboard app (or most likely the IP held by Swipe). Your S4 should come with some forms of Swype, but I'd still download Nuance's app and compare. Should BlackBerry adopt some forms of Swype or flow based input? I'm not sure. It took me about a week to really get comfortable when I tried Swiftkey's flow... and I found if kind of soothing, really, but I never really miss it when using the excellent BlackBerry 10 keyboard.

Posted via CB10

All the other phones are cool, but this Z10 is awesome. It really flows and I can't wait to install the oficial 10.2 as I have been using the leaked 10.2..
Great Multi-tasking if not the best, great keyboard, great design, great OS and I really love BlackBerry hope it does survive and this time next year we are cruising.

Peeking and Flowing on my white Z10 just make me wanna c**..

I didn't really understand that part about the features of voice detection in the S4 can someone please explain?

Posted via CB10

Chris, so what you are saying is that BlackBerry BB10 OS is a success (not financially). BBs OS differentiates from the others because of the HUB, FLOW and NO HOME BUTTON. And these are all the things that you miss.
The keyboard is amazing. I always said that I would never leave a hardkey qwerty device, but I just couldn't wait for the Q10. I'm glad I took a chance on the Z10. Don't get me wrong. I tried my friends Q10 and I love it as well. But with the Z10 you get the added screen space while still getting a top-notch typing experience.

I completely agree with these 4 points. I have both handsets, a Z10 for business and a S4 for social and I find them both fit my business and social needs perfectly. The ease of navigation, the efficiency of the Hub, the fantastic ease at which the keyboard input makes composing text blows every other handset out of the water in my opinion. I am like a pensioner using a phone for the first time when I try and compose a message on my S4 compared to my Z10. I don't believe OS10.1 is anywhere near the finished product but I'm happy to be part of it's evolution. I genuinely believe these two handsets are aimed at two different users and the 'hate' or 'dislike' for the Z10 simply stems from the confusion of where each handset excels. I would like to see Blackberry target their handsets more at the business market.

When it comes to my social use (Facebook, Photos, Video social media etc) I find the S4 perfect. Good, high quality hardware and a bright and simplistic child-like interface compared to the Z10.

I wouldn't swap either handset, both are fantastic in there own rights.

(ok, maybe swap the S4 for a new Sony Experia's waterproof!)

The thing that I like about s4 is the game.. yes candy crush.. I seem always want to borrow my hubby phone... overall fb is the best..

Posted via CB10

You can install candy crush on your z10 too. It has popped up on crackberry main page so much

Posted via CB10

Friends! I totally agree with this article. I just had hoped RIM had launched these devices a couple of years earlier. The build quality of the blackberry is unparalleled to any of these android devices. I'm am fortunate enough to be using the Z30... and let me tell you guys, this device is from the top drawer. The look and feel is absolutely brilliant. Not like the flimsy devices around these days. Hats of to BlackBerry for launching such a device. 5ive *****... Please guys let's keep the faith hope that the legend strikes back.

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I know it would never happen but I'd love to see goog take over bbry and take its best components (hub, button less phone with gesture based os, keyboard, etc) and mix it into android os and devices. Now friends I honestly believe a android berry mixture would KILL in the market.

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