Four More Finalists Chosen For The BlackBerry Developers Challenge

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By Bla1ze on 2 Sep 2009 01:51 pm EDT

Four more finalists have been announced for the BlackBerry Developers Challenge 2009. At this point, 12 of the 16 finalists who will be voted on in the running for a grand prize package of over $100,000. Four more finalists have yet to be chosen, all of which should top off at the end of September. Let's have a look at the four most recent ones:

Now while each of the finalists has earned themselves $5,000 just for making it in, the big payout is still yet to come. So from the selection above, who would you choose as the best application that should move on? Let us know in the comments.

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Four More Finalists Chosen For The BlackBerry Developers Challenge


From the comments on App World, I would say Unsynced because I know for Storm users, there's big demand in a replacement media player... Too bad it's not supported for the Storm as of yet!

Thanks for the support Joski! We are really honored to have been selected as a finalist, but what will be incredible is when we get to demo the new features at DevCon. Think Spotify for BlackBerry, but better... Should be crazy!


Its a toss up between Wicked and Unsynced for me. I like them both. Too bad that I can't get unsynced for my BB 8330.

Unsynced sounds like a cool MP3 player, but isn't available on the 9630 Tour...

I tried to download with no result... Wasted 30 minutes trying to determine why it wasn't working...

I'll try it once it comes out for Tour.

I have been using this now over a week on my Tour with no problems. You just have to dl the 8900 one for your Tour.

They sure have my vote for the Hundred grand.

Man unsynced doesn't work for 8330, thats the only one that has use to me, the blog one looks cool but I don't have a blog so...Any news if they are gonna come out with an 8330 version?

The OTA link will not download any version via the BB Aps store, it just hangs. Is there a way to download to PC to load with DM or is there another site with the 8900 OTA likn?

eMobile Today Professional Edition. One of the few app I
would never be without. In fact the whole offering from
eMobile is spectular. I have all of them except the Pocket
Streamer, but that may change :)