Found at CES: Matias mini Rizer – We’ve got 20 to give away!

Matias MiniRizer
By Joseph Holder on 17 Jan 2012 03:14 pm EST

Matias knows its accessories. The Canadian company makes all sorts of accessories for Smartphones and tablets. At CES2012, CrackBerry got a hands-on look at the Matias One Keyboard for BlackBerry & PC as well as their Folding Keyboard for BlackBerry. Both products performed well; and both products included a free miniRizer to support your BlackBerry while using the keyboards.

The miniRizer is a small, easily portable stand for your BlackBerry that allows the Smartphone to be supported at an angle of your choosing, instead of laying flat on a desk or table.  For two reasons, the stand comes in two pieces. One, the two parts allow you to easily switch between a 40 and 50 degree tilt to your Smartphone. Two, the two halves fit snugly together in their cloth carrying case; the whole package is about the size of a credit card. This makes the tiny BlackBerry stand highly portable.

Contest: The miniRizer may not be packed with circuits; chips; and LED's, but it is a very nice little product, a product that I find myself using day after day after day. The good people of Matias have given us 20 of these miniRizers for the CrackBerry Nation. To enter to win one, simply leave a comment to this article. The contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT. Good Luck!

Reader comments

Found at CES: Matias mini Rizer – We’ve got 20 to give away!



I so could use this. I haven't had my 9930 very long so I really could use some gadgets for it. Free is all good.

This would be awesome on my desk, alongside my Playbook in it's Folio Case! BOOM! Make me Happy - CrackBerry! :)

that is one swish piece of kit, I would love to buy one but it's a bit out of my price range sadly.

*fingers crossed* hope I win one :D

This would definitely come in handy. The missing component in my work station. Definitely want one.

I have been looking for a great keyboard/stand combo for my playbook. Will this work for that? If so.. I WANT ONE!!! :)

This would work great for me at work. I have the 9810 and it would definitely make sure I don't accidentally spill my drinks on it or get it covered up by construction prints.

My real name is Matthias ... so who else deserve such a nice item like the Matias Mini rizer?!!?


Mini, ... Rizer. ... Ummmmmmmmm ... o_O
"Yeah my big bold could dig on gettin hooked in the system",... I'm in.

i always wanted a charging dock to go with my 9930 but this is just so much cooler and smaller i would definitely love to have one if these instead

Would make my Bold 9900 sit much nicer next to my computer monitor than resting it up against the leather holster.

this would be great when i am trying to keep an eye on my blackberry while on crackberry, because me and my curve are inseparable and it has be with me at all times and now if i won i would be able to spoil it with a new stand. i would brag to all my friends how cool of a tool this really is.