From the Forums: A wedding day surprise

BlackBerry cufflinks
By Michelle Haag on 27 Aug 2011 02:29 pm EDT

We see a lot of BlackBerry addicts around here, which is totally understandable since we're the #1 site for BlackBerry users and abusers. Sometimes, we see stuff in the forums that drives home how deep that addiction can go.

CrackBerry member TMGould posted in the forums that he's getting married on Sunday, and he threw up a couple of pictures. The first is the wedding day checklist, and the bride (I assume!) is planning ahead, because the first thing on the list is "TAKE TOM'S BLACKBERRY OFF HIM!!!" If that wasn't any indication of his obsession, the next picture, posted above, was a sure sign. Tom has acquired BlackBerry cufflinks for the big day. Seriously, how cool is that!?

Congratulations to Tom and the future Mrs. Tom from all of us at CrackBerry! Enjoy your BlackBerry big day!

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From the Forums: A wedding day surprise


ROFL! That is great! Congratulations! I love how the bride's first order of business is to separate him from his BB! Too funny! But I have to say, those cufflinks are really classy! I would love to find a pair like that! I know my wife would chuckle if I got something like that. Congrats again!

I can't believe how outdated the specs on those cufflinks are. RIMM is losing formal-wear marketshare like crazy. Where are the 9900/9930 cufflinks? If they don't release them soon, I'm jumping ship to the Android cufflinks: solid 24k gold, emerald inlay for the green robot dude...

LOL What's a post on Crackberry without a little trolling? But seriously, congrats to the happy couple and where can I buy a pair? :-D

Those cuff links are awesome! I need some for my wedding!

- BB (check)
- BB cufflinks (check)
- groom (check)

Those are all over ebay. I would love a pair of 9930's. Kevin you should include contest for stuff like this to change it up.