From the Forums: Video quality on the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Bla1ze on 19 Jun 2011 03:58 pm EDT

We've taken a look at the video quality on the BlackBerry PlayBook a couple times in the past but it's always interesting to take a stroll through the CrackBerry forums and find others that are impressed by the video camera as well as and more importantly -- what they're recording with their PlayBooks. Forums member rjkolo attended a picnic and happened to catch a band called Leadfoot on video. The above video is that of their performance there. As you can tell, the video turned out great and even with all the backgound noise -- the audio sounds superb.

As rjkolo noted in his forums post -- the video was taken in 720p, it's the default setting of course but if you're looking to take video in 1080p you can quickly swipe down from the top when in the video camera and set it to 1080p. Have you captured some awesome video on your PlayBook? If so, feel free to share it in the PlayBook forums.

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From the Forums: Video quality on the BlackBerry PlayBook


Nice vid! I know its Sunday (and fathers day) Chris, but, proofread your articles before posting them up. LOL ;-)

The quality looks great! I was wondering how much space this video takes , and also if it was at the maximum resolution how much would it take. I was thinking about getting a 16 GB Playbook but was worried about the space. I here you can not attach an external HD to it so how would you save large items like videos if you were getting short of space?

I've been using BlueBox to move my PlayBook videos to my DropBox account. From there I can pull them to my desktop, burn to CD, etc.

Hi @loreburne,

Alex from RIM here. To answer your question, the PlayBook has an industry-standard microUSB port, which allows you to move content and free up space by connecting to "master" devices, such as laptops but not directly to other "slave" devices like many external storage drives. You can also transfer files over Wi-Fi, so you don’t even need to connect to your computer with a cable!

While we’re talking about ports, I’d also note that the PlayBook also features a microHDMI port, which allows you to view full HD content where and how you want, including watching 1080p movies by connecting your PlayBook to an HDMI-enabled HDTV.

Check out this tutorial for more info on watching videos on your TV with HDMI (mouse over “media” to find the right topic):

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

Thanks Alex,
That has answered my questions. I really like the Playbook for what I have seen in reviews ect and hopefully (when I get some money together ) will purchase one in the near future


Last Thursday i recorded most of Neri per Caso concert @1080, actually i was amazed with the audio quality because normally the loudness of a concert distorts a lot when recorded only with the built-in mic of portable devices.

I will add the link as soon as it finish upload to youtube

Good to see some great positive blogs but hopefully for the sake of RIM, the native email, BBM and Android app come out because even me, a very loyal BB user has a hard time not going to the darkside of Apple. Come on RIM

Bla1ze thanks for posting that to the main page, I have a bunch more that I took from that night. The guitarist is actually my brother, I took more as the night went on and yes as it gets dark the video quality does drop off even with their stage lights, if anyone wants to see one of those just let me know and I am happy to post.

ALSO for those who care about specs: I recorded about 20 or so videos over a span of 3.5 hours with about a 15 minute break for their two set breaks. It KILLED the battery, I went form 100%-45% in those three hours, but I would expect that. As far as size of the files go, being in .mp4 they are fairly small for the quality. I recorded each song and they were between 300-550MB per song based on the duration of course. My little 16GB playbook had 4gb empty and never once lagged, I even took a few pics and bridged it to my 9800 and uploaded them to Facebook WHILE still recording videos.

On a side note...I am on my 9800 running OS .576 and the above video plays embedded in the browser, is this new? Or??