From the Forums: Skype campaign results, vote for the PlayBook in the CNET Asia awards, Sega/Genesis Emulator

By Michelle Haag on 2 Feb 2012 08:32 pm EST
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From the Forums: Skype campaign results, vote for the PlayBook in the CNET Asia awards, Sega/Genesis Emulator


I sideload dgen emulator, but crashes when attempting to start, in instructions, I found third party library, but i don't know what to do with that? can somebody help me please, step by step how to port the emulator properly, because this is not like the snes emulator where you can play in an instant after porting it to playbook. please help....thanks

does anyone truthfully believe in its current state that the playbook desrves any more rewards/accolades when compared to the newer crop of tablets.

This kind of comments will get you banned. I posted a question asking if there are any website to swap a Playbook for an Ipad 1 or 2 and got an infraction. Sad but Crackberry is becoming the BGR of RIM.

Yes in 7" category, I have tried almost every good tablet and also quite a few in 10" category also. When I say try I mean I have friends owning them. Only place where currently IPad and Android tablets are ahead of PB are in Certain important apps not yet available in PB (even though list is growing) but then there are many areas where PB surpasses these other tablets, and some are quite critical., if you want to move on to iPad, wouldn't it be smart and logical to go on some Apple products site or forum where you can get better suggestions. Ofcourse in this forum you will find more PB owners who can not help you, and will treat you as troll. So next time apply common sense.
Another thing, you can vote for any product which you feel is better but do base your judgement on your personal use and not anything else.