From the Forums: BlackBerry PlayBook used to record Soundgarden concert

By Michelle Haag on 30 Jul 2011 05:11 pm EDT

Here is another awesome example of the BlackBerry PlayBook's video recording capabilities. CrackBerry member guyhockey took his PlayBook with him to a recent Soundgarden concert, and used it to record the first two songs of the concert! Not only does the video look great even under challenging lighting conditions, but the audio is pretty awesome as well. Don't be afraid to watch this one in 1080p and fullscreen, it looks terrific. Guyhockey previously posted a video taken with his PlayBook on a rollercoaster, which is also pretty cool. 

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From the Forums: BlackBerry PlayBook used to record Soundgarden concert


Aahahah I was there, working it. Soundgarden and Cornell is back. Great shot from playbook. Amazing device and soon to be a proud owner of one. And impatiently waiting for the new berries to hit the market. Peace everyone

this is the 2nd concert I've taken my Playbook to and I truly love the quality. It's to bad my seats were in line with the bright white lights that shone across the stage. But with the light I had to work with I think overall the video turned out pretty good. I recorded from my seat in the upper level row 7. I'm surprised at how well the audio is as it was loud at the concert. No distortion like when you use other devices.

Most videos like this on youtube make me cringe. Saw them July 10th in Mansfield. Snapped some nice pics with my 9780, they actually were better than my 8mp G2X snaps.

If you would have panned 90 degrees right anytime during that shot, I probably would have seen myself at the top of the stairs @ 104 tunnel. I still cannot believe the quality of that recording, which seem in line with current camcorders. And this is Rim first attempt at a tablet with a real world OS

impressive!!! thanks for sharing. i am amazed at the video and sound quality the Playbook has. I haven't used my camcorder since getting my PB. love it!!

On a similar but different note, I didn't see a playbook, but was rather surprised to see someone recording the U2 concert tonight in Moncton with a galaxy tab... (Although I'm sure there were some PB's there)!! Would love to see how it would handle that one!!

Even the playbook seems a bit too large to bring to a concert- Is there a reason people aren't using a camera? ... or their phone? I'm not against it, it just seems a little impractical to say the least!

I hear you but its about the size of a dslr but without the extra weight or girth though you can't bit the lens found on one.

Any smaller and you might as well just leave that at home bring something as practical as a pocket camera.

at 7 inches it's still pocketable and judging by the video, does a pretty good job too. Why they bothered, who knows what they were using it prior to this and I guess if you have it on you, why not? :)

I ran this through Adobe Premier to get fade intro/outro and the video got resized a bit, but here's an absolute front row (photo pit) recording of Del the Funky Homosapien recorded on PlayBook. I was AMAZED that the bass didn't blow out the recording - the PlayBook records better than my camcorder NS!

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