From the Forums: Playbook Discount + CrackBerry Discount = Awesome

Lincoln PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 17 Feb 2012 05:42 pm EST

If you were looking for another reason to pick up a BlackBerry PlayBook for yourself, friend or family member - forums member guerllamo7 has your answer. It looks like you can once again grab a new 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for just $199 from ($249 for the 32GB and $299 for the 64GB) which is a sweet deal, especially with PlayBook OS 2.0 right around the corner (for real ... like a few days off). As guerllamo7 also suggests, you'll want to grab a case to protect your new investement, and what better place and time than during our Presidents Day Sale? You can save 15% on PlayBook case and any other BlackBerry accessories we have in stock. To get your 15% discount, be sure to use the coupon code pres12 during checkout. So what are you waiting for?? Get to shopping!!

Buy a BlackBerry PlayBook for $199
Enjoy the Presidential Savings at
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From the Forums: Playbook Discount + CrackBerry Discount = Awesome


Wow. Hey that's my post you are talking about. Cool!

I love to see this because I am a huge fan of BlackBerry phones and the Playbook. I also love a good deal and this is a steal.

The Playbook and the OS7 BlackBerry devices can do so much. Almost daily, much of it from CrackBerry, I learn something else the devices can do.

They simply rock!

I already ordered my Playbooks and cases so everyone in my family will be able to video chat. From Hawaii to Portland to California and it just so happened that a couple of friends asked me about the Playbook today.

Last year was tough and even a bit sad for BlackBerry lovers, but we stuck with it and I think this year we are going to be rewarded for it. BlackBerry all the way!!!!

my girlfriend talks to her family overseas on her playbook :) She gave her mom one to take back with her. She hadn't seen the old house in years, and they took her for a tour via video chat :)

absolutely loves it!

this should be their main selling point...the power of the ipad, price of the kindle, the reliability of blackberry.

Now they just need to make sure the next time they release a device, it is fully finished. I am getting a Playbook Monday, see how it is, and update it on Tuesday.

I love my playbook, and so does my wife and 2 year old daughter. They like it so much that I hardly get to have it anymore. The solution? I just ordered another one for me and while I was at it I convinced my brother and dad to get one too. My bro is a blackberry user already but my dad is an iphone user. One more convert! Blackberry 4 life