From the Forums: New group aims to put a BlackBerry PlayBook powered rover on the moon

PlayBook Moon Landing
By Michelle Haag on 25 Sep 2011 05:57 pm EDT
Back in June we posted about the Google Lunar X Challenge, The Part-Time Scientists, and a QNX powered moon rover. A group of ambitious Canadians were inspired by this project, and have started one of their own, PlayBook Moon Landing.
Our objective is to inspire Canada the way John F. Kennedy inspired the U.S. with the moon landings in the 1960's.  We are aiming to spark a generation of breakthrough innovation in Canada.  Our long term goal is to make Canada a world leader in high tech.
The goal of this open community project is to build a moon rover powered by a BlackBerry PlayBook and land it on the moon, where it could then be communicated with from Earth. They are just getting started in this endeavour, and you can follow their progress on Facebook or their website ( and join in the discussion in the CrackBerry forums at the link below. 

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From the Forums: New group aims to put a BlackBerry PlayBook powered rover on the moon


I read the website, and it seems a bit weird to me. Much of the hardware in the Playbook won't be of any use to the rover (e.g. the touchscreen ;-), so it would need to be custom hardware running QNX.

Also, one of their main goals is for people to send BBM messages to the Playbook on the moon - however, that can only happen if there is a paired BlackBerry that can do BBM (more custom hardware).

What would be more realistic is to design space-ready hardware (which use radiation-hardened silicon, like the RAD750 used on the next Mars rover). Then, that hardware could run QNX (a "space" edition, which would be tres cool) and have satellite communication that is paired to a control station on Earth, from which information can be sent to BBM users via the BlackBerry Infrastructure.

Awesome PR stunt in the works!

They announce the rover a year after competitors. They deliver the rover 6 months later. Rover's software is incomplete, needs to rely on the hardware already present on the moon to do its work. Software updated remotely another 6 months later, despite early reporrts suggesting it would be done in only 4 mo.

When rover is finally up to snuff, its already surrounded by 50 rovers from competitors.

I love RIM, but lately it should be RISM.... the SM is for Slow Motion...

This project is in independant group of people, and has nothing at all to do with RIM, other than the product being used was made by RIM.

If this paralleled the PlayBook launch, the moon landing team would claim it's totally going to kick the snot out of the NASA rovers... and then they'll launch it to the moon without wheels because they weren't ready in time, but that's okay because someone with a BlackBerry on Earth can move it around occasionally with rockets.

The PlayBook does some things well, but let's face it: using a tablet with unfinished software to steer a lunar rover isn't confidence inspiring!

Hi anybody can help me my blackberry 9800 is not coming on. When it reboot it go to the first step and then go to second step which is the orange screen and that where it stop is a battery problem.

That probably means the battery needs to be replaced, but you should really be visiting the forums (there's a link up top near the CrackBerry logo). Comments in a story aren't the best places to get help.