From the Forums: Making calls from your PlayBook, Bold 9900 case talk, and a free theme

By Michelle Haag on 4 Aug 2011 08:06 pm EDT
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From the Forums: Making calls from your PlayBook, Bold 9900 case talk, and a free theme


Agreed. I've been playing with a Playbook for the last couple weeks and I do really like it.

Has anyone out there who's used the new BB's 9900/9810/9850/etc had a chance to bridge it with the Playbook? Any improvements on the speed? Specifically the Bridge Browser speed.

Hi @npunk42,

Alex from RIM here. Glad to hear you’re making the most of your BlackBerry PlayBook! I also love using it for work because of its highly portable 7-inch frame and support for true multitasking between applications, which helps me make the most of my time. It’s perfect for one-handed use or to ‘thumb type’ like you would on a smartphone.

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Alex, RIM Social Media Team