iPhone users are jealous of my BlackBerry Z10

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"It's great that BlackBerry is starting this comeback."

- CrackBerry Member dmsbang

By Bla1ze on 6 May 2013 02:38 pm EDT

As a BlackBerry user, these are exciting times. A new platform, two new devices so far with more on the way and things are looking pretty solid for BlackBerry. Because of that, there is a lot of excitement in the CrackBerry forums.

Finally, after months of waiting BlackBerry users have some new hardware to show off and they're doing so proudly and the best part about it all is that others are starting to notice 'Hey, this isn't the same BlackBerry I know' from days long gone.

iPhone to me, is boring and retro by now with it's old interface that does not ever change.dannejanne, CrackBerry Member

Some folks in the forums have noticed the glaring eyes from iOS and Android users when showing off their BlackBerry 10 devices. Those glares of jealousy watching a demo of BlackBerry Hub, peeking into messages, the exceptional web browsing experience and that oh so beautiful BlackBerry 10 keyboard.

They get so mad when I show them the Flow, Hub, Web browsing, and especially the keyboard. Time Shift also makes them jealous. dmsbang, CrackBerry Member

Take this post for example. For some that might be hard to believe. Some can't even imagine why an iOS or Android user would be jealous of a BlackBerry but it's true. Fact is, BlackBerry 10 is all new. It's interesting and there is still a lot of love out there for BlackBerry. Old school users whose first device was a BlackBerry, people who were forced into touch-screen keyboard and have forever been 'dealing' with it.

Yes, there is people out there that do end up jealous when you show them a BlackBerry 10 device or as I like to call it, iwantanewphone syndrome and some, when you take the time to show them what all BlackBerry 10 is capable of, do admit that it's pretty amazing.

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iPhone users are jealous of my BlackBerry Z10


I was more glad to see the front of that babe after having appreciated the back on the previous article..

1. She is wearing glasses. Can't make a 100% judgement without seeing her eyes. 2. My eyes need to be checked. I see long white finger nails and not a cigarette.

I had a girl in Publix the other day ask me if my Z10 was the new iPhone 6.

I responded "Nope, just the new BlackBerry." and then she responded, "No way that's a BlackBerry!"

Love my Z10!

Posted via CB10

The guy at my local convenience store said the same thing, thought it was an iPhone. I quickly corrected him and showed him some of the key features. Said he was absolutely going to switch. If that's not a win I don't know what is.

Here in the USA I've yet to see anyone carrying a Z10, the majority of people are carrying either an iphone or a samsung phone. Blackberry still has a long way to go in cracking the most important cell phone market in the world. In fact you walk into an ATT store in the US and you would have a hard time even finding the demo unit, which is usually parked in the back corner somewhere while all the flashy new android and even windows mobile phones are placed at the front of the store.

Lately, I've been using my Z10 a lot in public and a lot of people have taken notice and so far, I've been hearing lots of positive comments about the device from friends of mine who currently use either an iPhone or an Android phone. Personally, I've had the phone since March 17, 2013 when I bought my Z10 from a Bell Mobility retailer and I've loved using the phone and still love using it to this day.

This is so true. iPhone users get really excited with the Z10 when I show them. BUT (!!!) They give up the idea of having one when I tell them there is no instagram (or that you should be a hacker to download the poor android version). BlackBerry should think about this because it is losing customers for nothing.

That's exactly what happens, I get many admirers of my Z10, until they ask about Instagram...then automatically lose interest.

And that's why BlackBerry is for people who get things done with their phone, not for people who waste time with their phone.

Posted via CB10

Please, I have to waste time trying to figure our how to side load this app. Why should I bother with this hack job when I can just download it in less then a minute from apples app store???

It's a three-step process to put an Android app on your Z10. You should not be telling people they need to be a hacker to install Android apps. That's a fail.

Fail is expecting average consumers to sideload apps. In most cases they are older versions and not always working fully.

Glad that we can, just wish we had native apps instead.

Posted via CB10

You can also install via Chrome. But you're right. Side loading is a bit much for soccer moms and grandparents (e.g.: the typical iPhone user). ;)

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately, it's up to Instagram (Facebook) if they make instagram for bb. Short of physically attacking Instagram headquarters and forcing them to code a BB10 version at gunpoint, all BlackBerry can do is

1. Beg them to code it
2. Make coding BlackBerry apps the best experience on any mobile platform
3. Pay them

If they still refuse, then I don't see how blackberry can be blamed or be said to have not thought about the importance of apps.

Posted via CB10

I don't think so they r jealous... we are jealous coz at list they are using good phone skype and everything

Posted via CB10

The 1st thing that I find usually grabs my colleagues is when they scroll the screen over and see the following page merge before lapping and gawp with a "wtf its 3d" lol. I wouldn't say jealous but definitely interested and looking differently at BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

IOS feels quite dated now but BB10 could do with Vine and Instagram although BB10 covers all the crucial social bases for me.

I(stuff) became a cult strongly embedded in the mind and soul of their long time users who are fans for life. The other day I met with some friends and all are apple addicts. My Z10 quickly became the attraction of the evening and in the end they all councluded that is a great phone (in some cases admiting is better than the iphone) but they would not leave their iphons for any other phone... ever... maybe for a recent iphone user, switching to other phones is an option...

Posted via CB10

They maybe very jealous of my Z10 but certainly not of my brokerage account that is loaded with BBRY shares... deep, very deep underwater... thanks Mike and Jim.

So far the only thing I've seen that has made them say "Wow" is the time shift camera. This is a great feature which BlackBerry need to show off in their ads more.

Posted via CB10

Same here...i don't feel looking at that tiny iphone...with same boring interface...i showed to few folks and reaction was mixed..all of them liked it but some were very defensive about iphone

Posted via CB10

I admit it. I was an Apple fanboy. Got bored of my iphone and traded in for a Z10. No regrets whatsoever.

Posted via CB10

People really like it when I show off "the last weather app" with no bull and use of swears to describe the weather"Omg that's so funny... holy shit this is a blackberry???" and then I show them hub and the way the keyboard remembers frequent words and sentences you might use etc people really like it.


She's Amanda Del Duca I believe. She was also in a photo next to Kevin in his Q10 review and part of a post over at imore.

Apparently she's also a Z10 user.

You're right MaMacedo. I'm a long time BB user, and have had Z10 since it was first available from Telus in Canada. I have a love/hate thing for both BB an iPhone. I like the size of my Z10, find it easier on my older eyes to see/read than iPhone (esp iP5), but EVERYTHING WORKS on, and is available for, iPhone. BBWorld does not work or notify well, regardless of what people (here on CB) say, important apps aren't available (yes Instagram, Viber, etc). The camera/camera apps are no where near iPhone (esp video). When I use iPhone everything just works. My hub takes minutes to build everytime I turn on my BB. When it's turned on, it should be ready for business, but it's not. Annoying. Sure I can sideload (and have) lots of apps, but they are all old versions, and sometimes load and sometimes don't. Annoying. Then apps that are coming to BB are mostly ports. I do love the BB browser and reader. AWESOME. And the Z10 predictive typing is good. And the larger screen, easier to read icons. Also, access to the file system. C'mon Apple, treat people adults. So I am basically on the fence at this point. I know it's 'early days' for BB10 now, and the Z10/Q10 are basically 1st Gen, but everything I see on CB seems to be like pretending the Titanic isn't going to sink. I hope I'm wrong, and they can get this up to par with iOS, even exceed, but the iOS.

Don't turn your Z off. I've not turned mind off since I got it and my PlayBook has been running 24/7 for two years. QNX is a completely different kettle of fish compared to the other mobile operating systems on the market. Those coming from the "in and out" paradigm of other systems will not be familiar with how to exploit true multitasking. Those coming from other platforms will bring old habits such as feeling compelled to turn off a Z/Q10 when, in fact, it never needs to be done unless the device is going to be stored for some time. QNX is a generation more advanced than the competing OSs. It's not completely polished yet but it's the next thing and this next thing takes some time to learn to exploit. It's like going from a tricycle to a bicycle. At first the bike seems unstable compared to the trike. Then you learn to ride and you never look back.

Please can you quite with this BB10 is the best thing since sliced bread bull?? I don't need to specifically turn the phone off, i've had it reboot on me 4 or 5 times already and if that doesn't do it, as soon as the lame battery dies, it will shut down. Most people really don't care about the underlying kernel, iPhone under the hood is BSD Unix which is likely just as stable as QNX. What really matters is the Applications that sit on top of the kernel, this is where BB10 falls appart. Let me list for you a few of the annoying things BB10 has to offer:
1. incredibly hard to bring up the magnifying lens to move the cursor around
2. why is it that my sent e-mail just sits unsent in my inbox at times, until I restart the radio?
3. why do applications start up in the wrong orientation? if I'm holding the phone in portrait then any application I launch should be launched in portrait.
4. Browser does not load web pages and I continually have to re-load the page for it to download, whereas on my other phone an iphone pages load flawlessly???

Sorry to learn of your travails but it definitely sounds like you have a defective phone as I have none of the issues you've listed except for point 3 which, while a big problem for you, is just an idiosyncrasy for me. The advantages of true multitasking made possible by QNX greatly out weigh app orientation. However, if your phone isn't working - and yours is clearly not - then I can see why you'd be upset. If anything, I had to learn how to get used to the cursor lens popping up all the time. All my emails send promptly. The browser failed once and that was right here on the Crackberry main page for some instagram type service link which I which perplexed me at first because I'd never seen the browser crash before. I really enjoy QNX and find it superior to any other OS available on the market. I'd suggest you either reload the OS or return the phone as your device's function is clearly not nominal.

I've run into many Iphone users that left BlackBerry because they wanted to move with the times....once they saw the B
Z10 in person they express how they want to switch back but, want to wait until the app ecosystem is further along...

Posted via CB10

Yesterday I was joking with someone about swapping phones. I gave my Z10 to this person, took their phone and the person remarked, without even knowing what I handed over, they'd rather have mine. Stellar.

I make sure whenever I'm out in public its in full view. And if by chance its not, I'll whip it out any chance I get.

Takes me back to the days when it was a statement to have a cell phone and people loved to show them off.
So happy to have the z and walk around with a device that stands out from the crowd.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

I was also an iphone fanboy who would feverishly defend anything apple (I don't know why, I am happy in life really) but was so underwhelmed with iphone 5 so jumped ship back to BlackBerry, which is funny because when iphone came out I was responsible for getting lots of blackberry users to switch to iphone ( by showing how much better it was back then) but the tables have turned and now I always show iphone users how much better my z10 is

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately, apps will determine the success of these devices. My wife loves my Z10 but it doesn't offer her all of the apps she uses on a daily basis so she won't switch, and I can't say I blame her. I don't use many apps that I can't get so it's fine for me - email is my priority. If BB10 doesn't get the critical (and many smaller) apps soon, it just won't get the popular support it so richly deserves.

I did notice that ever since the first dev alphas were in the streets.
People tend to be amazed by the gestures.
It quickly stops though, as soon as they enquire about their favourite apps. You have to explain to them that BB10 is new, in beta testing and that it will take a while for apps to land, just like at the beginning of iOS and Android

Posted via CB10

I will never forget how ripped off I felt picking up an iPhone and then the iPad, only to switch back to my BB7 device to be ashamed.

The weirdest thing is happening now, the exact opposite as before. When I use my iPad now, I find myself getting frustrated because it does not have the powerful BB10 gestures. The iOS interface is dated and feels like a step behind with the in-and-out functionality.

What I notice when using my iPad is what current iOS users are seeing once they take a look at BB10. No question this is leading to iOS users switching to BlackBerry.

No question? Did you run a poll? How many people voted? A thousand? Do you have ANYTHING to back up your claim? I'm guessing not. Here's a tip: If you're going to say 'no question' make sure you have something, anything to back up your claim.

People (iphone users) like the Z10 but loose interest Because of the lack of instagram? What is it with those apps? And why do so many developers only make apps for Android and iphone. It almost seems like a conspiracy..........

Yea.. Unfortunately I've got that reaction of "Oh I can't get instagram on it though Right" as well more than a few times after they've commented that they like my Z10.

Posted via CB10

I'm loving showing off my Z10. I was taking pictures at a job, and my client (huge iPhone fan) was amazed at the clarity compared to his iPhone 5! Video is not o comparison either.

I had the same reaction from my coworker when I showed her a photo I recently took.. She actually thought I took the photo with a SLR camera.

That awkward moment when you can't even make the difference between "its and it's"...

"iPhone to me is boring and retro by now with it's old interface...."

When I use my iPad I am always shocked how old and dated it all seems. Apple has definitely fallen behind Android, Windows and BlackBerry with their OS.

Posted via CB10

Irregardless of how great the phone is, a lot of people aren't going to all of the sudden switch to awholenotha platform (BB10), even though the phone is better, because of key missing apps. I know it sounds crazy, but without Instagram, I know a lot of girls that would not even consider BB.
I wish they would, I'd love my BB. But the lead that BB10 has over an "old looking" iPhone may be gone in Septmeber with iOS 7 and iPhone 5S(6). I want BB to succeed, I really do.

I agree, once iO7 hits the streets its going to change a lot of things.. for now though BB10 is one of the best of the bunch.. the clocks ticking though haha.

It's funny because you all seem to forgot that BlackBerry came with the Z10 VERY lately.
You can say iOS is outdatwd, but when Apple will redesign iOS, your OS 10 will be outdated.

And by the way, I'm not a fanboy... I own an iPhone 5, a HTC One and a Z10.

Do you realize what kind of major redesign your talking about? Those things don't happen overnight, and it would be so monumental it probably wouldn't even be called iOS anymore. We are talking about CORE redesign needed here to be ahead of BB10, the whole IOS system is outdated.

I don't think Apple will release a new core redesigned OS. I think they will just update it or remplace some parts of the core OS.

Anyway, if Apple does, maybe you wouldn't notice.

Flow, camera, etc is all good and all, but why would anyone switch from android or apple to BlackBerry? I'm sorry, I've had a BlackBerry for many many gears, I work for vzw and they give us work phone. Recently they gave me a z10, so now I have two, and u can honestly say that I miss android.

There are apps and games for android that I just can not do on BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

List the apps and games you use most often.I'm sure you're quite productive with them. While you're doing that I'll find a dunce cap for you to keep your mind occupied after you find those many many "Gears ". After a certain point spelling, punctuation and grammar are important.

I've said it before. We'd be stupid to think Apple isn't in the lab cooking up something. For Apple to be dormant this long is akin to a bear in hibernation. Something is being brewed.

My iPhone vs. BlackBerry experience waiting in a barbershop, sitting next to an iPhone user:

Me: BBM message to my wife letting her know about how long the wait is.
iPhone neighbour: Freecell
Me: Open up my budget spreadsheet (on Dropbox) and put in some updates.
iPhone neighbour: Freecell
Me: Open up the browser and login to my bank web page. Pay some bills.
iPhone neighbour: Freecell
Me: Switch back to my budget and update it according to the bills I just paid.
iPhone neighbour: Freecell
Me: Check updates on RSS feeds, Twitter, and Facebook.
iPhone neighbour: Freecell

iPhone users have way more fun!

LOL +1, that is so true for some of the people I know too! Personally, I rarely play games on my phone, as it is very counter productive. I realize that may be a little extreme.

Blackberry, Keep Moving!

You realize iPhone users were doing everything you're claiming you do for years now, right? And maybe that person was just having fun at the barbershop? This stupid cliche that iPhone users use their phones as toys, as opposed to blackberry users that work, is so ignorant and tired. And wrong of course. You honestly want to compare how many users check on RSS, twitter, facebook compared to iOS? You're correct about the banking website though. Never log on there. I use the app. Haha.

Hmmmm apple fanboy trolling the BlackBerry site. Wonder how long it took him to type that msg using that horrible keyboard lol

Posted via CB10

3/4 million apps won't help a company stay relevant if said company doesn't innovate. Steve Jobs Created a pause with his untimely departure (rip). If Apple doesn't create the next best thing they'll be in RIM's position from three years ago.

No they really won't be. iPhone sales whether you like it or not is still growing at a significant clip.

My friend, you hit the nail on the head. As I've said many times, BlackBerry is for people who get things done and the other phones are for those who just went to play around and waste time.

Posted via CB10

Finally! A comment so true and worth reading! It really is a waste of time for BlackBerry to chase the iphone crowd. There just is no value in a BlackBerry to an empty headed person, and there are tons of them. BlackBerry needs to secure 3rd place which is the crowd that need to get things done. If you are part of that crowd, by the end of the productive day, you don't have time for instagram, nor the desire to still be on your phone.

Posted via CB10

LOL. I just spent time with my friend who only has Apple products.
She did not even care to look at my Z10 (except to hog free use to make a call).
Apple lovers are Apple lovers :(
BB lovers are BB lovers :)
Ah. Such is life.

Every time I see an iPhone user that I don't meet on a daily basis.. I go on the browser and show off the html 5 test comparisons and point and laugh saying u stuck in the 1900s

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

I can't wait to get OS 10.1 on my Z10 and show it off. I have two Playbooks in the car, a Z10, ... and I can hand the Playbooks to anyone and they can spend their time on the internet etc., while we head to the lake. You got to love how much you can do with this package! Then, I'll access my PC while out in the boat with them. The list of coolness goes on and on ......

I dont use Instagram and will never use it but its more and more obvious to me that a native Instagramapp. will cause a huge migration from Iphone to Z10/Q10.

If im an Iphone user and invested a lot on apps the chances of switching to BlackBerry would be very slim. Luckily been a BlackBerry fan since the days of pearl.

Posted via CB10

Well, I was using my IPhone 5 the past 12 days and I received my replacement z10 today so I back on the BlackBerry platform and I am a happy camper.

I have had several reboot issues, but I am confident that BlackBerry will have a fix in the next major update. It's great to be back.

Posted via CB10

I love showing my z10 off.. everyone is amazed by the flow, keyboard predictions and most of all the time shift feature. I have already converted two iPhone users and one Galaxy user and have many others ready to switch over to BlackBerry. Great phone..

Posted via CB10

I have my Z10 out in the open all the time. Laying on my desk or what have you. I don't know how many times I have heard, "Hey is that the new BlackBerry? How do you like it?" especially when I whip it out in public and it gets people's attention.

I've shown my Z10 Oreo to a lot of iPhone users and typically within five minutes they readily admit it is far better, and many of them laugh at their iPhone's antiquity (some are even former BB users who regret they are locked into a contract.) From screen share (I actually demoed my phone to an iPhone user through another Z10's screen) to HD conferencing to Sharing capabilities to texting competitions (my favorite is typing three sentences in Spanish, French, and English with correct accents and beat iPhone users before they type the first Spanish word because they can't figure out how to write the accents) it's a winner. The problem is that many of these users simply don't care, because they believe in the "Apple lifestyle". They think Apple will eventually give them something good enough, and that other than a few apps like Instagram, Spotify, Skype, and Netflix, they don't seem to use their phones for anything else or realize that most people really need to have an efficient tool to get the majority of things done faster (fortunately I can show them everything but Spotify.) It's frustrating at times and won't change overnight. The great news is that all of these people now realize they can't make fun of BlackBerry anymore, and in many cases help spread word of mouth that BlackBerry is back. I don't mind that BlackBerry doesn't have the largest marketshare as long as it re-establishes positive mindshare.

If you think you like it now wait till you try it. I was amazed at my z10 coming from an I5. But two days later the shortcomings were painful. I only use this as a novelty now. Wifi only. Bring me the apps I need and maybe I'll think otherwise. Apps are dried up now. There hasn't been any news on big names in weeks

Posted via CB10

Completely agree... a good friend of mine, an iDevice user for 6 years is turning to the Z10. Yeuup!!!
We had a hard time fighting together (BlackBerry against iPhone or PlayBook against iPad)...
I have to admit I will miss these time!!!

Posted via CB10

I was at a friends house warming party this weekend, everyone wanted a look at my Z10. I was more than willing to show off the hub, the camera and all the other glorious things blackberry has done. For the most part people were interested, a few couldn't wait to get one of their own. Nothing like using NFC to share pics, websites and files with people and watching isheep stand in a corner and pout

Posted via CB10

My brother who owns an iphone made fun of me until he actually saw my z10 in action. This phone has to get into people's hands before they change their perception of BlackBerry. I don't think the display units are going to convince people. The demo is too limited. It's up to us to get the word out I guess? As far as my brother, he ordered his new z10 yesterday.

Posted via CB10

I'm having a hard time getting even my techie friends interested in looking at my Z10. Their response is usually "I'll just get a Galaxy S something"

"Living the Apple Lifestyle", I love it, fits perfectly. For the most part, people pretty much are a bunch of sheep though.

I live in Quebec; my girlfriend (a francophone and an iPhone user) was amazed that I could have two languages set up for auto correction at the same time. I don't know if other devices can do this, but it is the first time I've seen someone with an iPhone look in envy at my BlackBerry.

Graheem has by spoken some real sense here everything on ios just WORKS end of story!! Blackberry needs to buck up you have made your great device sure now get into 2nd gear and deliver the apps you no longer just a busines phone anymore we need apps and working ones at that to become a stronger force

" the best part about it all is that others are starting to notice 'Hey, this isn't the same BlackBerry I know' from days long gone."

Wait til they see the R10. They'll stop saying that soon enough. :(

Posted via CB10

You're right. iPhone users totally wish they had a phone that can't post an image on Facebook without the image being sideways and totally not how the camera took the image.
You're right iPhone users also wished they had a phone that doesn't allow simple things like copy and paste into the dial pad.
Enough of these self serving postings that our BlackBerry is better than others. Stop comparing your stuff with others. Very grade school.

Posted via CB10

you can paste into dial pad in 10.1 update. As for Facebook pic uploading problem, I have an idea... show your real friends your photos on your phone. But that's easy for me to say, I hate facebook

Posted via CB10

Fox news just bought crackberry. Just kidding. You love bb10 or hate it. I love it but few updates would be nice. I use both iPhone 5 and BlackBerry z10. I must say that iPhone 5 is great for apps and camera. BlackBerry is great for email, texting, eta
But let's not fight over what's the best phone. Both are great phone pick the phone that's best for you.

Posted via CB10

I have a friend who always made fun of me for having a blackberry.

He would post articles on blackberry share prices going down and link them to me pn Facebook. He was the first to post the detwiler and Fenton false report on z10 returns (before blackberry responded though). He said to me that "BlackBerry was dead to him" and (about 8 months ago) said they'd be out of business in 6 months and sold for their patents. He used all the usual "RIP RIM", "Bye bye Blackberry", "Too little too Late" etc...

Thing was, he had never actually TRIED a bb10 phone yet!

So last week he messaged me in Facebook and blackberry eventually came up as he had heard that the q10 was doing great in the UK. He said he was getting bored of his iPhone and wanted something fresh. And although he was still not willing to switch to team blackberry, he actually said the following:

"Played around with the new bb and was totally impressed. Not gonna lie. It's really fast."

While not the biggest endorsement ever, the fact that it came from a dedicated "RIM hater" was surprising to say the least.

This type of 180 degree change in opinion about blackberry phones can only be a good sign! :)

Posted via CB10

This happens all the time on the BlackBerry official fb page. People will always come up on the page trying to bash the phone and others would complain about something so simple as in swiping on the phone.

Posted via CB10

Not exaggerating when I say my Q10 has impressed quite a few people, including S3 and iP5 holders. The battery life, the peek/hub/flow feature(s) and the keyboard have all been very well received. Very excited, proud, and eager to continue chipping away at this outdated reputation of BB being "awful".

BlackBerry over iphone any day. Had the option of waiting an extra week for the iphone 5 to come out on T-Mobile. I chose BlackBerry instead, why? Because of BlackBerry's reliability and it's stylish look.

Professionals use BlackBerry, the children can keep their iphones.

Posted via CB10

Lmao love it! I just wished they placed the BlackBerry logo closer to the top of the phone so it's easier to show. I purposefully hold my phone with my right index finger pointing up just to show the logo hahaha love it! BlackBerry FTW!


An Ex-iOS and Ex-Android user

Posted via CB10

I have a grandmother who has a iPhone and she jealous of me cuz im always on my BlackBerry Z10. I asked if she had instagram and she tried to bash me cuz i didn't have it but I told her I could still get it. My little brother wishes he had a Z10 (android user). He's been telling his friends (iPhone and Android users) about my phone and tried to take it as his own to show off to his friends.

Posted via CB10

My nephew in law saw the back of my phone over top his stack of 4 iPhone 4's and excitedly exclaimed "You finally got an IPhone!". I said no, it's the new Blackberry. To which he said ewww. And I replied by making a face at him (because the argument was so mature). Three weeks later he wanted me to be happy for him that he upgraded to an iPhone 5. I was a bit classier than him, I just didn't comment. LOL.

So he's not jealous. My neice declared my Z10 crazy easy to type on when compared to her 4S, but said she would never go back to BlackBerry cause her friends would tease her. Funny, since she got rid of her 9800, her popularity hasn't changed but man is her phone bill bigger.

Posted via CB10

They have starting to get better but they still have a long long way to go.

Even windows phone 8 is starting to get some great commercials.

I want to see more that show how the phone works! The multitasking, the hub, time shift camera, etc..

Verizon is making better blackberry ads than blackberry themselves! The Verizon ads actually explain some of the features of the phone.

Why is blackberry so adamant about using abstract ads and not demonstrating the phone?

Posted via CB10

Hey everyone go to yahoo answers and answer any questions about iPhone vs BlackBerry. I've recently been there answering questions and gave out my BBM and I already have 50 people switching over. Talked to 3 of those 50 over BBM. Ever iPhone users answer to that question is iPhone, iPhone5, or you can never go wrong with an iPhone. Some will even go as far as to say that BlackBerry's are terrible or junk. I've also been on keek and seen people compare older models of BlackBerry to their iPhone's and call it crap.y answer: Have you ever heard of the BlackBerry Z10 or Q10???

Posted via CB10

It's embarrassing when you publish something like this to your front page. You're in denial. Of course blackberry will pull some iPhone users away. There's so many of them, it's bound to happen. Enough to keep blackberry afloat? Not a chance. You need Android users, and you need new users. These feel good stories might rally the troops, at least the most deluded of them, but it doesn't help.

Gsdc, you sound like you need a hug. It's tough seeing apples competitive advantage evaporate in front of your face eh!?? When your contract is up you will have the chance to switch like everyone else.

Posted via CB10

To the people who said you need to be a hacker to side load apps your so wrong. I finally bit the bullet and tried side loading Netflix it took about 10 minutes total including downloading and installing software, it took 2 minutes to do it for my wife's phone. It's so easy and like 3 steps.

I told Netflix what I was doing (didn't want to get in trouble) they said if it works great go for it. I gave them a bunch of heck for not making an app for BlackBerry but worse blocking the browser. He said the more people that complain the better chance we have.

Anyways its really easy and works great anyone on the fence should give it a try.

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Hey that's awesome.. How did you contact Netflix?.. I just want to tell they need to get on BlackBerry world..

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Apps, too bad some people are too hell bent on apps. We never used to have them before. Oh well. BlackBerry is coming along nicely in that category though

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Its looking more and more like its okay to like BB here again.

I'm sure there will still be a lot of the other platform users whinging for some time.

I have had several different experiences where I have been sitting at a restaurant and the waiter asked me about my Z10. I have never had this happen with any of my other Blackberries. Makes me very proud.

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As Apple unveils ios 7 the surprise could be that the BB and Apple interface may end up looking similar in appearance or at least begin heading in that direction. Going forward it's widely reported that Apple UI designers will try to achieve a "flattened" look to Apple's os UI doing away with the skeuomorphic graphical user interface. I think fans of the big 3 UI's (BB, Android and Apple) are in for a big UI showdown in the near future. :-)

Well. An jailbroken iPhone can have an hub-like interface. The BB Keyboard is the real thing they are jealous~Both IOS and BB OS are great, but BB physical keyboard is the soul of a cellphone to me. Full-Touch screen is not my type.

All I want is a fix on ESPN app... it takes forever to load and sometimes is freezes
.... im getting impatience... please please help

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To the people who asked is that an Iphone 6, didn't Apple say they will not produce anymore Iphones? I believe they finally realized their OS is outdated and they are now working on a new Operating system. So question is will they continue to support their outdated Iphones. So now is a good time to switch to a Z10 LOL! (Any one else hear about that rumour)

My zed 10 seems to show itself off quite well without any help from me. Ive had many customers of mine ask what I was doing as I flicked to type or flicked to open the hub.they're intrigued so I hand them the phone to try it out they all come back with a "Wow its a Blackberry!" and ask where I got it. I know I've "Sold" 3 in the past month to others I've helped them find and download the Cb 10 app.
I'm doing my part to "Sell like He'll" but the zed 10 sells itself easily anyway.

BlackBerry by choice, BlackBerry for life!

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I have shown a few iphone users my phone and they were pretty interested which is cool

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I have shown many people the Z10 and I even have one of the local reps from another carrier stopping his service in order to get the new technology the Z10 has to offer.

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Never had an iPhone. But, a fast and powerful browser. Love it

otherwise, I love no button or buttons, to press. It really does slow me down, on Android. Those odd capacitive buttons.

Yes, apps are important, but give it time. Once things take off, it'll change.

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It's a great phone. I have one. I have had the completely diff experience. I'm in Saskatoon, SK. Apple land. I rarely see anything besides a lamephone or Droid. It's marketed bad here. I've seen a few zedtens. That being said, if you don't know what else is out there, then you don't know what better. Saskatchewan in a nut shell. They choose to not know. Apes.

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Being a big BlackBerry fanatic I was one of the first to get a Z10 on launch day on T-Mobile. I started off vert impressed and loving it. Then one day it suddenly rebooted on me and it freaked me out . Then I started to notice small glitches with the OS like the screen looking funky once in a while. Because I receive and delete alot of emails daily I started to get REALLY annoyed how you delete multiple emails compared to my 9900. Then another day I was on the browser which I will say is crazy fast but this one day it rebooted on me again while on the browser. This happened to me shortly thereafter like 3 times more. Then I made up my mind abt trying out sideloading Android apps on it and returning. Needless to say I was not impressed because they felt sluggish. I ended up returning the phone on my very last trial day luckily. I now have the Galaxy S4 and couldn't be happier! I do miss my BlackBerry but the apps did it for me. The majority of my daily apps like Endomondo were not available. Yeah the Android has its downs too but at least feels stable, I dont need to do battery pulls and I got all my apps and then some along with one super fast phone with badass internals. I will try back in a yr or two BB again cause I won't lie I miss some things, bbm in particular cause I could communicate with friends overseas but till then, im mot jealous.

Never had to do a battery pull on my Verizon Z. Screen always looks great. I have had some reboots but always in the middle of the night. Love the multitasking. Talking to the wife on speaker while comparing calendars and bbming pictures back and forth while checking emails that are coming in. There is polishing still to be done and full functionality returned to the bridge but, man, QNX is awesome.

I have an iPhone, iPad, android ICS Tablet, PlayBook, and a Z10, and make WP8 apps. But I don't go to iMore etc as all your testimonies here make BB10 and its community all the more exciting...

Almost all heavy-communicators I demoed to are impressed, and appreciate why the BB10 would be faster than their existing iPhone in getting things done. They are secretly fed up with app badges that litter their iOS screen, and can never go away. While I thank Apple for breaking first ground, there is no denying that BB10 QNX Technology is here to stay...

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There is no doubt that the perception of BB has changed dramatically with the release of the Z10 and now the Q10. If we are too be honest, BB phones simply out competes Apple's iPhone in every major category (operating system, UI, industrial design, mobile communications) except in App selection. Probably more disconcerting to Apple is the fact that BB is driving current trends in smartphone development and this is unlikely to change for the near to medium term.

I think BB10 has been quite good at defining its core user, the hyperconnected communicator who needs to work in a secure environment. This is approximately 40 percent of the smartphone market and it is these people that BB needs to attract to their platform. While BB has always been top of the class in mobile communications, this was not enough in the past to retain users who also want a stronger mobile computing platform. It is this element which has changed in the new BB phones. Now the hyperconnected are leaving other platforms for their perceived weakness in mobile communications.

Going forward, one should not underestimate the challenges for BB. It has to regain customers and market share. My impression is that they will be reasonably successful. Also, one should not underestimate the challenges confronting Apple. Frankly, their operating system can't match the power and potential of QNX. Make no mistake, BB's QNX operating system is a full frontal assault on Apple's walled garden approach. If QNX gains traction, Apple's current business model could very well crumble. Think about it, Just one device and everything else becomes a peripheral. This is a message that the traditional computer companies don't want to hear.

All well said except the 40% number. Where did you get this? I have been counting this for more than a decade. Yes, it was 100%, 80%, 40%, many years ago. But now, It is some where near 20%. These days a lot people use phones mainly for play. If BB gets this 20% and some more in the next two years, then it will eventually dominate the entire mobile computing world including the entertainment section which is the largest of all. One more thing to notice is that BB 10's gaming capability has already surpassed the competition. As long as RIM can solve the QUALITY,QUALITY,QUALITY problems (which is the true reason failed old BB), BB for sure will take more than 60% of the mobile computing market in 5 years.

My colleagues used to pull my leg, when I used for say that I am walking for BlackBerry Z10. Now they can't have enough of the bb10. I feel sorry for them.

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Because showing non-BB people the greatness might sway some of them, which in turn increases market share for BB, which helps ensure BB has a future.

I am a Z10 user. I have Citibank account which still does not support Z10 or BBOS10 hence they have not released mobile banking application. So I had to take help from my better half who is IOS user to do a quick but urgent transaction few minutes ago. All she had to say was your Z10 is a 1000$ brick. Now RIM could have contacted all the critical organisations listed under the app world and got them to prepare versions of application hosted there for BBOS10.

Wouldn't that have been nicer?

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BlackBerry needs to get professional investment App makers into the BB10 fold; this area is very lacking...

~Search Foreign Exchange App, it does not have the Citi Foreign Exchange, no Dukascopy, major banks outside of North America does not support BB10, etc.

BlackBerry really need to outreach to professional investment Apps (foreign exchange, etc.)

Hi I bought the Z10. My first BlackBerry phone in UK on day of launch, had a Android phone until then,
Well it's a brilliant Phone and three months on I don't regret moving to BlackBerry,
As for family and friends being envious no, they are i phone fanatics, and they think I'm mad to buy BlackBerry, so i am the black sheep in my social circle, still am i bothered no! I have the better phone and system, I am not new to BlackBerry i have had playbooks for two years another underrated device.

I'm an iPhone user and I'm not jealous of the z10 or the features it has. What I am is curious when I see one. I like what Blackberry has done. Though it doesn't make me get rid of my iPhone 5 to get the new BB Z10 I do enjoy experiencing new software and learning more about it. I'm not a fan of any bit for now iOS fills my needs. Nonetheless BB10, Windows Phone 8, and sometimes Andoid are nice and have their strengths and weaknesses as do iOS. Would I refer someone to a BB Z10 even if I love my iphone? Sure I would. But I wouldn't say I'm jealous more like intrigue.

Showed my Z10 to a guy the other night that was comparing it to the whyPhone he just bought. He got mad and said he's returning it! He didn't even know BB had new phones/OS out.


The iPhone users I know are not jealous of my Z10. And thats pretty much I know. Everybody has an iPhone excpect for my brother who has a Z10 and one guy at work with an Android. They are curious about it, but definatley not jealous and they definatley don't wanna switch.

Was in my bank last month and the teller saw my phone in hand and asked if it was a new iphone or something. I quickly said "are you kidding?!" and flipped my phone over to show her the logo. She right away saw that it was the new Blackberry Z10 and wanted a demo. I quickly showed her the hub and some of the swiping gestures. She said she had her iphone for about 6 months and wanted to switch back to the blackberry she loved do much before. She told me she was bored with the iphone and missed the physical keyboard, yet was impressed with the Z10s predictive keyboard. While I was showing her I noticed a lot of onlookers from both sides of the counter interested in this new piece of tech. Made me rather proud ;)

Twice a week, I visit the AT&T store on my way home from the office to play with a Z10. I did this mostly to get acquainted with BB10's core applications, user experience, and test the browser's compatibility with a handful of websites. Through this process, I have become very fond of the operating system's performance and intuitive operation.

I won't be dumping my iPhone 5 for a Z10. But once the Q10 becomes available in the US, and I personally confirm the physical keyboard's performance, my iPhone will be traded in. My heartfelt congratulations to Thorsten and the team at Blackberry. I had zero faith in them, and happily admit I was in error.

Now, dumping the iPad mini for the Playbook... That's another story.

I felt the same way. First ever smartphone I had was the torch (having a full touchscreen AND physical keyboard really hooked me) but since getting a z10 I have to say, with the new swipe typing I don't miss my old physical keyboard at all, and I'm pretty sure I'm only a few wpm slower, but it corrects the odd mistake I make so it's a nice tradeoff. I will admit the bigger screen is a bigger drain on the battery though.

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My girlfriend has a Galaxy note 2 and since I've had the Z10 she has mentioned "Jokingly" 5 times now about switching.
She's obsessed with using time shift camera and sending emails on my on screen keyboard.

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Ive had multiple "iphone" friends comment on my Z10, in a positive way. I side loaded instagram and it works perfectly fine, actually better than my previous android phone.

It's true. I had a guy try to tell me BB10 doesn't have anything druids and iphones don't already have. I told him about time warp, flow, hot swappable usb, micro HDMI, up to 8 video chats at once, swipe texting, and the security of its OS. His reply was... well I can't post it here, but it definitely fits the bill of angry.

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It's like the members on here are in denial. The blackberry is slowly dying yet they cannot face the truth.

@crackberry_dude_2013, is it only about instagram you need in a cellphone.Men BlackBerry 10 is advance and great OS , watch and see how app vendors will be flooding it soon, just give it first quarter of 2014.For me BB10 is the way forward.dumped iphone since after 2007

Yup. It happens. The first time a friend asked "Why are words appearing on your Keypad" and I ended up letting her send herself a message just using swipes. Then we took a picture with time shift and she was sold

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Just wanted to let everyone now you can go to www.change.org and sign petition for netflix and sirius satellite radio to ask them to make native apps for BB. This is were our needs will be counted. Just let everyone know after you sign the petitions.

Haven't seen any who's jealous of my blackberry bold 9900. :D

When I do go to the apple store with the Q10 in december, I'll definitely get some looks. On purpose that is. I'll make sure they see it with by hands gripped tightly around it.