From the Forums: How do you respond, PlayBook ads in Mexico, South Africa data caps?

By Michelle Haag on 13 Sep 2011 08:31 pm EDT
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From the Forums: How do you respond, PlayBook ads in Mexico, South Africa data caps?


kind of out of the topic comment, but i need to express myself sorry:
We are seeing everybody, from expert critics, gadget blogs and websites, even friends, ditching blackberry these days with no pity.
I don´t know which way Rim is going, but being addicted to blackberry as i am since 2007, with more than 10 models over these years, i just got my new blackberry 9900. No surprise my phone first didn´t sync emails, than the bbm stopped working. I had to erase and reinstall a new OS to a brand new phone to make things actually start working well. with an easy search on the forums i noticed i wasn´t alone, the upgrade from 9700/9800 to the 9900 is not working as it should be at all.
Now i found out that a bunch of apps are still not working on BB7 (such as BB travel, an app Rim itself made!).

I really like blackberrys, and i still think they are the easiest and fastest way to be updated and ahead of emails, news, social networks, etc. But Rim is making things just look terribly difficult!

oh, unfortunate for you .. my bold 9900 worked perfectly since i purchased it August 10th here in Toronto .. and i have been using it all over the world since then ...

Its amazing product ... loving it!!

Blackberry travel is working great on my 9900. The issue must be on your end as its been flawless so far. Love the app.