Forums goodness in your browser: Introducing the CrackBerry Mobile Forums Theme!

Sure, the CB10 app is awesome, but if you're not rocking a BB10 phone or just prefer using your browser, you're going to love our new mobile optimized theme.

Introducing the CrackBerry Mobile Forums Theme!
By James Falconer on 18 Sep 2013 01:20 pm EDT

You read right. Our brilliant tech team has put together a brand new mobile forums theme for one and all to enjoy. The previous mobile theme was, well, in need of an update… and after many hard hours, we have something that we can be proud of... and we hope you'll give it a try!

To get started, simply open up on your mobile device of choice, and enjoy an enhanced and optimized forums experience.

If you'd prefer an overview and explanation of the new theme, I've written a quick primer. You can find it right here.

Let us know what you think!

Important note: If you've used our mobile forums before, you may need to clear the cookies in your browser before you're directed to the new theme.

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Forums goodness in your browser: Introducing the CrackBerry Mobile Forums Theme!


Not really. Still no black theme for CB10 on the Z10.

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If I remember correctly Kevin said a while back that they are waiting to release a newer version. Once everyone is on the same updated OS they'll release it to reduce fragmentation

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Is there any chance of getting a CB10 style app for the other Mobile Nations sites? I'd love to keep up on Android Central or iMore, but just don't seem to bother doing it through the browser...

Wow it seams like ages since I viewed the mobile forum site. I just use CB10 hehe

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This looks good. Quick question though, why does the block of text in a post highlight grey when you touch it?

I have a screen shot, but I'm not sure how I can post it here...

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Um, unless I'm doing something wrong or I'm expecting too much, I see no difference at all. I cleared cache and history but still everything looks the same.

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What would be REAL Cool, is if they could format each area to look like their respective operating systems.

BTW, this would be a great way to show the world how superior the bb10 flow is.
Hey Crackberry, why not hit BlackBerry up for sponsorship, and start the Crackberry area with a dark theme and the BlackBerry OS look!?

Love the new forums layout/codebase for the mobile browser! However sometimes, when trying to open a related thread from a blog post, it loads the forum post, then as soon as it's done loading, it goes all white or blank and I can't see anything. It happens even when I try to reload the page.

I tried removing all cookies and browser history to see if it helps, system reboot, and etc, but it did not.

Anyone else having this issue? I'm using OS