From the Forums: Dutch police equipping with BlackBerry, member installs PlayBook in VW Polo

By Michelle Haag on 12 Jul 2011 09:43 pm EDT
From the Forums

It's only Tuesday and this week has started off with some excitement. We have Kevin in Waterloo getting the inside scoop at RIM and he attended the AGM earlier today which he managed to live blog as well. I know the front page is extra interesting this week, but have you checked out the forums yet today? If not, now's as good a time as any, so get to it!

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Check out my post on e books in the off topic discussion section and leave a recommandation or two cos I only have my friends kindle for a week until the app comes out on the playbook. Hopefully very soon .


Im from holland.

It's a Millions deal with the dutch police. The carrier KPN, the biggest in holland, wil carry the blackberry's.
This is a major deal and a major financial injection for RIM that certainly we'll see back in the profits of RIM next year. Just what RIm needed.
It's will be for the Bold 9900 prob. because the phones will equipped in september and the policeoffi. will be able to do their work on the go.

Good for the bold 9900,rim and the money


to bad the choose for KPN KPN sucks
jammer genoeg hebben ze voor KPN gekozen KPN zuigt