From the Forums: Bold 9900 vs 9790, morale in Waterloo, PlayBook sales

By Michelle Haag on 17 Nov 2011 07:58 pm EST
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From the Forums: Bold 9900 vs 9790, morale in Waterloo, PlayBook sales


9790 ONLY because of second custom key. Why is my 9900 missing my music hotkey! Why can't I modify the function of the middle volume rocker to have it go to music?

PLEASE, please help me answer this - I am really confused. I have a Bold 9700 with AT&T... I really want the 4G speed, and the Bold 9900......

I went to Verizon, and they offer the Bold 9900, but say its only 3G.......

How come T-Mobile has the Bold 9900 and they are saying its 4G?

Both companies offer 4G..... it doesnt make sense!

Please email me at and let me know...