From the Forums: Bold 9900 camera talk, broadcast from your PlayBook, why develop BlackBerry apps?

By Michelle Haag on 6 Sep 2011 09:28 pm EDT
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From the Forums: Bold 9900 camera talk, broadcast from your PlayBook, why develop BlackBerry apps?


That post about the BB 9900 camera is just plain wrong.

It doesn't have any focus, just a fixed aperture.

The post about the camera is a real shame. And it's a shame to feature it on the front page. Googleing edof gives a way better explanation.

The article about the camera on the 9900 is totaly stupid and untrue. The camera on the 9900 is crapy, thats the only real fact. Please, dont try to excuse inexcusable, I think, this is a serious server about Blackberries, not a RIM sales and marketing department.

I disagree that the 9900 camera is 'crappy'. Yes, I certainly would have preferred the addition of autofocus, but as it is, I have taken some pretty decent pictures in many different situations/lighting etc. The main place I find it weakest is for the closeup shots, particularly of text, but for getting shots quick in most situations, I think it's turning out better than my previous 9700 which by the time it focused the object had move and was blurry. But seriously, all the prior BB cams are still 'cell phone cams', none are for 'serious photography', though one can be lucky, and get great shots, but that can apply to even the much older cams.

All smartphones from other producers released in 2011 have got perfect cameras, but not the flag ship 9900 from RIM. This is a clear step back in the development. I cant understand it. I can only repeat, I need to take document pictures, and this on the 9900 impossible. I have no problems on my 9780.

Everytime I read about the 9790 it is described as all the hardware (internals) of the 9900 but in a 9780 casing' but it will still be thicker, hence u will get ur return of auto-focus with 5pm (who knows maybe more) without having to compromise the physical qwertboard BB has so wonderfully made it's trademark. that's still my only beef with my 9850 .... Once u heavily use that board u don't wanna go back!!!