From the Forums: BlackBerry still #1 in Canada, PlayBook video player question, should RIM contract out devices?

By Michelle Haag on 10 Nov 2011 08:21 pm EST
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From the Forums: BlackBerry still #1 in Canada, PlayBook video player question, should RIM contract out devices?


If I was not an American, I would be vigorously supporting the last non-American mobile company out there (I actually love my Bold 9930 because it has the best security, e-mail, messaging, and keyboard. Truly the new Bold is just awesome to use and with a good web and youtube experience to boot I just love it).

What do the Droids, iPhones and Windows Phones have in common that they don't share with BlackBerry?

They are driven by large U.S. corporations. I'm proud to be American and would love to say that our U.S. corporations behave ethically and fairly but we know there is room for improvement there. Lots of it.
Having been stationed in Germany for a few years I remember watching the U.S. news and the German news (I did learn German while there) and noticing how absolutely different the reports were.

Can people around the world really count on the U.S. to tell their side of the story on world issues? I don't think so.

You could say that Nokia or Samsung are not U.S. corporations but their devices run on Google so they can't make a move without Google. Microsoft and Apple have already shown how they deal with competition when they can't beat them fair and square. They sue them to death, literally, or cripple their apps so they can't compete. Kindle, Google Books, and anyone that beats them fairly have been crippled by apple products as Apple moves toward establishing hegemony.

In order to have a rich and diverse medium for news and information from the world and around the world we need a diverse number of players and RIM is the last of the independent non-U.S. based mobile phone companies. This is why I don't support Google or Microsoft buying them.

Since the center of gravity is moving away (although not replacing) the desktop to mobile devices the concentration of power in Google, Apple and Microsoft should at least raise some eyebrows in my view.

It may make one wonder, why a successful company, with a ton of cash, no debt and that is growing world wide is getting hammered in the U.S. media. I've watched CNBC rely on a fund manager with 12 million under management (that is nothing in money manager terms and should never be used if the manager does not at least have 500 million or a billion) as an authority declare that RIM is leaving the tablet market. Seriously, that is objective news? What about the "Herpes of Tablets" article. I've had my Playbook from day one and it rocks! Yeah, there is room for improvement but it is the most secure tablet in the universe, it has great graphics, better specs than the iPad2, and the Bridge feature saves me 50 bucks per month.

The negative media on RIM, again a solid company with cash, no debt that went from 50 million users last year to 70 million this year is being declared dead by the U.S. media is just weird. I have a friend that left BB and would like to come back but is concerned they may go out of business so the media is having an effect. At least in the U.S.

I don't want RIM to establish hegemony over the mobile space either but I do want them to be able to compete fairly. The disgraceful price fixing by Apple with U.S. mobile carriers should be investigated by the justice department. All users wind up paying for carrier subsidies to Apple in our monthly bills.

I hope people will look at the beautiful and efficient OS7 devices and decide on them based on their needs and not media doomsayers, price fixing with carriers, or hype marketing. Sure not everyone will find the BlackBerry their favorite phone, but those that do, like I have, can use them knowing RIM does not restrict apps or sources of media.

Sadly, I trust RIM as a corporate entity more than Apple or Microsoft. I wish I could look at it differently since I'm an American but the facts are the facts.