From the forums: The BlackBerry PlayBook 10 concept and this one looks a real beauty

By James Richardson on 23 May 2014 04:45 am EDT

Currently, as far as we know, another PlayBook isn't on the cards anytime soon for BlackBerry. That doesn't stop our CrackBerry forum members from wanting a new and improved BlackBerry 10 tablet though.

Andreas Kimishis1 has come up with yet another concept and I must say that it looks glorious. Since BlackBerry confirmed that the original PlayBook would not a get BlackBerry 10 update as we were first promised, mine has taken a back seat and I tend to use an iPad mini for my tablet needs - which is mainly for watching movies in bed - no not that sort!

If BlackBerry do indeed enter the tablet market once again and we see anything like the above images and specs my iPad will be going on eBay straight away.

Even though the PlayBook wasn't a success for BlackBerry the first time around I think they still have a chance in the tablet market if they can regain lost enterprise business. Who's with me? Sound off in the comments.

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From the forums: The BlackBerry PlayBook 10 concept and this one looks a real beauty


Great looking tablet and specs! Does FoxConn build these?

WE NEED A COOL NAME FOR IT>>>>> PlayBook likely won't be good for marketing (memories of the Storm lol).

Yes, exactly my thought. It may seem a bit too sexist which is a shame to the majority of us who just think it is just the right name. I really hope BlackBerry has a new Tablet in the works. In spite of all the negativity I think(know)the Playbook was/is a great piece of hardware and software. Unfortunately the kiddies of the world did not like it and thus it died a slow death! It's too bad the under 20 crew seems to drive sales 'cause us over the hill guys are the ones with the money and in a lot of the cases are buying the devices for the Teen crew. l am in my mid sixties and love the features and functionality of my old Playbook.

It would take a bit to get me to buy another one of these. Definitely not doing it on launch day again. Not going to be one of the first to try it out AGAIN.

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Ya I say that now too, but when it comes down to it...I'd probably be first and line...and you'd be right behind me haha

...we are all connected...

+1. I'm not paying full pop again just to miss out on mail in rebates and dropped prices. I'm a huge BlackBerry fan and ours is a BlackBerry household, but I'm not getting screwed on another BlackBerry PlayBook and will wait for the price to stabilize.

In saying that, I haven't bought another tablet and will make do with my 2(TWO) PlayBooks until they no longer serve a purpose OR until a new one comes out...and I hope one does come out.

A slow climb to the top is always more rewarding. Sent using my BlackBerry Z10.

Blackberry definitely has the resources on the software side of things. If Foxconn can make their tablets too (well built, efficiently built, and taking the hardware risk side of things), it could have some success.

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Blackberry should seriously consider another tablet, ebbm etc. But the one thing they would really need to work on is the docs to go, needs do be much more feature rich or convince MS to bring office over to bb10, however I do believe blackberry is heading in the direction of mobile computing so we could we see a tablet or slate in the future.

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Why would you need a tablet for mobile computing : Your phone already has everything you need, what if they simply provide just a 7 or 10 inches screen that would be used as a second display for your phone over any kind of wireless method. it would be a cheap & very light tablet (basically just a screen, no memory, no expensive proc, no extra port). You can also go further having a 24 inch with a keyboard and a mouse or a watch.
Use nfc to pair the extra devices (screen keyboard mouse), and put back your phone in your pocket. don't need any additional storage, network,... everything is in your phone.
Also forget the nightmare of keeping multi devices on sync.
Come on BB, QNX can do that easily, what are you waiting?

Great points, but why not have a fully featured tablet with your favorite OS on it? Yea extending your screen would be nice, but why not put that as a feature in a tablet?

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

That my friend was the concept of the first release of the Playbook and it was panned by everyone. I don't think BlackBerry wants to go down that road again. Unless it is understood from the get go that it was a screen not a tablet.

I would like to have a tablet that could keep personal email on the tablet and company email on the phone. That way when I was no longer synced my business email would not be on the tablet. In other words I would have BlackBerry balance as long as I was synced and a personal tablet when I wasn't.

First, I have a playbook (actually we have 5 in home), and it's what you want but a screen. It has a processor, it has RAM, and you have to sync everything.

And BTW, i don't understand what is not possibkle with a PB and a BB in the example you're giving. I worked like this quite a while (so may be i didn't quite well understood your comment).

Second, some people want to separate their data, and they will want one computer with some data, one tablet for another purpose, so again with different data. There are already a bunch of solution that can do that (actually all). I'm looking for something totally different, were I would have only one device that will carry everything I get, on one system, and can display it different way according the device that display the information.

FLS I was responding to the author of this particular string. He was mentioning having a screen.

I loved being able to bridge my Playbook with my Tour. I didn't need an email client as I had everything on my phone. In fact it was a pain when they gave the Playbook email. I was constantly dealing with multiple contacts or disappearing contacts.

When I got the Q10 I lost a lot of functionality as the bridge was woefully inadequate. I now use the Playbook for games, movies, music and as a recorder.

I need to get a two sided micro-hdmi so I can use the Playbook as a screen to watch my movies that I downloaded onto my Q10.

I agree with your observations. Still, I think a large screen extension was a brilliant idea.

I suspect that part of the reason that the original PB concept failed was that there was almost no benefit of a PB sale to the carriers. Sell an iPhone and you sell a data plan. Sell an iPad and you sell another data plan. In contrast, the BlackBerry PB concept was that one data plan would support both the BlackBerry phone AND PlayBook. From a carrier business POV, this makes little sense.

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Hey i totally follow and agree with your comments, but for me the main issue is the hardware specs/performance are not quite there yet to fit into a device the size of eg a Z30, if i could have a phone with similar to a core i5 processor and 8GB RAM and the OS up to par then id be very happy, PC in your pocket, then yes extend to external displays etc.

Microsoft are on the way, the surface 3 looks excellent, if they can get good specs into a Windows phone and the OS to match (they are very close to unifying the OS's) then it will be a winner, BB has an opportunity to also lead the way but they need to get a move on and stop delaying everything as they are so good at! their vision for mobile computing needs to come out from under the rock.


When you look at geekbench score, you can see that phone processor are getting on par with low end computer processors, and are often better than processor on tablets. MS is in good place to achieve this, Apple too, BB chance is that their OS is less resource consuming and with processors that already are available, they are getting better results (i'm using 10.3 on my dev device and ran some android app, and can tell you it's incredible how they ran faster than on the Android 4 core phone I have). I heard that BB may have octacore device by early 2015. I think what they have is already enough to run office apps but good is ahead of us.

what I like most about surface 3 is the form factor 2/3 instead of 16/9. Reading my musics sheet and any paper in portrait mode will be far easier on this kind of screen (I'm now using a sony tap11 for that and it's clearly too narrow).

Why will anyone carry a 7 or 10inch dumb screen which only has NFC? NFC range is v low and bandwidth too low to even receive pixel data from phone

Developer of AutoCrop Scanner

Yes, that's the sort of thing I've wanted since I had my Palm IIIC. No one has figured out yet that all we need is a bigger screen for the compact device we carry with us. We don't need the big screen all the time and we don't need to duplicate files. Just extend the experience to a larger screen.

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So you want blackberry's engineers to create just a screen with zero values added? which just about any company would be able to do and do it cheaper then BlackBerry themself? It is good that this not yet happened or or they just bankrupt themself.

I agree, because if BlackBerry was to release a new tablet that had BB10 on it, it would be very much like a large Z30. I think that since the screen would have like 256 mb of ram, a single core 1.0 ghz processor and a huge amount of battery power. I think that this would both a great idea (especially if you could use non blackberry phones with it) and an industry first.

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Massively disagree. Are you trying to finish off BB?

EBIT is what they need and a tablet is lunacy. The hype is fading on tablet as it gets commoditized with influx of dozens of models from China. A BlackBerry model would only have a draw for a few hard-core fans. There is no way they would balance this with black ink, not now with there branding in the sewer.

Frankly it's puzzling to see people even think this is remotely interesting for the company.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

oh i totally disagree with just a tablet as a screen, thats crazy, but the overall vision of mobile computing to me needs to be small enough to fit in your pocket but powerful enough of today's laptops, then they ability to connect external peripherals like screen, keyboard etc. But the OS has to also be in line and handle everything. (tablets are only a mid phase until the hardware advances)

I actually love my PlayBooks and would buy a BlackBerry 10 tablet in a second. The biggest problem with the PlayBook was apps and that is not a problem anymore.

I find lots of things about the PlayBook still better than my ipads (USB, video player, sound, os, battery life, mass storage)

Although I would have liked at least a keyboard and browser update I'm am not bitter, I got my money out of it for sure. It has kept kids happy on long car trips and that alone was worth it.

This does look pretty nice.

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Your PlayBook is an old price of Crap now tbh, other than good speakers and a still okay-ish screen the rest of the device is now outperformed by cheap, entry level androids.

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I also still use my Playbook for personal stuff and although there is always a new best thing there is no need to always throw out the old for the latest new.

I have an iPad at work that sits in a cabinet, I have no work use for it. But it was a well everybody has one we need to get one too. In other words a waste of money.

My moldy-oldy Playbook gets used every week. The iPad hasn't been turned on this year.

Speak for yourself. I have a Fire HD and not only is the screen brighter on this 2011 PB, there is still nothing that compares to the PB OS currently on the market.

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The stereo speakers on the PB are outstanding. IMHO they are worlds better than any of the iPads. And the screen is gorgeous - play the sample video that's included on the device and you'll see what I mean.

These 'concept' postings are a pathetic waste of time. BlackBerry has gone on record to say they're not going down the table route.

This is just kindergarten stuff; kids playing with crayons. They're really not worth wasting the time of professional BlackBerry users who will more than likely want hard facts, rather than creatives' fantasies.

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It looks great, but the second picture caught my attention.
How will the user hold the tablet with such thin bezel and not touch the screen. Clearly the picture shows hand touch the screen but how would you operate it then.
I know it is a concept and a beautiful one but as I said it caught my attention.

Awesome concept. If BlackBerry releases a BB10 tablet that looks closely to this concept. Count me in to grab one!

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Lol people with a current playbook get accused of dreaming for asking for their BlackBerry 10 phone to display on the bigger screen and updates and when a genuine dream comes along we should get on board.
Be nice if they got out of dreaming and deal with reality.

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I agree! Reality is they need to support the current PlayBook to keep customers until a new tablet Device is available! More that that BB10 customers will also defect to another Brand as part of a Tablet/Phone Set. Support the PlayBook and keep customers!!

PlayBook UK BBM Channel C001CB4A1

They "need" to? First Playbook was a flop, why waste more money now? Not in financial position to do so.

Posted with my  Q10.

Would love it! Until a new BlackBerry tablet arrives please get behind the campaign to save the current PlayBook, it's a great device and BlackBerry customers who bought one deserve continued Security and Maintenance updates. Thank You - PlayBook UK

PlayBook UK BBM Channel C001CB4A1

I would like to see another PlayBook, all thats about is apple and android, I don't care for either.
With bb10 now offering android apps, what is holding its chances back?

BlackBerry can look at what failed the PlayBook and put right the wrongs.
They could rename it to help put the issues in the closet.

I want a tablet, but I will not buy android or apple.

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The closest to a usable tablet would be Windows 8 for me in the current market, but the security issues are the same as on the PC (if you want all apps and rule out RT)

I am talking about recent hardware, love my PB 64 though.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Yeah I tot of having a ipad... but if BlackBerry are going for this playbook 10 ill keep back my thought on ipad...

 BB FANS via Q10 

I insist! What BlackBerry need is just a tablet size monitor for the BlackBerry 10 phones. Something in the size of an ipad, or bigger like the new Surface 3, that reproduce all in the BlackBerry 10 device, but adapting to the bigger size, not just mimic the BlackBerry 10 device.
A wireless monitor for BlackBerry 10. Anyway, the tablets never will replace the phones.

God Bless You!

It's all about the Health Care Market .

IF BlackBerry were to release a tablet it would be on Enterprise first.

The BlackBerry Slate © 10 inch tablet or Black Slate © for short .

There would need to be some incentive for existing PlayBook owners to switch to the BlackBerry 10 tablet.

I would think $/£200 trade in and price the tablet at $/£300 .

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!!

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Rickster, you've got it. BlackBerry will re-enter the tablet market through medical devices. Nurses/Docotors need larger screens for patient record review. It's just a matter of time.

Consumer versions will follow.

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Looks awesome. I want a playbook again. Dug mine out of the drawer to have a play but it won't switch on now!!

Posted on my Q10 device

Looks fantastic. Don't know why blackberry haven't gone down the route of a low cost tablet as a companion to a phone for corporate use.

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Nope, just bought a Lenovo 13" Yoga Ultrabook from Best Buy this week and I'm happy. I'm so done with tablets and their limited abilities especially the playbook.

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I paid £250 for my PlayBook 3 years ago, was good for a year now it's just sluggish, slow, absolutely ZERO apps, no support.

In terms of build quality and premium appearance BlackBerry nailed it, but in terms of software and user experience it's extremely dull, the exact opposite of BlackBerry 10 which has an awesome, fluid, slick user experience with top software, engaging and growing number of apps, but the phone build quality / premium appearance is just not there.

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All of you that are knocking the present value of the PlayBook, don't forget that it might be about to get a resurrection with BlackBerry Blend.

Good point! Blend on the way and the support ain't over yet for the PlayBook...its a great device!

PlayBook UK BBM Channel C001CB4A1

Crackberry, why are you not posting the latest render of the upcoming Q30 instead of this Playbook render that will never come out????

If blackberry makes a new play book with these specs I will put my ipad in my fireplace right now :D lol

Screen: 1080 x 1920
RAM: 2Gigs
Storage: 32 / 64 / 128 Gigs
Rear camera: 8mp
Front: 2mp
Graphics: adreno 330
Battery: 3,000 mAh
Running BlackBerry 10.3

I'm sure if enough people get together and beg blackberry to make one they will see that it will be worth while to make one. Praying everyday that they make another.

Sometimes seeing these cool concepts just makes me mad about what blackberry is actually doing. Still love my phone - but I am bummed I have to use another os for my next tablet.

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I'm with you. I love my PlayBook, but all I use it for is checking email, surfing the Web, listening to music or watching movies while flying. Sadly, I've been looking at Samsung, Toshiba and Lenovo for a tablet that I can actually get some work done on.

I would be perfectly happy if my current PlayBook could be wiped and used as a screen to mirror my phone

Posted using the most awesome phone on the planet... BBZ30

I am with you. I would like a BlackBerry system from end to end. Same apps. Same look and feel. All integrated. Thank you.

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Just watch movies on my tablet when I am travelling, my old PlayBook with 64gb works fine,.. ain't buying a new one till this goes dead.

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I don't see why not! BB could just get one of its partners to do it on a licence basis as I think OS10 already have all the features you might want - ie just an over sized Z30.


Ever since I made the switch to BB10 I've hardly touched my iPad Air because I find it's UI less intuitive. So I would LOVE for Blackberry to come out with a new PlayBook so that I can replace my iPad with it and feel like I'm getting a more intuitive device!

precisely nothing, especially for devices that are not planned and will never be produced.
I mean dont get me wrong, this render is amazing and i welcome it... But i dont see why crackberry makes an article for it!!!

they should be showing the renders of the upcoming devices...

Apart from those specs being undesirable because they would imply a way too expensive product, the overall design DOES look beautiful. Only thing I would add is an extra column of apps on the home screen. BlackBerry, your move

With the horizontal "cards" it looks like a straight hp touch pad ripoff...

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I have a Playbook and a iPad mini and I really don't like reading books or magazines or online articles on either. I find myself using my humble little Q5 for most everything. If I purchase something bigger, it will be a Z30 or even better, a bigger keyboard phone like the Windermere. I don't like typing on tablets but have written long pieces on my Q5 so something like the Q5 but bigger would be my dream device.

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I have need for secure tablets in the Enterprise like desk side support and bridge mode for visually impaired. Was ready to rollout Playbook when the stock dried up.

Posted with my Z10

Most people who buy tablets want a tablet and do not need it for work or school. BlackBerry understands this and I think they are making the right move by not delving into a poker game they can't win

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Bridge, Bridge, Bridge - the main reason the Playbook made sense over other tablets was the Bridge, making it a true "companion" device. My BB10 Z30 does it all and the only purpose of the Tablet is a larger screen (for me!) Give me Bridge with Text, Email, Contact and Calendar... OK, BBM too.

Really like it, but having a laptop and a phone is all I need, I still use my playbook everyday for work, I take all my appointments on it, which is nice because it's small!

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Very nice. I think we would all like to see a new PlayBook. The last one was ill timed. We need a 10 inch and a 7/8 inch. Something that slides in the breast pocket (ie. Thin and light) if a suit for the business types to replace note pads.

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My Nexus 7 has seen a lot of shelf time since I picked up the BlackBerry Z30...but, a BlackBerry 10 tablet would be so welcome...

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

I like it...
By the way, what's 128GM of Memory (Gimungous Memory)? Though I do like the design and the sarcastic one finger salute to the lowly 1GB of RAM in our first gen PlayBooks is classic (this one having 6GB of RAM is kind of overkill though). I'd buy one still. Sign me up! Oh wait, I still need a microSD card, add that and I'm in.

Looks awesome. BlackBerry would need to regain my tablet trust for me to ever buy another tablet from them though. BlackBerry if you are reading this, that means either:
1) Keep pushing out software updates. That doesn't necessarily mean BB10. Security patches would be nice at least.
2) Offer a trade in value, or verified PlayBook owner loyalty discount to a currently supported BlackBerry device.
3) Unlock the bootloader so we can at least install a supported operating system.

Oh no, not you again. Looks like you haven't grown up and taken your Q10 out of your drawer. Do you really have that much free time to waste! There must be something more productive you can do. Maybe you can spend the time customizing for iPhone......oh wait.

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

Hahahaha you again! looks like BBRY fan can be counted on hand these days :) I have enough time (thanks to Apple ecoSystem) to look at blackberry fan dreams ;)

Take it easy mate, and enjoy your sleep ;)

Sent from iPad mini retina "dreams come true"

The current PlayBook could still be a competitive device without BB10 being on it. There's more than enough input from the Beta Zone forums alone to make PBOS 3, making the PlayBook just as competitive as the other tablets that are out. The current PB Web browser is still more efficient than most others, and there are third party browsers that make the experience even better. Current devices may be faster but Web page rendering and handling is less efficient. I also still like the touch gestured and how the OS operates better than other platforms.

The company could make PBOS 3, do a relaunch of the PB with Foxconn building the devices, and it would still have the impact of a brand new device to the masses, because the masses still don't know BlackBerry made a tablet. I think it's wise they don't do it right now - stay focused on higher priorities for getting the company profitable again - but, this is something they could do and see success with minimal effort and resources. BB10 on a tablet (PB10) could come later.

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I'm in line, and it is a long one. #MoneyBurningAHoleInMyPocket

For the person on the move - BB10- + Pebble

If BlackBerry are going to make another tablet I want a kick Ass one or don't bother it's got to be the best the business...Really fast.. the best..


I would love a new Playbook, if it was 10". The 7" is functional but I need the bigger screen for comfort.
They are behind the tech curve now though, with others learning from and enhancing each tablet they produce. Unless they can hit the market with all that lost time accounted for, a new Tablet will barely raise a head to look.
Corporates might buy it to enhance their phone experience on a bigger screen.

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I think they can 1000% pull it off only if the OS can be more "complete". because how would reviewers react to the tablet running 10.3.1 to a tablet running 4.4 kitkat? It explains it self

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Iwasparticus hit a note there, Ummm "industrials" .
I like "industrials", wasn't that part of BB, and I could well see this at work and home :)


I'm working with a Windows surface and I like it. I use for school and work. Looked at the PlayBook before I purchased my tablet.

Any thoughts if I should switch?

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Only reason I'm keeping my BlackBerry PlayBook is if ever BlackBerry comes out with a new tablet and offer a credit for trade in...

I see a lot of playbooks for sale on kijiji...selling below $100... not really worth selling unless I want clear some clutter.

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It's very nice. I liked the PlayBook, and would be interested in buying another BlackBerry tablet if it was made available.

I had given up on my PlayBook, ... especially after it had mistakenly been dropped into a tub of water for a brief moment. The screen fogged, the electronics fizzled, the machine essentially gasped and I provided Last Rights. Done deal - just like John Chen said would happen. Then, suddenly , one night, a gleaming light shone brightly - the PlayBook had resurrected itself ! The moral of the story? Everyone believes the PlayBook is dead - except for the PlayBook! And don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

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I am still using my playbook daily: Mail, internet, music, maps, pics, videos, docs. Would love to see a Playbook 10.

I'll buy in. We also use our PB every day.

Love the conceptual images, but share the concern of where to hold onto the device with the small edges. Suppose that there could be a "deadzone" where the display's tactile feedback was eliminated. (Kinda cool, actually.)

I'll wait until BlackBerry is fiscally healthy again for this sort of device. I fulluy expect the next BlackBerry tablet to come from.a ruggedised medical unit at a premium price. This won't be your kids' iPad killer, but it will be virtually indestructible.

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Wow, im sitting here picturing it in my hands as I type, it feels bloody lovely.
I'd get two in a flip. My iPad is getting laggy, my Xperia tablet, glitchy. Now would suit me great.

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If anyone from BlackBerry bothers to read these comments they'll see the PlayBook love continues...Support the current PlayBook and work on a successor...don't lose these loyal PlayBook and BlackBerry fans!

PlayBook UK BBM Channel C001CB4A1

I really like the specs...but not too sure about the price tag. The concept looks like something that would eclipse a powerhouse laptop.
Anyway, dreaming is good, we all do that...sometimes dreams come true...

The tablet market has come and gone.. BlackBerry berry that crap. I love the PlayBook but no sense making something again after the 1st one flopped

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Haha...6GB RAM, Octo-core CPU lolol. And all you people commenting "this thing is a beast. This looks great! This is what they NEED to release" c'mon CrackBerry...wake up. These specs don't exist on any device yet, what makes you think that the company that's always a generation, or two, behind on hardware tech would ever build something like this? I mean, do you understand the cost of these components? This thing would have to retail for 7-8 hundred for BB to see a profit. Triple the RAM, and quadruple the cores of anything they build now...and 13MP on a 10" tablet?!

Nice project! I was user of PlayBook for almost 3 years and I was extremely pleased, was very useful for me.

Sent from my Z 30

Hardware doesn't sell without software.

As much as it hurts to admit it, Android and iOS have a lock on the app markets.

Oh man that looks awesome!!! Samsung might try to say it looks like their galaxy tab or something.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL! #longestsignatureever

Love it... But this time around BlackBerry should learn the lessons from the Playbook:
1) you can ruin a very good (in many regards even superior) product by launching it while it is realistically
still only in Beta - Test phase.
2) hardware is financially treacherous waters for Blackberry. Stay away from it.
And really what would attract me to a BB10 tablet is primarily the software. Foxconn or Asus or whoever
can built the hardware, as long as the maintain a certain quality standard, I couldn't care less.
For all I care there could be a multitude of tablets out there all running BlackBerry 10 as operating system
in all sorts of shapes and sizes, Asus Foxconn Lenovo HP .
The larger the userbase for Blackberry 10 the more valuable it becomes for software developers and the
more useful it becomes as operating system.
Blackberry should detach itself from hardware and focus on what it is really good at: software.

Love the tablet concept. I have a BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB which is the discontinued version and omg... I mean I use it for storage and then playing the movies on my TV. love the OS, but it is a slow processor. Also love that it works like a PC and can play just about anything.

Posted via CB10 via my BlackBerry Z10 ;)

That looks great. Would love to see a new PlayBook. Especially with a complete and fully functioning PlayBook OS.

Still using my PB every day. Love it to pieces. Pick up my wife's iPad and want to hurl it across the room.

Bring it on !!!!

Since all BlackBerry goods & services have now reached the point of limited edition, I think Playbook line must be resurrected.

Also, I noticed a pattern in manufacturing recently. The management seems to be underusing the microprocessor's capabilities (to cut cost & maximise profit). Instead, each device should be made available in both economy & first class editions to cater to all tastes.

If it uses the same app ecosystems and can run android apps, I think that this would be a good bet.

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The moment the BlackBerry 10 playbook comes out, my samsung tab is off certainly. I hope BlackBerry can adopt this concept design. It looks so classy and beautiful.

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Nice looking concept, but it never should, nor ever will happen. Blackberry is having difficulty competing in its native market or smartphones. Challenging Apple and Samsung, not to mention Microsoft, Asus, Amazon, and the countless others who have absolutely capped the tablet market would be suicidal. They need to develop PAID Android, Windows 8, and iPad apps that allow a degree of bridge capability (if you can have bbm on your non-blackberry phone, why not your tablet?) with their phones, and concede defeat in the tablet market.

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I don't see the problem with a niche tablet. BB10 has come a long way, and should now offer a more than capable and useful tablet experience.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I would love to upgrade to the Playbook 10. 64gb with an expandable sd card slot! I would also love the BB Blend so I can have a desktop feature and I may give up on windows forever! Make it fast, and affordable and it's mine!!

Posted via Z10

Nice look. I would like to see a playbook 2 in the future.
My playbook is still in use - i also take use of a ipad4, too.

Posted via CB10

It looks amazing, but I want something that will fit in the flight deck with me. The PlayBook 1 is the perfect size, but a reduced bezel would be nice.... I just can't run Garmin Pilot on the PlayBook (starts but crashes) but I can run it on my Z10. I have flown with an IPad 2 and a Asus Transformer TF701 running Garmin Pilot, but both are too big... It just gets in the way! Now that a lot of airlines and corporate flight departments are going to electronic flight bags, why isn't BlackBerry putting out a PlayBook with Jeppesen Mobile FlightDeck (Great for airline and corporate) and Garmin Pilot (great for the small to corporate guy) on it!

How does everybody here like the idea of their crew on the next commercial flight they take using an IPad for their charts? When we have BlackBerry who has the hardware and QNX OS, it just makes the IPad look like using a toy for business. I for sure don't like using an IPad for flying, but I have no choice!

Theirs no other devices I could adore more the os the hardware and especially the thought that goes into making a great user friendly intuitive system. I have had so many devices and I constantly find myself lusting for the newest blackberry on the market. And loyal following blackberry has is like no other. The playbook needs Resurrection, the hell with Verizon make a great phone and tablet throw it into the market at a reasonably price and watch the ppl run to get it.. guts is wat the company lacks.

I have a Microsoft Surface and a Samsung Galaxie Tablet. I can't wait to get rid of both. A BB 10 Tablet would see me order one moments after the first announcement.