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From the forums: The BlackBerry Coupe concept

By James Richardson on 9 Apr 2014 06:09 am EDT

Its BlackBerry 10 concept time once again and CrackBerry forum member Ziro1 has been hard at work coming up with the idea of the BlackBerry Coupe. I have to say that on a personal note both the all-touch and hardware keyboard versions of the concept look absolutely beautiful. 

As things stand currently we're in the dark with what BlackBerry have up their sleeves for the next all-touch flagship, but we of course do know that the Q20 will be released later this year - seeing the return of the optical trackpad and function keys - something missing from the Coupe concept.

Seeing as Jon Chen and the team at BlackBerry have decided to reintroduce the 'classic' hardware keyboard who knows if we'll see a keyboard device similar to the Coupe in the future? I'd like to think we will though. 

Either way, concepts are always great to see and hopefully BlackBerry themselves may get some inspiration from the CrackBerry readers comments. 

Discuss more in the CrackBerry Concept & Dream Devices forum



I love it


Observation Junkie

Absolutely amazing, hope Blackberry team is reading this blog

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 


Let's send Kevin


the brother


I will take 3 of the slider version, please.



Love these designs.
But the middle looks like an slightly older Sony Experia ( Id get the qwerty one in a heartbeat!

Majestic Lion

Never has the phrase "shut up and take my money" been more appropriate. That is just downright sexy design.


OMG! That looks amazing. I wish my reaction to that was on camera when I saw those phones. As soon as my Z10 contract runs out in 2015 September I will one of those phones.

Posted via CB10, Z10


This one is amazing! I lost words to describe it


Physical QWERTY keyboards have a tendency to make a phone look outdated, but this design makes the physical keyboard look *sleek and modern* -- not an easy thing to do!

Well done.

Posted via CB10


Make a Z30 in that concept I will buy it looks great...



Please show this to Chen! PLEASE. This will blow people's minds when it comes out.

Posted via CB10, Z10


The all touch is driving me crazy


MS brings back the start button: it's listening to customers. BlackBerry brings back the belt and it's a step backwards.



A good point



The problem Kaye is....BB's core customers want the belt back. So although I see your point to some extent it is apart of the brand of BB. Branding is a critical component and must be addressed by manufacturer. I LOVE the concept without the belt...lifelong BB users but I know LOADS of BB folks that HATE any BB without the belt. I only buy 1 or 2 at a time...each of these folks I know are responsible for purchasing for divisions and/or company wide. As much as I would love for BB to cater to my wishes....math trumps that equation.


Yes you are also right. I wonder if it just doesn’t matter any more, if it’s too late. I guess there’s a group of BlackBerry users for whom that is a big deal, and it’s a smart thing to keep them happy” after their disappointment with the Q10. “It symbolizes some bad decisions were made” with the first BlackBerry 10 devices by “not listening to their users



A large portion of BlackBerry users ATM may want the best back, but catering to those people only will kill BlackBerry hardware in the long run. Even more likely in the near future. The vast majority of the planet is moving away from qwerty and buttons of most kinds. More and more people are moving away from buttons as well. Even all those BlackBerry 'diehards' and big 'business only' companies are slowly migrating more and more to touch platforms. If BlackBerry migrates away from all touch they might as well just exit hardware now. I want all touch. 90%+ of the market wants all touch. The qwerty lovers will not keep this company afloat. I'm tired of the phrase 'diehard BlackBerry users' meaning qwerty users. They are not the same. I'm a diehard BlackBerry user and want all touch. The future is touch. Make a great looking device, not necessarily a 'BlackBerry looking' device, but a great device . They need to up their game hardware looks wise. New young corporate users and CEO's don't all want plain old boring black only business looking looking phones. I want this company to succeed. Not only as a software company but as a hardware manufacturer. Changes need to happen.

Posted via CB10


I agree to your opinion. Let BlackBerry make two lines of phones.

1. Suit series (for Business users) - Black, boring, secure, QWERTY and serious as heart attack phones
2. Hormone series (for rest of the world) - colourful, all touch, many-core, all apps, all touch, multi - million mega pixels camera attached phones.

Ah, dreams...

Posted via CB10 using my white knight Q10


Not all QWERTY users are business people and not all all-touch users are non-business people. But I agree that BlackBerry should offer both for people who like to own either one or both.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


Gknaggs...the problem with your opinion is that according to BB it doesn't match their FACTS of who a large segment of their customer base is. Considering it represent enterprise customers and the last 3 interviews Chen has given, he has flat out acknowledged that his top priority is to make money and server BB's core market. BB's core market is not consumer...but prosumer and enterprise. There is a large enough segment of that market that prefers and WANTS the belt back on new devices.

I'm a diehard and lifelong BB users...I have stuck around and been one helluva salesman advocating for BB over iOS & Andriod for years. I too want modern slick innovative phone from BB...I also am not stuck on the keyboard and want all touch. BUT...I and folks like me at the moment DON'T make up a larger segment of the revenue base from device sales. The fact that BES 7 models out sell BB10 is validation to that point. It doesn't mean that BB should abandon touch devices or continuing to innovate the devices DOES mean, that if a company has a valued customer base that is support revenue at a time when EVERY bit of revenue is critical to restore profitability. Then its a no brainer...bring back the damn BB BELT! Period!


Stunning design. I will be all over it in a flash

Posted via CB10


Thumbs up!

Posted via CB10


Cool.. very slick

Posted via CB10


Oh look, it looks like an old Xperia. BB is really behind when it comes to design...


Como se dice troll?

Posted via CB10


And no, I'm not a troll. How is this trolling? If I'm not amazed by it I'm a troll? It DOES look like an old Xperia.


It's fan made. Not designed by BB. Looking at a fan made drawing, then follow by an unrelated rebound attack on BlackBerry although it has nothing to do with it is trolling. Maybe it looks like a Sony phone, maybe it even was inspired by it, and what's the problem with that? It's just conceptualisation

Besides, half Sony phone look like gadgets out of a Tron movie, my Z30 looks pro in the meeting room


Observation Junkie

Would you like some cheese with your whine?

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 


Funny how the word that you understood was Troll.

Posted via CB10


Agree with you was my first reaction too. BlackBerry can't use a design to much inspired by another companies established designs. Apart from anything else consumers will see it as a nock off. It might even have pattern infringement problems.

(also agree with other users this isn't a BlackBerry concept so you didn't need to criticise them - I don't think you were trolling though)

BB Adict

Don't let his low self esteem bother you. It seems like if you have a disagreement with anything BlackBerry, you are a troll.

Blackberry always.....


I agree. And don't pay attention to people calling you a troll, that's standard fate around this forum lately. Just ignore the idiots and wade through the garbage to get to the good stuff.

I haven't seen a picture of an xperia for quite a long time but when I saw this in the forum, I immediately thought it looked like the old Sony phones.

Wouldn't it be really cool to see BlackBerry come out with a new, leading edge design like one of those wraparound screens we saw in the forum many many months ago. They have an awesome OS and maybe if they had some truly ground breaking design it might steal a few of the "spec chasers" from android.

Via CBZ10


Except it's a fan made concept.. you are one to call someone an idiot

From zee coolest flicking smartphone ever


The people that call other blackberry users and fans "trolls" are idiots in my opinion. Just because they could dare something about Blackberry?

I definitely admit there are "trolls" among us but I see far too many true Blackberry fans getting called troll just because of their opinion, or because they are not shouting from the rooftops that Blackberry is the best ever and everything they have done and have coming is the best.

I guess I'm just getting tired of people using "troll" far too often when it is not necessary.

Aljean Thein

Do you understand what "concept" is? Guess not...

Posted via CB10


Very nice..perfect design ;)

Adam Fox2

I got to admit, i drooled a little bit at "sexy"....I must have it...


That's a good design !!!! It would be nice seeying this in production

Posted via CB10


These bad boys are just darn sexy! Designed so well, it's hard to choose between keyboard or all touch.
Thinking about Chen wanting to bring the classic keys back, there is just no room for that on top of the qwerty device. You will give up to much screen estate imho, now the qwerty has a really decent 4:3 ratio going on.

Shannon Stauffer

I like it!!!!!

OS STL100-4/ on Verizon Z10


Very nice, i would buy one.


Blackberry diehards have gone from funny to tragic in their blind faith in a dead o/s. It even has to piggyback Android for apps. Face it BBC is dead. The only reason it was popular was due to corporate buyers making workers have one as well as their own phone. Some pple get obsessed with saving lost causes and this is one.


BB is dead fans would be funny if they were not so sad. The only reason that BlackBerry was popular was due to corporate buyers making workers have one as well as their own phone. Move on


What are you even doing here? Troll lol

Posted via CB10


The only thing I can see on his post that is dead is his hairline

Buy a bb, get a droid for free



Posted via CB10


So funny to hear that BlackBerry is dead. I've heard it for going on 3 years now... Also funny considering that anyone that swallows their pride and actually gives BlackBerry 10 a chance realizes that it really is a nice platform with no where to go but up. Also a bit cracked up that you are wasting your time on a BlackBerry fan site trying to convince us that BlackBerry is dead. Hey Kevin, hire this guy! Lmao...

Posted via CB10


LOL I love you!

Posted via CB10


Lol. Retard thought he'd contribute. Did you just wake up about it? This kind take was about uhhh 2 years ago.

Not gonna bash on you, you embarrassed yourself enough with those 3th grade comments.


Monica Buruato

Why don't YOU give up and stop trying to make yourself relevant? YOU are obviously one very sad and lost cause and I think we are moving someone elses comment that matters.


WHAT the BBC is dead? Not the British Broadcasting Corporation, I pay my TV license fee every month and if this is the case I will be demanding a rebate! Seriously if you want to bash please at least have the courtesy to check your posts for factual information and typos; none of the former and one of the latter. Well at least it made me laugh when I read the original post :)


"Rebate" Haha. I love it.


Oh wow, the BBC is dead! Did anybody notify the good people at the British Broadcasting Corporation? So many people out of work suddenly.
Well, maybe they can find gainful employment being hateful, trolling pricks on the internet. It seems to stand you in good stead, and everybody wants to be you as you are so wise, eloquent and good looking...

(for those of you not fluent in sarcasm: I'm calling him dumb, illiterate and ugly. Just to make sure where we stand.)

Prem WatsApp

Hi Howard, your comment just bambed out...

Please be a bit more respectful, there a thousands of workers a BBRY Ltd. who are working their butts off to save their jobs and the company, not only for themselves, but for the fans and addicts and any other business and government organization that wants or needs a secure platform, too.

BlackBerry is an iconic brand and deserves its place in the mobile sphere. The fight for an independent, non-conformist mobile manufacturer ends, if BlackBerry disappears (quote from another CB member some time ago on the forums) . So true.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Prem WatsApp

Hundreds of thousands of teens had a BlackBerry for friggin' texting and BBM, long before WhatsArggh and the other "apps" even existed...

So your argument that only corporate buyers forced hapless workers to use totally awful and impractical phones has been invalidated.

You should spend a few weeks using BB10 with its smooth transitions and effortless workflow, then go back to Android and its inconsistent user interface. I have both platforms and therefore I can make a verdict.

OK, some apps, but apps is not everything...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


That's ancient history.

Nothing more common than CB Posters piling on someone with a different viewpoint and celebrating yet another hardware variant that is 'sure to sell loads'.

That attitude is exactly why bbry is in 4th place and has a fragmented ecosystem across 2 OS.

Not working out so hot is it.

Posted via CB10


BBC?Too much porn is draining the brain sir!Big Black C*ck right?Go back to Pornhub or Xvideos mr!

Incurable Q10 Syndrome


You need to grown some hair. And what is the purpose of this post? If the above were true then why is Blackberry is alive and kicking? 3 years ago everyone was saying Blackberry is dead....Yhaaawn!!! Blackberry is still here today. lets put it this way example: what company sells more cars Mazda or Mercedez? see here the Mazda is the Android and the Mercedez is the Blackberry. So what you are saying that a cheap Mazda is better than a Mercedez? lol! go troll somewhere else and get rid of that ugly mugshot. Blackberry is all about the smooth luxury experience and Android the cheap laggy experience. Blackberry isn't going anywhere anytime soon!


Do you really think your lies is even SEMI-BELIEVABLE?


I want either one of those!!!

Posted via CB10


Same, normally I'm all for the touch, but I really don't know which I'd choose.


Slider please

via CB10 using a Z10 / STL100-3 / RFK121LW / / T-Mobile USA


Wow!!!! It's looks gorgeous. I'm not even done with my z10 phone and I'm longing for this device. I really hope somethings like this design comes up.
All best BlackBerry

RP Singh

Want a flip and a slider.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF


It is mouth-watering! I initially thought it was a slider. The design ques are spot on! I can't wait for a slider.

Posted via CB10


It looks very good. I like it.

Posted via CB10


I like the design

Posted via CB10


That's a nice looking concept, I hope that the designers for the new all touch screen flagship get ideas from people like this.

Very nice
Rocking my Z10

Black is back!

Posted via CB10

Jeevan Batla

It's gorgeous man.. I love it.. if BlackBerry is planning to make it official then it should have 64GB internal memory like the porsche.. it must have 40MP rare camera and 3MP front facing camera. The feature of the camera must be like the galaxy s5. Download booster. Finger print scanner and the ability to check the heart rate.

Posted via CB10


If it's got crocodile leather on the back then I'm sold!


This is nice

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Excellent! Good work.

BlackBerry Q5


Don't like it

Posted via CB10


great!! Still like your Hercules 2 better, but this is awesome too.

Posted via CB10


Love it

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Kinda have some porsche design with it...
I like it!!! :)

Posted via CB10


Very nice! Fingers crossed! Make it happen!

Posted via CB10


Forget the Slider and Flip !!!

Let's make sure BlackBerry is still around to make those.

BlackBerry is not Samsung with unlimited resources.

Design, Marketing and execution have been major weaknesses for BlackBerry.

It's time to turn those weaknesses into strengths.

It maybe time to outsource the marketing contract. Time to show some imagination on the Design front.

All Mr Chen has to do is set the criteria .

This is a war going on. You need all the weapons you can in your arsenal .

Enterprise customers and ordinary consumers are one and the same.

BlackBerry has make their phones desirable. People have to want your product in order to buy it. Sales and marketing go hand in hand.

BlackBerry can't afford to be this insular and narrow minded.

Why not offer competition for the Best design ? The prize could be making your design a reality - the next new BlackBerry

Open this out to all BlackBerry followers on all Blog sites.

Posted via CB10


I agree! Marketing has been turrible (Charles Barkley voice)

Posted via CB10

Jonathan Hernandez6

I dont think so. It's like sony phone.

Posted via CB10


Looks amazing this Couple, I likey!



Coupe? I would say I see a hatchback.


Auto corrected me from Coupe to Couple lol


Shawn Paul

It's a hot design

Posted via CB10


I love it!!! BlackBerry I hope your looookiiing!

Posted via CB10


I would get one of those in a heartbeat!!!

Posted via CB10


A QWERTY Blackberry 10 device is going to have a screen with a 1:1 aspect ratio unless it is a slider.

Posted via CB10

Robert F Kennedy

Pure speculation as BlackBerry has never said this, nor has there been any hint of a mention of a BB10 slider.

"Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator, and change has its enemies."

Prem WatsApp

No dramas here, I'd buy one of those babies...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


The competition idea is not so far fetched.

The best design + the best OS + quality marketing + competitive prices = sales and profit.

This equation can't be messed with or the components of the equation be neglected.

There has to be equilibrium.

Your choice Mr Chen....success story or cautionary tale.

Posted via CB10



BlackBerry = Premium

...BlackBerry may never be #1 in volume sold, but they could recapture the premium market. Offer a knock your socks of device exclusively through let the carriers drool on their plastic and glass junk phones...the elite BlackBerry phone will only be available thru and you can't afford it mister "I need a contract so I can get the phone I want guy"....maybe BlackBerry can put you on a payment plan, sorry no food stamps accepted..

Posted via my fancy BB10 pager thingy


It would be nice for BlackBerry to offer that!

Posted via CB10


This concept does not show the back or side concept of the phone, so I will reserve my comments until then. Anyway kudos to the designer for the effort.

Robert F Kennedy

It's JOHN Chen not Jon Chen. Guy is only the CEO.

"Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator, and change has its enemies."


I have to admit that I don't see the point of these concept reviews. For the record, I think those concepts are absolutely beautiful, and I'd love the option of buying one, but just fantasy phone porn isn't it?

On a side note, I think it would be great if BlackBerry tried to differentiate themselves through design - put out more inspired design phones like the Porsche ones, but a bit cheaper. Why not a Mercedes one, or a line designed by a some top, well, designer? Again, I'd be happy with a phone designed by the fellow who submitted the concepts, alas I reckon we can only dream.

Join the Cause @ BlackBerry Bootleg Marketing Channel - C003483F4

Robert F Kennedy

Yes I agree. Don't know why they are on home page so often when they are just concepts.

"Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator, and change has its enemies."


It's called a slow news day!

Posted via Verizon Official 10.2.1


I like it a lot!!

Posted via CB10

rizztazz torch

Looks really nice. Both versions. I like the curved top and bottom especially.

.2141 what's the difference? .1925 still the bangingest til I know any different.


That's what I'm talking about, now that will catch customers eyes

Posted via CB10


Nice!!! :)

Posted via CB10


Not a fan of sliding phones.

I pass.

Z10 on Telus


Could be wrong, looked like a slide phone to me at first, but after looking a little harder, I guess it's not.

Z10 on Telus


I thought the same at first, but nah. I'm not sure if I'd do a slider again.

Posted via CB10


Very nice looking devices. Hopefully John Chen is looking at these.

Posted via CB10


I would but the full touch concept in a heartbeat.


I really like this. The name is hot too! Excellent Job!


I don't think I've seen a Blackberry device that's as nice as most of the concepts that are published here.


That's pretty sweet. Wow.

Posted via CB10


I really, really want this phone.

Posted via CB10


I'd take the keyboard one in a heartbeat. I love my Z10 (sans battery life), but I miss the tactile feedback and shortcuts.

Posted via CB10


Jeez, not another bloody 'concept'! Why do people waste their time?


Why'd you waste your time commenting?



Lol love it ;)

Posted via CB10

tyrone smith3

Looks so beautiful

Posted via sexy BlackBerry Z10 10.2.1

Jakob Greve

When the keyboard is hid it looks very alike to Xperia Arc. I liked that phone but it'll probably never happen


Finally a really nice SEXY looking phone! I'd grab this one in a heartbeat, the all Touch for me. I hope Blackberry is reading the comments.

Bend Sinister

I'd get the all touch one tomorrow. Fantastic work!

Posted via CB10


sony style?! weird

Posted via my lovely Q10


I would love to have something like this in my hands. I absolutely love my Q10 but am already looking to upgrade.

Posted via Q10


Ya...this is nicer than any phone BlackBerry has produced recently.

BB Proud


Man these are sick! BlackBerry should definitely jump on these concepts!

Posted via CB10


The middle one looks like a Sony Xperia phone doesn't it?

Posted via CB10


Finally a concept I can get behind.

Posted via CB10


Nice but it's the BB10 torch that needs to be made

Posted via CB10

Dat Gui

Post them to I can make it better, so you can give the BlackBerry team motivation and what we really want if it receives tons of vote

Posted via CB10


sexy device, with the keyboard QWERTY, very sexy .. !


I want it! That's one sees piece of

Posted via CB10

Naser Naser

Very ugly

Posted via CB10


Absolutely Beautiful!!! Do Want


The one with the keyboard reminds me of the DROID Pro. At some point more screen surface on a blackberry with a physical keyboard starts looking ridiculous.

Posted via CB10

Tim Heard

I wish there were a 3rd model - a touch screen that would slide up to reveal the physical keyboard from the 2nd model.
Other than that ... very nice.
Of course once someone has come out with a concept, BlackBerry can't create something that looks too much like the concept design without having to worry about the artist(s) wanting some credit for the design.


And credit is deserved. If I were one, I'd let them take it just to keep BlackBerry going if it sold. I'd just want free phones and credit given for design unless they changed it quite a bit. Some people just want to see BlackBerry succeed.

Posted via CB10


Looks AMAZING! Great job.. in this rendering, these truly look to be a "premium" phone concept that would be doable by BlackBerry!

Question, does anyone know what the screen size and phone dimensions are supposed to be in these concepts? Especially the qwerty coupe?

Posted via CB10


I want that phone to replace my Z 30!

Posted via CB10


OMH, that's looks sick! I really hope Chen looks at these concepts and takes them into serious consideration. Wow...I think this is the best concept I've seen so far. MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Posted via CB10


Ok, this is absolutely gorgeous! Now all we need is the high end specs to go with it. And don't forget a removable battery! So, 32 GB Ram, up to 128 GB micro SD card, quad core processor and a quad core graphics processor (whether it's necessary or not). The one with the keyboard might be even more delectable with a utilty belt. LTE is a must, and at least as good a camera as the high end competition at the time. I'm sure they can do this if they wanted to. The question is, will they listen to us! Kevin, help us out here!


Oh, I forgot to add an HDMI port.


Yes, yes and yes!

Posted via CB10

Mia Hawkins

Where do I sign up?! That would be awesome!! Very sleek

Posted from my Z or Q10 on AT&T


Yes I love it, let's have it

Z10 ... Bring on the Q20


Like it, but will not see the light of the day.

" Initiated from my QNX10 "


Wow :o...

[URL="bbmc:C001230B6"]C001230B6[/URL] Exclusive HD Wallpapers for your BB10 device.


If it looked like this?...I would definitely get one.

Posted via CB10


I love my Z10 for the large screen size...but from time to time (actually it is more than that) the auto correct gets me and I find myself taking more time to correct things than I ever did with my physical keyboard on the 9810. Wouldn't go backwards or even to the Q and give up the screen size...but I would LOVE another slider device! I wouldn't use the physical keyboard every time, but I would use it for long posts like this and for emails for sure.

Posted via CB10


This is by far the hottest concept i have seen.

Posted via CB10



Powered by BlackBerry

Mark Edward Carr

My contract is about to run out and I have a z10 what next :)

Posted via CB10

Jordan Barlow1

I've got the z10 and must say If I had the money I'd personally buy every blackberry phone because there all soo nice especially now it's developing and every time i want to buy a blackberry there's all ways a better one round the corner can't keep up !:)

Posted via CB10


Thought it was a slider at first! Damn :(. But I'd definitely go for that qwerty one, screen is big enough :)

Posted via CB10 for Z10

Brayan Morales

I liking the key broad blackberry

Posted via CB10


I want BOTH of those! If BlackBerry makes these, I'm getting two new Blackberry's !! :)

Via my Z10 with 10.2.1 awesomeness


I'll take one of each!!

Posted via CB10


Where does the rest of the screen go? Or two different phones?..


Two separate concepts lol

Posted via CB10


I think both look really great, is it possible to see the back and sides?



Infuse competitive specs, features and battery life in this concept and people will definitely crave for it

Posted via CB10


While it is a very sexy design. The artist neglected that BB is going back to the Home row buttons on their qwerty devices. also it is very reminiscent of the BB7 torch (all touch device) in it's primary architecture.
Key things I like. Full touch has a nice speaker bank at the bottom allowing for better quality speakers. and on the qwerty device that the screen is bigger than the KB.

On the other side of this. i don't like the dead space at the bottom of the touch device. it feels empty and like it needs something there with the curved frame that way it is. Maybe a glowing BB symbol (that also acts as a home key or start point for gestures.)

Otherwise very clean. nice looking devices.


The bottom appears to be a front facing speaker with mesh over the bottom.

I like the simple contrast and mesh as it's apparent it gets its design cues from a "coupe" sports car... look at any sports car, and the grill will have a mesh insert.

Posted via CB10

John Denney

Slider version in this format would make me drool!

Posted via CB10


Who designed those? Yuck ! The touch screen one looks like Sony Ericsson Vivaz.

Posted via CB10


not bad!not bad at all! i really hope that blackberry will show some more inovatine design! they dont have to keep resemblance to its preceding devices unlike apple, samsung etc. they can create completely new design! at least when it comes to full touch devices

Bacon Munchers


After owning a Bold 9900 (most beautiful phone to date), I imagined that bb10 would look like this concept. Hope it happens (soon).


Likes it :)

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81


I could learn to love the top and bottom curves

Posted via CB10


I would get both right away. Amazing phone concepts

Posted via CB10


It's awesome design. I want to have both of them.

Posted via CB10


As Kevin would say That's a pretty bad ass phone. Lol... but nice like it!

Posted via CB10


One thing render definitely has is the WOW factor. When you see it, you just have to do a double-take. One of the best concepts I've seen here.


Looks nice but reminds me a lot Sony Xperia Neo.


This guy always makes awesome concepts but i'm never a fan of the blocky shape that his phones have.


Love the keyboard version.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


Looks sweet. It would stand out from all the other devices out there.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers


Kevin, please do what you can to get these concept pics to The BlackBerry execs/ceo!

Posted via CB10

Blayne Lewis

Love it!! **** What if the space bar on the Keyboard doubled as a track pad ***

Posted via CB10


See this is what need to come up with! Not the Z10 or Q10 design. I mean please don't get me wrong, they are nice phones that feel great in the hand. But not enough to change the market share. BlackBerry is kinda moving in the right direction with 10.2.1. But please bring out the eye candy phones that people will say "wow" in the AT&T or Verizon store.

Using unlocked BlackBerry Z30 on AT&T


This is fantastic ! Especially QWERTY pad in right side.

Posted via CB10


Not all new BlackBerry devices will have the navigation keys. I like this design concept, it's pretty nice.

Posted via CB10


Those are both beautiful!

 BlackBerry Q10 


Please make this one real BlackBerry!!!!

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Courtnie Harris

Blackberry company you guys need to make y'all phone in the right order not backward just saying

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Now there's the best blackberry concept i've ever seen, this has to be the blackberry handset going forward in the future.

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Very nice! I like the rounded edge and screen size for both.

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This might be the first BB concept that really stands out. I love it and the design is very unique!

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Can someone tag Mr. Chen to this post so they can get going with this concept already. Some gorilla glass and leather/ mental back or something along the lines and my willpower to save is out the window.

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The all-touch is SWEEEET!!!!

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Agree, very attractive designs, that could bring new users toward Blackberry -- and motivate existing users to upgrade...

I'd so buy that full touch screen one, it's absolutely gorgeous.

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I have a Q10 because I'm a keyboard lover but not a fan of this

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I like it, but I kinda wanna see a picture with a blank screen and one with the OS. I think the car on the display takes away from what it really looks like.



Orgasmiccc BlackBerry get inspired

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Excellent design, for sure I buy 3phones


Wow. Looks amazing. The qwerty one at least.

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Wow! I want It LIKE NOW!

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Shut-up and take my money NOW, I would pay full price for the one with the keyboard :)

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For the love of god RIM please design something similar to this. Don't come up with another old looking boring design that one gets tired of after a few weeks. I like my Q10 it is probably the best BlackBerry phone ever built but the design in boring, even the 9900 is sleeker. Both designs shown here are phenomenal!

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The BlackBerry Coupe is INTENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Coupe touchscreen concept. Wow!

I would.

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Experia? No. Neo? I forgot the name. But it seems to resemble the shape of a few-years-ago Sony phone.

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Cool phones!! This should be on the shelves

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This concept is also very great like Q30 concept [].
But this concept is more luxurious.

I absolutely love both of them (this and Q30).


This concept is also very great like Q30 concept [].
But this concept is more luxurious.

I absolutely love both of them (this and Q30).


That would be so sick

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Martin Green

Never been very impressed with most concept phones, official or otherwise. I tend toward pure/simple designs which emphasize proportion and feel over bling. I have never seen an Android phone I didn't think was gaudy and I prefer my Z10 over the Z30 for the same reason I like the Aston Martin DB9 better than the later , flashier DBS.

All that considered, I would snap this concept up in a heartbeat if it ever became real. Utterly gorgeous, like a fine watch (note I said fine, not expensive like the pretentious and ugly Rolexes). Although the Z10 converted me from a keyboard guy to all-touch, I think this design shows off best on the keyboard version.

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I LOVE The design! I want!!

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Looks perfect


Yonas Kebreab

Now that's a head raiser.

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I always wondered if the design team even uses a BlackBerry®? Does BlackBerry® use BlackBerry® users as a focus group? I think the CB nation could help BlackBerry® a lot imo.

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i want one now; looks awesome. BlackBerry really need to up their game with new designs.

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The problem of blackberry is not the type or model, the problem is the ios and app
Many things are missing

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BlackBerry has the best OS by far! IOS7 & Android Kit-Kat doesn't compare.

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So many stupid concepts, just put out phones.

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Time to stop production of all other handsets and buy this concept from Ziro1. Best looking design so far. Well done man

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I hope they bring it to reality!! A very good design

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Hire this man!

On another note there is no reason whatsoever that BBRY needs to bring back the trackpad on the Q20. It is decisions like this; holding onto old tech that have put them in the position they currently are.


Looks great but I'm still loving that BlackBerry Flip Phone with 3 Screens.
The Best Concept So Far!

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Fredy B

Anyone with BlackBerry executive connections should send this to them and hopefully they'll make them and put in some chrome to make it look more elegant

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Sean Fanelli

I'll take one

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dani sea

Come on BlackBerry release a hot touch screen phone I'm tired of waiting

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Looks awesome

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Mr Z10

Now this, is a beautiful phone! If they do make this, I would buy both the fully touch and the keyboard, because I probably couldn't decide

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That is a very good design...Amazing concept!

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Qwerty in a minute!!!!

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Thang looks legit!!!!

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Mistaa Burnett

I will be getting it

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very beautiful concept....Blackberry should make themselves known well i.e ads, promos and stuff like that, WP and Android are blinding everyone!


Great looking phones, much better then the old fashioned bold Q20

Fredy B

I hope the Crackberry people with the BlackBerry connections will show these concept photos to the BlackBerry people and hopefully bring this to market. BlackBerry could use some elegantly designed cel phones

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Chen please make this happen!!!!!

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Yonas Kebreab

I truly love it, and I think it should be one of the best blackberry concept ever

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