From the forums: The BlackBerry 10.3 UI concept

10.3 concept
By James Richardson on 19 Mar 2014 04:47 am EDT

Concept time again, but on this occasion it's not a BlackBerry device but the user interface that's had a revamp. The word on the street is that we'll see a few UI changes when BlackBerry 10.3 drops and that's not really surprising as each version of BB10 seems to get polished in some way. 

Forum member D_Gui has made some nice tweaks as you can see from the image above. Most noticeable is the introduction of the 'virtual toolbelt' which we know will appear with the BlackBerry Q20 but in hardware keyboard fashion. Would you want this on all touch devices too? 

Up on the top left of the display are your notifications and of course, unread ones will have the BlackBerry Spark on them. I'm pretty keen on this idea as it allows you to see what messages etc are pending wherever you are in the OS. 

The other big change here is the availability to rearrange app icons anywhere you want. Currently we can't have icons just at the base of the display with none at the top and this feature, if it comes to market, will certainly please our leader Kevin who desperately wants the ability to have this option within folders as he recently posted

From where I'm sitting all of the above would be changes that I would love to see in a future release of BlackBerry 10. Who's with me? 

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From the forums: The BlackBerry 10.3 UI concept


What they should do is have a few different options as to how you want your home screen to function.

Option 1 and default the current way.

Option 2 similar to the PlayBook way with the active windows on top and your home screen of icons get lowered down for one row of the running apps which you can select across or if you lowered your home screen icons one more row down than if you have 4 or more apps running it displays them much like how the active frames does right now.

Option 3 another view I can't think off.

Be nice we have different options to select from so we customize how our BlackBerry 10 phones look and run.

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+100 I would like this to happen.

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I don't like at all. Why the back button? It's not necessary. The notifications is annoying, I really hate that from android. I don't want BlackBerry looks like am android, please guys. I hope this is a concept not a future update :( . I'll get sad

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+1. Makes no sense. Technically, the back button that already is everywhere (on the action bar) us pretty redundant.

And what should the menu button be for?

Your right, it doesn't need it, but it makes for a much quicker learning curve and better first impressions. It's the first 30 seconds in the customers hand that sells the phone. Maybe it should be user removable, kind of like training wheels.

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Training wheels are meant to teach you how to ride a bike properly. Bringing the menu and back button back, doesn't teach you how to use the device properly.

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Agreed. It bugs me that they have to bring back the trackpad ect. because of people who are too stubborn to learn better ways to do things

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Newer doesn't always equal better. Tell me this - what is quicker and more precise when hanging up a call? Pressing the legacy end key from the toolbelt, or swiping up to wake, possibly having to hit back to get back to the main call screen (like if you just dialed an extension or something), then hitting the end key, then going back to whatever you were doing? I'll take the single end key. I love most of bb10 but would like it even more with a couple of the old features mixed in. It's like you're all saying bb7 didn't have anything good in it worth carrying over.

+1. Why he always bring Os7 to Os10? He loved trackpad, please comeback to any device that had trackpad. Do not make BB10 is too ugly.


And the back is taken from a DROID design. I would be very irritated if d they droidized BB10. Not to mention there would be no point buying a BlackBerry then.

CB said they wanted Google service (the "wear"article and with Droid apps, Droid services, Droid look....well let's just by a black Samsung then.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

Yup. It seems like everybody just wants what they can already purchase: an Android device, or a BBOS device.

The beauty of BB10 is the clean interface. Gestures are consistent in what they do, and render Back, Home, and Menu buttons redundant.

I'd love to see a device, such as the Q20, come tuned for those BBOS users that would like 'training wheels' as they move from their Legacy devices. But please, don't start jamming old features that most of us have happily left behind in OS 6 or 7, into BB10.

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+1 yeah. I rather leave the tool belt for the Q20. Keep BB10 original on the touchscreen.

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I agree. The notifications on the top are annoying and peak & HUB is much better (the best notification system, I'd like to shake the hand of its inventor). The back button only makes sense inside apps, which is already there and looks way better than this...on the home screen, why?

Only the icons should get a bit more polished and look like they're from 2014. Which, of course, means getting rid of the icon background.

Some one dumb wants to get BB10 like Stupid android with those notification icons.. Really i hated those notification icons on top there. BB10 currently is fantastic and the only thing better would be to be able to rearrange the icons at our preferred location because if i have a pic set as background wallpaper then i would not like an icon appear on top of the face of the person in the wallpaper.

Hell no...the Grey background of icons should be would be better looking if only app names carry the Grey background in icons....

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How is this change for the better? It'd be a step backwards if BlackBerry implemented these ideas on a full touch device. Just like I still think that the physical belt on the Q20 is a step in the wrong direction. To progress with the OS, you need to get people to use the phone as it was intended, not back pedal and regress to old redundant ways of doing things.

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Hope it brings the ability to lock apps like the older os did. The ability to lock folders, emails, text etc. Miss that and would add to security. Please bring this back

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Having blackberry and back button makes no sense. Swipe gesture is kick ass, you don't want duplicate features.

I like the idea of having pending notifications on top like android.

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Peek is way better than the that Android notification crap.

If this gets implemented then BB10 will lose a lot of it's DNA and I will be the first to leave, first the call screen and now this! If people want Android then let them go get an Android crap!!

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Totally agree. What a mess. Wannabe Android. Peek in combination with notification light is genius of the UI. Light tells you to peek, peek tells you whether to open.

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Came here to say the same thing the notification at the top is pointless as soon as you swipe up the notifications are right there on the side. I rather it show something usefull like current weather temp or winning lottery numbers lol

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Agree! My first reaction was meh - looks Android. In a way I do like the notifications at the top though, so I could have a reminder of important ones. Maybe Priority only?

Most apps are full screen, covering the top bar. It would really make no sense given that we already swipe up to check notifications. Super redundant.

I 100% agree with you.

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This is just copying the Nokia x UI, they could get in legal troubles.

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They should make all the icons with rounded corners like the bbm and text message icons are.

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So basically "let's make it more Android"?
We have a great "hub" that's basically available directly from any working app or homescreen; I don't need any other popping up icons on anywhere on my homescreen. It's clean and I like it that way.
What they can do is tweak the UI with higher quality looking buttons and more lean interface. iOS screens are smaller but has way more information on any screen than my BB. They should work on that.

Anything, anything but not the freaking event icons in top bar like on Android. I escaped recently from Android to BB and this was one the things I'm glad I left behind.

Personally, I think this is a horrid concept. I feel it looks dated and is taking steps back in terms of design.
The UI needs to be clean, clear and friendly. Not cluttered with extra icons, background strips and more.
Think KISS. Keep it simple, stupid.

Oh please BB....dont do this to us...
Only thing good in this is arrangement of icons.
* Please don't bring grey backgrounds
* V don't want tool belt. V r very much happy with Gestures.
* If possible make Green and Red button ON wen in a call until de call is over.
* Bring Protect feature like OS 7 Back.
* Butter in the feature to hide files and folders
* Give us select all option in every thing.
* Previous Call screen.

V r very much happy den...please please...let's not be another android, ios or Nokia X..
V r BlackBerry...Let's remain the same..Unique..securified...simple...

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Definitely cosign on the full Protect functionality.....gawwwwd please bring that back.

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No.... definitely no!!

Don't transform it into the messy android UI.
We don't need that rows of notification because we got hub already.
The 'back' button??... heck no.... what's the point of having the awesome swipe peek flow right?

10.3 need to have another way of revamp... not think kind of 'android'ish type.

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Could you please give us the hide options for ALL apps? Including the setup, text message, contacts as well.

I like the shaded background as it is. Looks like shelves in that concept. LAME.

So no to that

Yes!! My Q10 looks like a zebra with light here and dark there. Dark Hub, emails, etc as I want them.

I want a back button, though smaller the better . The one in apps is too large for Q10 screens, and yes we can hide it in android apps but back motion doent work well at all.

I still cant wait for a physical back button so I can use it on any screen and not have the HUGE back bar at bottom of screen.

Q10, running

Can we have ability to have info like weather and news on a native UI without an app to display the extra info

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System fonts should be added....and a little form of transparency should be added on the entire blackberry UI.....

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The app icons at the top showing pending messages reminds me of the days of early windows where the task bar would collect program indicators by the clock... no thanks

Maybe before redesigning, they could look back at the design philosophy notes for developers...

Take the camera app for instance, the idea was to have the moat important things on the screen all relative by their size and placement... full screen camera preview with only a menu icon and a couple of other important buttons, everything else hidden one click away

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Let's see... where to start, where to start.

1. The icons in the left top corner, too much like android for comfort. We can swipe up and get the same effect.
2. The shadow, I am all for being able to control where apps go, but I love my background on my phone all the shadowing kind of bothers me, slim and trim. Keep it sleek and useful.
3. The tool belt, I like it but looking at that back button makes me think that it will somehow diminish the use of swipe.

Solutions :
1. Let's just leave those pesky icons in the top for android, but what if when you swipe up, allowing you to see your notification icons, your home screen is blurred in the background and the specific icon has the names of the people or short list of information. Much like the lock screen, but without the need to tap the icon or open the hub to get more information.
2. Let's just drop the shadowing all together, I think the bare icons on a background would look great. Maybe some small tweaks to the icons, adding a little more color would be refreshing, but not making them look like Carebear blood, like ios and windows.
3. The tool belt, please don't misunderstand I like this, but if we bring back the tool belt and it appears on the Z10 then maybe there should be an app menu and a display of home screens. This would mean we could put the apps we want to see on display, and all the other stuff tucked away in the menu unseen. Kind of a quick fix for not being able to hide apps. This would also justify the back button, although I don't like it.

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Copying android is not the answer when TAT makes the most impressive UI I've ever seen. Also as much as I dislike their colors, apple would make more sense to copy it's very clean, easy and not much shadowing.

10.2.1 is almost complete, it brought a lot of the missing features and now they can focus a bit on a UI update. They should really try to do something beautiful that makes people ask what kind of phone it is.

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The gray shading should be optional. It does let me know the "tap" region but I like the uncluttered look of no shading.

Those banding stripes are terrible. What is the purpose of that? You can't arrange the icons willy nilly on the screen.

Back button? Seriously? Who the F thought that up... back to where? the screen to the left? Mabye it's useful if you don't have mobility in your hand but then it should be an option for "enchanced mobiltiy"... but somehow I doubt those folks are using phones with gestures.

Why have a "toolbelt" with a Back Button if Swiping Up does the same thing? Also, having Notification Icons in the top notification bar really does obliterate the value of Peeking. Except for Bottom Alignment if Icons, bad idea.

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Android is a mess. How that sh!t flies is beyond me. Ios? Well that's just romper room. Technicolor nightmare of toys are us proportions.

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Pass..Just a totally bad concept..notifications on the top! Go buy an android phone then.
Like many before have said,I won't update if this is what's coming for 10.3

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I bought OS 10 because of the Gestures, if this is the direction in which BB is going I will no alternative other than to wait for the Ubuntu Touch or Sailfish.
Why waste already scarce real estate?

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The only thing that I don't like is Kevin's wish of moving icons to anywhere..
If it's going to be implemented then I wish to have the option to turn it on or off as I really love the current state.
Sorry Kevin :)

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i want a sensitivity setting in the Quick Settings menu for the Phone, Search and Camera icon to prevent accidental calls , camera shot.etc...
I know I have a time out feature but this will be a welcomed

Can I add something?

Assuming that the virtual toolbelt actually makes a comeback, I think there should be an option to enable or disable.

If its enabled, have also a < and > symbol at both edges, indicating that the toolbelt can be swiped. Swipe left and right for more options (like quick shortcuts).

If the toolbelt is "smart enough", the moment we highlight something it should already present "cut", "copy", "share" options already without swiping to left or right of toolbelt.

• Add System fonts
• Drop the dark shadows around icons
• Allow users to resize Active frames
• Allow live wallpapers, for some us that like to use seemingly interactive wallpapers

Don't :
• Clutter the top with notifications. The "Peek" feature is way better. Brilliant!
• No back icon, swipe is enough, especially for all touch phone users
• No home icon; it's unnecessary.

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Agreed..wanna add...

A little transparency would be great in the entire UI

A curve active frame...

Change the call dialer ui...

Add power saver mode...

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Don't need or want virtual back or menu keys. Virtual trackpad, though, would be dynamite.

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All these concept designs whether smartphone or user interface are ridiculous and make people think these are officially endorsed by BlackBerry.

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.

I hope that in any design of UI a good market analysis is done - what is good about current UI and what needs change. This should include what is popular in the other os software. What is suggested looks good. Minimise keystrokes, minimise distances that fingers must move, maximise user control over configuration.

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I like everything here except for the message notifications on the top left, great job!

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The ONE thing I want most in 10.3: None of that crap in the concept and instead universal landscape support.

-STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

I would agree if the search icon was activated by bringing up the keyboard with a gesture on the homepage or something.

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I'm up for a change like this but I don't understand why there is no text message app for the blackberry 10.
It would be cool if we can set a pic as wallpaper without cropping and if the image is big enough..have the slide through wallpaper feature that is in android.(first side on first page then when sliding through pages the background moves till the end).

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None of this matters of the sales reps at the stores haven't been trained and the product hasn't been marketed well. We know what a great product this is but the rest of the world has no idea. When will BlackBerry wake up and start marketing their product? NO ONE I talk to HAS ANY IDEA about bb10 or what blackberry is working on. It's very sad. Seems like bb10 will die before it's given a fair chance. It's such a shame. Same goes for BBM. PEOPLE NEED TO BE TOLD WHY TO SWITCH. They need to see and hear what a great product bbm voice, video and glympse is. Yet. BlackBerry DOES ZERO MARKETING. It's too bad.

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1. No toolbar / belt abomination please. Let it die gracefully in the legacy OS. It is unnecessary for this OS
2. Notification are already there, just swipe up a bit and you can see them on the side.
3. I like the anchoring of icons anywhere.
4. Gray bar has to go. Thats one of the main gripes people have with the appearance of the OS now. Makes it look dated.

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I definitely want the notification icons up top, on either side of the clock like it used to be on BBOS. Also, can we please show the date when swiping up, please.

The back button is not necessary on the home screen. where does it take you back to? I don't see the need to do this on an all-touch device when the "toolbelt" will only appear on the home screen. I don't see a need to keep the tool belt constant when BB10 apps have 'back' functionality built into them. Redundancy between keys and screen is one thing but there should never be two redundant things on the screen. And lastly, on all-touch devices we need the search at finger reach.

Response crafted in seconds on a Z30

I'm kinda undecided, not sure about the grey shaded area beneath the icons. But generally like the idea you can put an icon where ever you want it though. One question tho, the tool belt. Again undecided but if there was a choice to have it or not to, that would be good. BlackBerry is all about choices right? :)

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Whatever you do BlackBerry please don't be a follower, be a leader and always be unique with the UI. If anybody wants UI that looks like Android or Apple they should go and buy those phones.

The gray bar looks terrible. Make it simpler and less cluttered. Possibly only an action bar at the bottom for the most used apps?

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If that's what you want, then just install an Android launcher. We need some new gestures, better icons, unlimited folders and yes, the ability to pin apps where we want on the screen.

BlackBerry has used activeframes as a smokescreen for the lack of widgets and I hope they'll introduce that in 10.3. Just pin an activeframe anywhere if it contains active content.

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

Axe all the animations. When I leave an app let me back into the app tray. Or let me close it with one gesture. Tighten up cascades -- they're way too inefficient right now. Make the peek gesture take you to the base level hub and allow you to select what to check from there. Going back to where you were isn't ideal. You leave individual areas for the app tray. When you peek again, you want the full hub view. Change this BlackBerry.

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The top notification is unnecessary, the virtual tool belt is ok .

But please, let us change the home screen and lock screen wallpaper, is that so hard to update it?

I think the apps icon need a revamp, not a grey box behind it, but something translucent... different from ios but maintain a cleaner look

The Grey box is seriously blocking the wallpaper behind it, I can't even see my gf face on the phone bc of the Grey box!!!

BTW Take the time to make the os more stable and cleaner looking, it's all about the colour gradient though but not introduced to more new bugs :)

BlackBerry for life

The option I want in the calendar is something I loved about my Palm many years ago. When an appointment is repeated, perhaps indefinitely, and when the last appointment arrived, you could declare it the last and it wouldn't repeat going forward. Now I have to go into the time parameters and adjust it for the date and the calendar updates retroactively. Make it simple : edit appointment / last in series.

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The virtual tool belt makes the O/s look dated, not to mention that it would obscure my choice of wallpaper. I agree with others who want to see a "simple" UI that makes best use of the gesture based features in BB10.

If BlackBerry introduces this me-too concept it is a signal that they don't have a clear vision of what the BlackBerry experience is and they are out of ideas.

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The Back and BlackBerry buttons are redundant and the space could be better used. Swipes are faster and more natural.

The notification bar at the top, Meh. I like them on my lock screen and use it constantly to interact with new messages.

The Op has just added more elements of Android, and I personally am not a fan. I don't want a cluttered up notification bar. It only shows 3 (FB, BBM, Twitter) but I have 15 accounts in my HUB, plus you need to have NFC, BT, WIFI, Network, location services etc etc, soon you end up with a cluttered mess of a notification bar. Just look at some of the screen shots of some androids and you will see it's a complete mess sometimes.

Personal opinion.

I like the notifications at the top, the bottom app placement and the adaptable tool belt IF we can put what we want on it. For example, I don't take that many pictures so would move the camera button out and put in my BBM button for quicker access. I would like to be able to pin the open apps in place so my most used apps are always on top and don't switch around when going to another app. I don't like the grey background on the app line.

Have option to eliminate names under apps. Most don't require them. That's reminiscent of streamlined BBOS app iconography.

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A DroidBerry! Just what I've always wanted! *heavy sarcasm intended*

No disrespect to the artist here as he/she was simply taking people's comments and bringing them to life. I like the clean bar at the top and don't want it cluttered with notifications and the like. A simple peek like what we already have is just fine. Plus, it doesn't take much to get right to the hub itself. Also, the toolbelt should be laid to rest with the exception of the classic devices. BlackBerry is moving forward and the gesture based OS is where it is headed. Let's keep on the forward momentum. OS 10 IS BlackBerry, just a more mature and refined BlackBerry. I like it that way.

The purpose of BB10 was to move forward...personally I feel this concept is stepping back and lacks the innovation and evolution of BlackBerry...but that's just me.

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It would be kind nice to have my "home screen" just 4 bottom icons, so I could see my background better. Then just swipe right for more.

Posted via CB10

OK, I like the sample on the left with virtual tool belt, and would like physical one on bottom if not virtual. However I don't care for tiny spark notification on top like androids. I would like those back on icon to stay unique.

Another option would be to have the icon position based. See the twitter spark at top of screen? That stays there until screen has default icon in view with spark. If person swaps row or screen page, and twitter icon is gone, then spark is on top.

So they trade places. This way if app icon with notification spark is on screen it is like normal. If user moves to different screen, spark goes to top as a reminder to follow him wherever he goes in the device home screens.

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instead of having the notifications on the top like android, put it on the bottom where your freaking hand is so you can swipe up to look at it. i dont want to have to use 2 hands to peek a notification like i have to in android. i have a q10 now with a smaller screen, this would work there, but if i get an z30, i cannot reach to top of the screen fast enough to get rid of the notifications. no thanks.

I don't like, for me no matter what I'm doing either playing a game, watching a video or writing an sms. all i need to do is swipe up and hold so i can see what messages have some in. Also if you think about it. if you have a Telegram, BBM , Whatsapp, Facebook, E-mail message notification at the top then where is the "Bluetooth, NFC , Alarm" ect icons going to go?

Blackberry doesn't need to make to many changes to a already very functional operating system.

One thing that would be nice is allow the user the ability to have less than 3 or 4 icons per line. sometimes the icons can clash with the background. so allow 2 icons per line could work well.

Just my 2cents worth, don't mind if you totally agree or disagree. just my opinion :0

You have my attention blackberry seems to have developed a new attitude towards updates now all that's needed is a strategy to synchronised updates for all...

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Might as well replace the camera icon with the endcall / poweroff button and it will be appreciated by the legacy users as they make the transition...If blackberry can at least make that whole row customizable with 2-6 shortcuts instead of the standard three that include the barely used search and camera icons, that would be awesome.

I like the notifications on the top bar, but, the Grey strips I'm not digging at all... virtual belt is OK also

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Sorry to point out the obvious, but the 'search' virtual button on the touch devices is more than just for searching so MUSTN'T be removed.
Speed notes / calendar / fb statuses / twitter / etc... are all part of the 'search' button's functions.

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I like my bb 10 the way it is. DONT MESS WITH IT. ESPECIALLY THE NOTIFICATION ON THE TOP! I live the hub and peak

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 10

It appears to me that the notification bar on the top left defies the BlackBerry Hub. Doesn't it?

Posted via CB10

I would much rather have a virtual toobelt (although I'm a keyboard user) rather than have a Hub icon, Extra Camera icon and Extra phone icon.

What I find annoying is swiping out of an app on the 3rd page, it takes me back to the 1st page, I think it should go back to that folder. Sometimes I'm doing a task that I need to use several related apps to get the job done.

For example I like to compare the two weather apps on my phone to make sure I know what to expect, I keep them both in a separate folder along with my maps and a few other related apps. Leaving the app takes me completely back to the home screen. I'm hoping a back button would take me out of an app and back to the folder. The getures and swipes could be used to keep going back to the home screen like we currently have now and the back button to go back to the last screen.

I hope I'm making sense.

 BlackBerry Q10  KEEP THE FAITH

Notifications are same as android. The Hub then goes out completely. They are very good as they are now. Also the invisible banner and these empty places are ugly. Specially in Q10 (currently use).

Posted via CB10

I always thought the bottom bar in BB10 should be customizable. It would not surprise me in the least if 10.3 introduces that. With the tool belt coming back my guess is the actual buttons will be below the glass and utilize the screen. If that is the case then BB could allow you to customize the buttons however you please. Want a button with a shortcut to CB? You could do it! I think that will end up being the most significant change for 10.3, the bottom bar, and maybe an Android runtime upgrade.

Nobody cares BlackBerry keyboard sucks, Q10 double typing issue plaguing almost everyone.

Crackberry and BlackBerry ignoring issue to save their worthless stock.

And Chen talking about satisfying their core customers? Lol

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Would be nice if BlackBerry offered more settings to adjust for differing users, to eliminate weird stuff from occurring.

Sent from my  BlackBerry Z30.

Yes, I would like to have virtual tool belt to my z10 device and off course notification on top LHS is also something which I am looking forward to. Hope its comes soon. Happy BB'ing :)

I like the idea of putting the icons wherever you want on a grid, as well as the notifications at the top. If they implement the toolbelt I'd hope it would be customizable at least somewhat... I would also like the option to take the title off the icons, I think on my Q10 i'd be able to get one more row of icons on the screen.

I don't really like the idea at all ,not very interesting, can't believe that this is all what you can come with!!!!

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Also landscape in homescreen.

@geenaxion Keepin' it Chill Z10 ( BB10Store on Aptoide Subscribe "Dance for Life" C0029D483

As long as one can undo these (Android ?)options and one can design the UI to fit one's own taste 10.3 would be an advance, e.g. remove camera button or time delay it, etc.

Snap 3 with Google services included and downloadable from BBW as an app is a must.
Side loading of Snap 2 without services is only a temporary fix to close the app gap a bit and is not for everyone to pursue.

10.3 should also allow us to use Apple, Windows, i.e. any phone app out there.

10.4 should allow to run any PC app for true mobile computing.

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I find it cumbersome to set up phone groups and have abandoned it altogether.

Why not have the ability to view your phone list on screen via Link and set up Groups then drag and drop into them. Then update all which would then show on your phone.

Posted via CB10

Bring option to show / hide the back and or BlackBerry icon. Off by default, but could be useful for transition users, or users of old BlackBerry devices.

Posted via CB10

That's looks very nice. Just make it more BlackBerry like and less iPhone like so people recognise it.

Posted via CB10, Z10

This is disgusting! This goes against everything blackberry. Why are the notifications by the battery? The whole point of the os is to be able to half swipe to check your notifications this is redundant. Also why put the menu keys on a Z device this means you will always have the camera/phone icon on every app taking up screen space, what is happening to the swipe up?.(I like the sticky app idea though). This disappoints me it's pretty much removing the gestures from the OS and adding in simple to use on screen buttons. This is a gesture based UI if your going to make concepts your going to need alot more than screen shots. Other than the sticky apps this concept looks pre-OS10.

I do agree that they are trying to make it too much like android phones. The whole point of bb10 is the swipe.


True points, but IMO, it would be nice if the user could decide.

This would also help BlackBerry ween Android users to the bb10 experience.

Sent from my  BlackBerry Z30.

This whole concept of 'back button' and notification icons on the top left corner is just ridiculous.. then what's the point of swiping up to go 'back'? What's the point of swiping up just for a sneak peak for notifications?? It takes away everything bb10 stands for!! Hope this update or idea NEVER EVER gets implemented!

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I can't see the need for a back button or for the notifications at the top . I think BB has already optimized the efficiency of knowing what has come in with the HUB and peek.

In one motion you can see how many of what kind of notice arrived in your inbox and if you move your thumb a little further, you are in the HUB. I don't like anything I see except being able to locate the icons anywhere you want.

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I've always thought that a "virtual trackpad" would have been a great addition to BB10. Not only does this add familiarity for people coming back to Blackberry or upgrading from legacy devices, but it adds another way to maneuver the OS. And having options also never hurts.

One thing I'd change is switching the locations of the 'BlackBerry' on and the 'Back' buttons (only for the sake of consistency). I'd also add a virtual trackpad. I can't tell you how infuriating it can be to edit a worksheet using Sheet to Go. The app itself works fine, but being able to navigate the document using a trackpad would be infinitely easier.

Also, a virtual trackpad would assist in navigating the OS one-handed as well (especially on the Z30). No need to bottom-allign app icons if the trackpad allows you to select anything on the screen obe-handed.

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

... People are clamoring for that (me incl.), but how is the question of the day. Different user thumb sizes, pressures, heat, etc. What if a drop of water gets on the track pad, etc....

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BlackBerry needs to have the toolbar on the touch devices to be programmable.

If they can do that, plus add Google services, why would anyone (other than rooters) ever want to own an android-only device?

BlackBerry would then have the potential of becoming the second largest player in record-breaking time.

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I'd also like to be able to program the top bar, and even pin it, as I want to see the local weather and date without swiping part-up or part-down.

These are must-have features IMO.

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Tool Belt? u mean the back key and berry key... I love it... the Tool belt is the trackpad end call berry and back key, this concept is not a tool belt. I have been saying blackberry cant get rid of the berry key... thats what makes a berry a berry

The release of 10.2.1 for Q10 is amazing. And I have two BlackBerry Q10's. If BlackBerry can keep improving software like this, then I think that they're worth everything that they've tried to improve on. I switch between my Q10 in black, and the one in white. And I have never been happier. #TeamBlackBerry forever.

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I'd like a main tray on the bottom that has my 4 or 5 essential apps (ala the playbook), then I can swipe up to bring up the usual app screen windows. Definitely need an icon refresh and maybe make them more transparent. Loose the names and the borders or make them customizable. Need the keyboard shortcuts for the home screen on the Z10/30. That was the best part of BBOS....customization to keep everyone happy and themes!

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What's with the grey bars? I already dislike the shadows around the icons I don't think it should be any more pervasive. People have already pointed out that most apps are full screen therefore at best the notifications in the top bar are useless and at worst they are redundant and clutter the menu look like Android. Finally, would that navigation bar with the BlackBerry and back buttons be on every screen? If not it would be pointless, and if so it would be a glorious waste of screen space for an archaic way of performing an act that can be replaced with a natural gesture like a swipe from the left to go back.

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The concept of wasting screen space on notifications is repugnant. Between the led and hub we have no need of it.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

The interface and the view on the BlackBerry 10 now is simply d best. Please don't introduce the back option and a Shitty folder thing.

You ppl are just making BlackBerry lose its originality by making is more ANDROID.

If you need to make any changes in d of, it should be the UI for camera and battery backup. That's all..

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Please don't make BlackBerry look like android. I believe android is the worst looking OS. BlackBerry should remain in its own lane. I like the way it looks as of now. Just allow more apps in folders,dark theme hub, google services and make all apks receive push notifications like whatsapp.

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I want use two app run same time at one screan. Galaxy note 3 has.

I want use currency converter and calculater at same screan.
I dont want swich beetwen most needed apps

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Goodness no... please just get rid of the horrid transparent grey shadow behind each app altogether. It doesn't look good, and interferes with our wallpapers that we all love. Why are people releasing these concepts moving backwards? It goes against BlackBerry's motto.

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Just a week ago I was praising blackberry. I used android phones before. I was excited about my z10 updated the Os from the box. Now after two weeks, it doesn't want to connect to a network. It keeps saying "sin is from an unknown source " even when the is no sim card. Hope this 10.3 will fix the radio error on z10. I Google this hoping will find help, instead many user's have similar problem with no help.

Some one dumb wants to get BB10 like Stupid android with those notification icons.. Really i hated those notification icons on top there. BB10 currently is fantastic and the only thing better would be to be able to rearrange the icons at our preferred location because if i have a pic set as background wallpaper then i would not like an icon appear on top of the face of the person in the wallpaper.
I love the Blue color on the menu plz no red BlackBerry.

D_Gui please keep your tweeks with yourself and don't try to spoil what is good in BB10. Or better get yourself an Android phone.