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From the forums: The 5 inch QWERTY BlackBerry 10 concept

By James Richardson on 22 Mar 2014 03:16 am EDT

We recently posted about the 'alleged' 5 inch BlackBerry display that had shown up on the web. Whether this will ever come to market is anyones guess but forum member SenorPistachio decided to make up a concept of what the device could look like if it does in fact go into production one day. 

From my perspective this looks like my dream BlackBerry 10 device and I'd love to be rocking this one so much, but it's also worth remembering that we know that the next BB10 handset from BlackBerry with a hardware keyboard will indeed feature the return of the trackpad and function buttons - something missing from this concept design. Then again, this is purely a mock up of what that 5 inch screen could look like and as you can see if dwarfs the Q10

I'm more than happy to be doing without the 'tool belt' on a hardware keyboard device, but at the moment it seems that BlackBerry thinks otherwise. Don't get me wrong - I'm super excited about the Q20, but this concept has my juices flowing, so to speak. 

Only time will tell if we'll see a QWERTY BB10 device of this size. Would it be too wide and chunky? Have your say in the comments or hit up the forum link below. 

Head on over to the CrackBerry Concept forum thread. 


RP Singh

I like the keyboard.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF


I would love me a five inch qwerty keyboard phone, but that concept needs some polishing. That logo at the top there looks very odd and distasteful.

Posted via CB10


I disagree, I think BlackBerry should stop using the full text logo and just stick with the berries, it's a company with enough recognition.

Posted via CB10


Having more space for this huge keyboard but where is the left ALT key?... I guess this was just a quick render.

Posted via CB10


Actually it doesn't have any of the function keys..... why?

Posted via CB10


This is made with the new capacative touch keyboard in mind.

Posted via CB10

Fish Crackers

Ya I'm all for a bit bigger screen on my Q10 but I don't want to end up with a playbook sized phone. BlackBerry has to be very careful that they create a product that anyone would want, not just those with fat thumbs.

Posted via CB10 on Q10


This is that new "look, this is newer so it must be cooler!" gimmick that's getting so popular now. So they won't print the symbols on the keys like they have now, so you have no idea where the symbol you need will be unless you memorize all of them, then while you're typing you have to swipe on the keyboard just to see the symbols. Then you have to wait the split second for the symbols to show up, then you have to search the keyboard to find the symbol you need, then you hit the appropriate key. Basically, all of the short-comings of a physical keyboard (taking up potential screen space) with all of the short-comings of a virtual keyboard... The worst of both worlds. Awesome right? Lol

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

garrett lajoie

The keyboard is based off of this picture of a leaked BlackBerry prototype of some sort, a picture was posted here a couple weeks ago. It seemed to be an old Q10 prototype but some people think it's the design of a new form.


When I saw the 5 inch screen I thought "oh no, that won't work", now that I see this device next to a Q10 it starts looking like a practical device. Sure it's large but that has some large benefits, a large battery and what would easily be a fantastic keyboard to do a lot of typing on!

A phone like this wouldn't suit my needs but I could understand someone choosing a device like this.

Possible future qwerty lineup from BlackBerry: Q5(or its future replacement), Q20 & this Big Q

Posted via CB10


I thought the opposite. This looks even stupider than those 5-inch+ phablets. It looks like a great device, but a terrible phone.


No way will that ever be a "REAL" BB10 Phone and if for some crazy reason it does, I wouldn't buy it. I don't think it would be ergonomic and a physical keyboard is known for one handed use. BlackBerry needs to sell phones and make profit on them, I personally don't think this is a game changer especially with the 1:1 screen ratio most people already complain about.

 BlackBerry Q10  KEEP THE FAITH


I agree. This is actually too wide to be efficient one-handed. And that keyboard with no symbols will just make it a harder and more complicated process if you need to type symbols or punctuation into your sentences. So no thanks. Hopefully this is just another experiment and they will not switch to that style of keyboard. If so, then I'll just make the jump to all-touch since that would take away one of the advantages of a physical keyboard...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


IMO this concept can't be more stupid. The shape and size is not practical. What pocket will hold it. I would be too embarrassed using it. I like the concept of a slider like the one in this article

Posted via Z30STA100-3/ my Channel: C0009668D


Can you picture what that would look like held up against your ear LOL


It will look like a Playbook on your ear. lol jk

Plazmic Flame

But the 1:1 ratio kills it... No extra screen real estate to see more info...


WARNING: This 5" square screen is great, as is the QWERTY keyboard. However, since I changed my BlackBerry Torch2 for the Z30, I have come to appreciate the 16:9 format to watch TV on my Z30. As more and more apps, videos, movies and TV move to 4:3 and 16:9 format, the 5" square screen may quickly become "old school."

Posted via CB10


Keyboards are the coolest. A tall screen with a keyboard doesn't look good. Wide screen with a keyboard looks better

Posted via WHT Q10


it's elegant the keyboard is superb.

Posted via CB10


I love blackberry keyboard phones but that's ridiculous just give us a bigger Q10 stop trying to come out with something crazy. Freaking blackberry.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


yes please!

My Top Apps: 1.Crackberry 2.Gasbuddy 3.USA Today 4. Word of the Day PLUS 5. Super Hexagon


Bring it on! Blackberry needs to hit it out of the park with this one.

Prem WatsApp

Yeah man, add WACOM stylus support and handwriting recognition.


No drama for me, it's just like the PDAs of old. One exception.

It's got friggin ' BB10 on it !!!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


WACOM pen would be awesome.


I also want Z50 with stylus and it's functionality too.. anyone agree?

Posted via CB10


Thought the Z30 could use wacom

From Zarafet my Z30.


Agreed. That looks terrible.


All of them, no exceptions, every single BB concept I see here is ugly as hell, they are not made by designers, but by some dudes who know how to use crop/copy/paste in photoshop, nothing more.


No ALT/Shift keys? No speaker, too chunky IMO. I'm excited for the Q20 too. I hope it doesn't make me regret getting the Q10. I love my Q10. Best device I've ever used by far, but the handy trackpad for cutting and pasting text is gonna be a fine addition. Can't wait to see how they implement it with BB10. Should be interesting

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10


The proportion is all wrong. I don't want my phone with this proportion.

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I feel it looks too wide though..

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Hideous. I'll be embarrassed for BlackBerry if this gets released.


If it can't suck my dick...don't need it

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

I don't own it, and I don't need it. There's a device for that. It's called a fleshlight.

You read it right. With an e. I'm happily married. Boohoo...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


So are they any good Prem? I'm married too!

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10


Lmao...Prem we should all pitch in to buy this guy a fleshlight.

 BlackBerry Q10  KEEP THE FAITH


What the heck all of you talking about?

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

Google is your friend (GIYF), and if you don't like them, use Bing or

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Prem WatsApp

Never used one. Don't want it. But it's out there for those "cases" above. ^

Keeps you from going for the real thing. Love is a two-way business and no device will replace it.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Top candidate for DCOTY...Dumbest Comment of the Year.

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Please, don't use meth and then decide to make a concept BlackBerry.
This looks awefull. It's too square and why screw up a perfect keyboard? A speaker way up there? Nice and out in the open for liquid damage like rain. Just cram a Q10 keaybord on a Z30 and its a winner.

rizztazz torch

+1/2 don't use meth? Lol. Stick a Q10 keyboard on a Z30 = winner!

.2141 what's the difference? .1925 still the bangingest til I know any different.


+1 LOL

Sorry mates... but this thing is super ugly, stupid proportions, sooo unhandy, will be a pain to put in the pockets...

A Z30 with a slider keyboard... if it has to be a physical one... (cause since I flick I don't need one anymore...)

16:9 is the ratio the vast vast majority wants...

Ferrari ZetaDieci


I think Windermere aka Q30 will come to market first, i.e before the Q20 Classic ( which has the tool belt and Track pad)

The massive screen plus physical Qwerty I think has sold me over the Q20 3.5 inch screen and tool belt track pad combo.

What and excellent choice to have.

Thank you BlackBerry .

Posted via CB10


I like it as well! I think that it would be a really great device to put out on the market. I am so used to the swipe gesture feel of my BlackBerry Q10, that I don't know if I really would want the track pad back. I think that they should also put out a bigger version of the Q10.

Posted via CB10


Clearly there is a market for this, but it seems like that market is exceptionally tiny -- a niche within a niche.

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

I am the niche. Happy to be the niche.

Anyone join the niche?

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


Isn't just having a Blackberry the niche? Especially these days

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10


That's why I said "a niche WITHIN a niche".

Also, the "niche within a niche" is "BlackBerry phones with giant square displays". Or perhaps it's "BlackBerry users who have no problem completely sacrificing aesthetics for functionality".

Most people BlackBerry users want some kind of balance.

Posted via CB10


I'm glad to be niche too!!!

Posted via CB10

Dave XII

agreed. It's too big...

Posted via CB10

Jeevan Batla

I love it make it official

Posted via CB10


Lol what is this a phone or a speak&spell (btw who remembers those)


This can't be serious? I'm actually shocked. Over time years, I've known so many people who were strictly qwerty keyboard guys who left BlackBerry for android or for iPhone and now are totally ok with a touch screen device. I'm trying hard to be positive about what BlackBerry is releasing but I'm sorry I don't think this will attract new user to the BlackBerry platform. I'm just at a loss for words because BB10 is awesome but this phone is just ugly and not even practical.

Posted via CB10



 BlackBerry Q10  KEEP THE FAITH


All I want is a 9900 style phone th at is slightly larger with bb10 OS. 9900 best keyboard on the planet

Posted via CB10


Q20 should fulfil the need.


^^this. 9900 with BB10 w/quad core and 2 GB ram is the perfect phone...and upgraded camera!


No. That is all

Posted via CB10


No chance as a device ......

Posted via CB10


Right? This looks like a joke as a phone. It could be a tablet, however.


Far to big and bulky, personally I like a small form factor phone that can easily fit in my jeans pocket and is not heavy. Having a 5" screen phone or bigger is to big In my opinion

C004635F8 - BlackBerry 10 Wallpapers supporting all models. Started about 1 month ago.


I agree!

I'm not one to follow the trend of all these huge phones, width wise the Q10 is really nice, i'd only go slightly wider. I really love the form factor of the Q10 like previous BlackBerrys

Posted via CB10


Horrendous IMO. Far too wide.

Posted from my TARDIS!


It looks really weird but I actually kinda like the big keyboard, it's almost tempting... almost

Posted via the everlasting Z30 and of course CB10


Komoly gondok vannak a BlackBerry háza táján! Még a jelenlegi os 10 sem éri el azt a szintet amit kellene. Jobb lenne előbb azzal foglalkoznának, az alapvető hibákkal! Ez meg ocsmány!



Not that exciting!!! But I liked Q20's design with tool belt in it.


Ugly as a phone, Ok as a pad.


That screen size + keyboard. Awesomeeeeee

Posted via CB10


I'll patiently wait for the Q20 with absolutely wonderful "Tool Belt".


Euuh! 5" square form factor with a physical keyboard ?
It will required that we change our clothes pocket size then ;)

Posted via CB10

Eno Karapici

Or we can use a big bag to carry it.

Posted via CB10


Crazy Design...!

Posted via CB10


It is impossible to operate this concept device with one hand. It's time that BlackBerry re-imagines the physical keyboard. Give us the 5 inch 16:9 screen with a transparent slider keyboard with interchangeable letters and make it durable without plastic, thin and around 140 g. Satisfaction guaranteed for both business people and the multimedia junkies. Then make a 4 inch version for those with smaller hands/pockets.


If it would be a slider the size would be better

Posted via CB10


Horrible, real bad proportions

Posted via CB10


blackberry doesn't need this. we need devices that would sale 1 million units in the first 2 days. this won't do it. I personally won't mind a device with 4.7 inch screen with the size of the z10 with a premium look and feel and a bigger battery.

wait a minute. isn't blackberry about productivity and efficiency....i mean why use a physical keyboard when the on screen keyboards are faster!!!!

Posted via CB10


This is bloody ugly! Way too wide, but i do like the bigger keys.

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10


Ugly, doesn't look proportional.

Posted via CB10


Sorry, but the screen ratio and form factor just doesn't look good to me, pretty unpractical

Posted via CB10


Why would anyone make a 5 inch qwerty? Just delete the buttons and use the extra space for 7inch screen and call it a phablet :D

Posted via Z10 from Lithuania


Ugly, I think
There's no balance in the design

Posted via CB10


Whoa mama! That design will definitely set itself apart from the rest of the 5+ inch phones, maybe a slider version will definitely make it palmable.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


Needs redesigning I think nice legs but to big on top?



Its brilliant! Logo at the bottom of the screen please.

Yes gimme that phone. Gesture physical keyboard please. This feature will make it one special phone.

Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3


it's a concept... no way this is going to get on the p

Posted via CB10


Production line *

Posted via CB10


It's ugly.

Posted via CB10


The thing that will save BlackBerry is if they can differentiate themselves from the competition by innovating solutions. A bigger screen doesn't really do that. It's just a bigger Q10, a phone a lot of people didn't buy. (Excluding myself - I love this thing.)

If BlackBerry is going to try to get the business professional market back, I'd frankly love to see what improvements and products they announce for them. I don't know what those would be, but I honestly don't think a bigger Q10 is the answer.

"I don't mean to sound cold, or cruel, or vicious, but I am, so that's the way it comes out." Bill Hicks


Nice mockup but as a device it looks hideous and cumbersome. Almost like a Playbook held in portrait as a phone.

Posted on the awesome BlackBerry Q5

Eno Karapici

You are so right. Widescreen Balckberry ;)

Posted via CB10


Bigger screen is a must. Between 4.5 to 5 inch is ideal.

Does anyone get tired of *!*;;+? Zooming in and zooming out of websites to read from start to finish??? It's against productivity!!

If engineers could design it in way Maximizing screen and minimizing Bezel.
Phone should have latest gorilla glass.

I hear Apple is designing something like this for IPHONE 6.

Trackpad / Security feature should be in all Q series BlackBerry. Maybe a Z series. No power user wants to use gesture control to edit/select
Because its not precise selecting/editing like a trackpad. Wastes time!

Physical keyboard works for power users. Touch keyboard: it's hard pressing letters along the edge because the case is in the way or people with big hands. I sure don't have the patience to do finger acrobats to hit the right key with my big hands!! Frustrating!

This BlackBerry phone should have all the improvements CrackBerry nation voted most for in future BlackBerry. 

If you want to make this a killer Beast:

1. I recommend all future BlackBerry should be weather resistant to rain and dirt. 

2. How about the ability to download Apps made for Apple. Like we have for android.

3. All Android Apps and Apple apps should be easy and safe to download just like downloading BlackBerry 10 native in BlackBerry World. 

4 CrackBerry Nation always prefer native BlackBerry apps to alternative. We need developers to join CrackBerry nation .Know this machine is built developer friendly!!

BlackBerry Lead
Do Not Follow

Posted via CB10

BB Super Junior

My only gripe is the logo and no tool belt. What's wrong with me!?

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/


I think it will be awkward to have a qwerty added to a 5 inch display. It becomes more of a tablet than a phone. Infact a squarish tablet with a keypad is not a bad thought


Fugly fugly fugly ugly as ell. No way! Kill it now! Whars my barf bag! I have never seen such an ugly concept or potential real querty BB. ug!


Since I'm from Sweden I would very much like to see a full-fledged keyboard that better supports international characters than the Q10 does...

One would think that 5 inch in size gives the opportunity to add more keys :0)


This makes total sense to me. If you have the area for additional keys - use it.

I'm not saying that a numeric keypad has to be added on the right, but additional row(s) of keys shouldn't be out of the question. Think of the value of assignable function keys.

Posted via CB10


Fugly & clunky. 4th Keyboard row and toolbelt would make it a bit longer and less awkward looking. Plus, those additions would enable users to be more productive.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Uh uh I an inlove



Bit narrower and a bit longer...proportionally.

Posted via CB10


I'd love to see something with a 16:9 screen and a physical keyboard and a virtual toolbelt!

I've had to ask myself if a virtual trackpad would be good enough but in the end I just think a physical one would take up too much space, you'd have to change the aspect ratio to 4:3 or something. A keyboard on a big sceen like the Z30 would be a dream, but also keeping the one-handed use with a virtual trackpad. Really loving the Q30 concept floating around the forums!

Posted via CB10

elie bader

Z30 with a querty keyboard and without z trackpad would me nice. For those who want the trackpad to select, copy, cut and paste, there's a touch gesture on BB10 that allows u to do all that without z trackpad.

Posted via CB10

kamal lyall

I think it looks great, although I think there should be BlackBerry written on the top of the screen. If it is to a little more slimmer than Q10 than it would look. Awesome. Also I feel that instead of just increasing the size of the keys they should add some practical keys to the keyboard. I don't know if adding the touchpad and the key belt would make a difference cuz personally I don't miss them on my Q10. Besides what's history should remain history and BlackBerry should drop the idea Of keybelt. But this is for sure that this would be the only phone that can replace my Q10.

Q10 is marijuana

Gab Uche


Now that's ultra huge! No.

Posted Via CB10 for Z30


I have always struggled to understand the excitement about these concept phones. They aren't released by BlackBerry and as pretty as they might be, I don't understand why people find them so interesting.

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Ugly for me..i like the touch keyboard much more

Posted via CB10


You might be right since we haven't seen any leaked photos yet. This concept works just like any true full touch phablet ( 5.7 inch screen and larger). Most will think it's to big just like with a N3 but after holding it and using it a lot of qwerty lovers will buy it. This looks to be the best two handed qwerty device. It's only missing the special 3 row keyboard feature.

Posted via Z30 C0002FDEF


Looks ridiculous to me. I'd never be able to hold it securely in one hand - my hands aren't that big! By the time you get to this size, may as well go all the way to 7" and call it a small tablet with a keyboard. Now *that* I could go for!

Typed on my Q10, SQN100-2, :-)


I'll buy it right away!

Posted via CB10


Square screens need to die. I love my Q10 for everything but watching videos. If they want a biger screen extend it up and offer a rotation for videos. Really though I want a z10 with a typo keyboard in that box. That's where this company needs to be.

Posted via CB10



Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


Isn't this just an obvious stretched q10? Why are people worried that this would actually go into production?

Posted via CB10


Way, way, wayyyy too big for any phone. Silly size!

Z10 In action here!


To give an indication of what typing on this qwerty would feel like, you just need to type in landscape on the z30 - a 5 inch device. And let me tell you, it is way different than typing on the current Q devices.

Not sure about this idea, will need to wait and see how it turns out!

Posted via CB10


Sorry but with owners of this kind of phone I have always one question, have you something to compensate? Lol don't imagine put it in your pocket.
It's hard, it's big, but it's just a phone.

Posted via CB10


Hahhaa....can I phone be uglier dan dis??

Posted via CB10


I meant can a phone be uglier than this??
Comeon...please....take dis piece of crap away...
Z30 or z10 with slider keyboard...period

Posted via CB10


No thanks. Bring on the z50

Posted via CB10


A lot of people I know who own BlackBerry devices are business folks and wear glasses. They have their font size as very large.

Maybe a screen size this big is a very smart move.

Posted using my amazing and intelligent Z10


Yeah Z50 please, I'd buy it right now

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10


Well...I have mixed feelings


This is so weird.

GUYS I need help. On my Z10 I can't see any posts or forums when I'm logged in to my account. When I log out again the forums appear. Please help!!!

Posted via CB10


Please see this.

Posted via CB10


Can I get whatever these guys are smoking?

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Not an ugly concept but it's just way too big and not practical at all. *Thumbs down* it's almost a joke

Posted via Z10 follow @simonspatial


more length, less width would be handier


Enough with the keyboards already. Full touch is the way to go. and never going back.


It looks good but in my opinion it is just too big.I doubt that it would fit in my pocket.

Posted via CB10


Would definitely be interested in buying one of these

Posted via CB10

Eno Karapici

What is this ? Looks more wide then tall. If Blackberry will follow this in the future will produce widescreen mobiles ;).

Posted via CB10

Robert Rousseau

It s too big and Ugly!

Posted via CB10

Chen Touch

Ew. Can you imagine yourself giving a call with this device ?

Posted via CB10


That may be the worst looking smartphone I've ever seen.


Looks too big..... kinda like it was eating cheese burgers all year

Posted via CB10


Kill it with fire

Posted via CB10


that is the ugliest idea concept phone ever


Awful. An insult for those who spend years studying and working on industrial design


As far as looks go it's not as bad as I thought it would be. As far as communication would go this phone would be a powerhouse. Using two hands you could tap out messages super quick and accurately. It would be the closest thing to have a full laptop keyboard in your pocket. Bad things is that it is wide and bulky. And one handed usage is out of the question. And with that aspect ratio app choice would be limited and media would not be as good as on a 16:9 screen.

Posted via CB10


Looks potentially hard to hold. Otherwise great to have qwerty with more screen real estate.

Posted via CB10


Definitely not a one device, because of its square features

Z30 : posted via CB10 app


Get with the times, it's ugly, I don't like

Posted via CB10


Guys let's settle for a 4.5 inch super Spec Qwerty ( 3G RAM + 32G Internal storage, 128G SD CARD etc etc)

Z30 : posted via CB10 app



Posted via CB10 on Z10


I'd consider it however I'd rather a 6 inch all touch BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10


Perhaps it has the exact same dimensions as a passport, which fits perfectly in a suit breast pocket.


Wait and see.

Posted via CB10


Like holding a paper-back book to your ear when you're on the phone; too massive for my tastes.

Edward in Toronto

You got it all wrong. Think Z10 display and twice as wide, not Q10 display blown up. Also you forgot the track pad. First BlackBerry will release a version with a track pad, then in the future maybe one without.


Doesn't look comfortable to hold.. lol

Posted via CB10


I don't like it and it's missing the 4 bottom keys

Posted via CB10


Why not just put BB10 on playbook and buy a physical keyboard !?

Posted via CB10


I think it would be more like a 16:10 ratio screen that is in portrait it would be nicer also :D

Sent From my brand new Q10 :D


Too big. I wouldn't buy it. Ugly concept.


Not for me, waiting on Q20!

Posted via CB10


This device is not the way to go about doing itm.

Posted via CB10

John Kastanes

Could be a hit. Let's see how one looks if they decide to design it.



Personnaly, I think it's too big but something like this, directly inspired by this one could be better.


This concept design seems awkward large. Like the Q10 took steroids. Functionality is paramount but aesthetics has to be considered. The keyboard is missing the Alt and Shift keys.... this phone feels like it will hurt BlackBerry more than help. Meh, then again, I may not be seeing the big picture.


Kaikai Kai

Design not suite, logo have to remove. Hand can't hold large device and pocket can't put in

Posted via CB10


Why not just do a landscape keyboard device? If they do that I would jump on it.

Posted via CB10


Keep those theoretical devices coming and other companies have them done ..

Like this one here :

Posted via CB10


I will never buy it at all cuz the videos will stay the same as the Q10

Very bad concept

Posted via CB10


To put it into perspective perhaps add the Z30 and Z10 next to it, it would help us get a relative feel for its size.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Canada

Nick Spagnolo

The big question is, are there going to be apps for it. Are the apps going to work on that format? There's no need to upset an ecosystem that is already under scrutiny.



waaaaay to big for me. Z30 and playbook does it all for me.

altho' this might work if the ear went to a corner instead of center top. But still need to find a Pocket to keep it.


BlackBerry for life! The Quality in these phones are awesome and BB10 is the best OS on the market. It took me a while, but HUB is genius. Listening to Drake (Toronto!!!) as I write this!

Sent from my Q10! Will buy the Q20 on day 1!

Posted via CB10


Very bad

Posted via CB10

Chen Touch

No way.

Posted via CB10


With respect and admiration for those who do these designs, I don't see enough space below the screen for bezel gestures... don't forget that is a fundamental design requirement for BB10 devices.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


I would rather put 12 keys per rows, to keep the letters layout of the Q10 + the space bar on the third row, but with having backspace, return and shit on the right of the rows and sym, alt, shift on the left of the rows. Alt space would reach the 0. This leave space for a key after the L.
sym Q W E R T Y U I O P <-
alt A S D F G H J K L ? _/
shft Z X C V _0_ B N M $ shft
I expect one more row for the trackpad though...


I like it! Add a stylus and it's a winner!

Posted via CB10


you know, they could call this the Q10XL... Q10LL in Asia. :-)

Posted via CB10


I have recently switched to a Z30 from my beloved Q10 and anytime I use my Q10 again I miss the keyboard so much. I have to type slow and really pay attention to each word on my Z30 as I make so many mistakes if I try and go at the speed of my Q10. I love the large display too much to go back (I think) but this screen with that keyboard would be heaven.

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Hahahaha, yeah, no thanks. 3.5" width of the screen alone, hahahaha. Oh, for metric people that's ~9cm wide screen.

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Ugly. I normally read on my phone so the vertical screen makes more sense than square. Next Q phone should just have longer screen and be a bit thinner. But I don't know if they will make one in 2014. They probably still need to clear inventory on what they have. And they could also bring a price cut that would really help in enterprise sales.

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james pisano

The problem I have is how are you gonna use this device with one hand to do non-typing things like reading emails, surfing web, etc.? It seems way too unwieldy width wise.

I like being able to use the Q10 and Z10 with one hand...

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ATI nsider

That don't look right LOL. Looks really funny.
How about taking the Q10 and giving it one more inch in length and a 1/2 inch in width. That I would buy.



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Heck yeah, I love the fact that is wider. I wish the Q20 was a little wider to.

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No thanks, that wide screen is hideous.

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I never type with one hand, it's inefficient, I type super fast with two hands, so a wider keyboard is better. Good job mister Chen.

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If this was a little taller and a little narrower, it could replace my phone and MY LAPTOP for most things. (I already enjoy writing on my Q5). I am VERY interested in the idea of a phablet with a keyboard but it would have to be just the right size for me. I bet it wouldn't be too much more expensive for BlackBerry to release two or three at the same time to suit different tastes and different size hands (like Apple is reported to be doing on the next iPhone).

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That looks absolutely ridiculous.

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Trying to imagine my Z30, plus a keyboard. Way too big for me, I'd never buy it.

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This thing looks 5 inches wide as well. If I had to use one word to describe this concept it would be horriawful.


James, I know a very reliable source and it WILL be released in Q4 this year. Already saving for it. This is not a troll. I've been a member for two years and have been a frequent reliable contributor so I wouldn't offer such a statement without getting my facts straight first.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


But it most likely will NOT resemble this mock up.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Dat Gui

That thing looks like an inbred child. If you're going to make a concept phone at least make it something likable to happen. The BlackBerry logo will not go up on top and that thong doesn't look visually appealing


jeez, this is wrong. just wrong.


I really enjoy being able to carry my phone in shirt pocket and anything over 4" wide x 5" long would be to bulky for me. I would definitely buy one of that size.

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Interesting seeing how it compares size wise to the Q10. Too big for my tastes and can't imagine making phone calls on it, but I guess it would still make a great messaging and media viewing device. It would have its purposes.

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Hussain Karimi

Dislike. Not gonna happen in a million years.

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No way doesn't look too good .
Blackberry forever


I personally don't like the concept.

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How would we get to test the phone out if carriers aren't supporting the phones in store anymore?

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Too wide :(

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I would like to see an overlay of a q10 over top this qwertphalet to see the size ratio better

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Naved Khan4

Not even a real concept.....

No alt key no caps key..... and if we'll compare it to q10s keyboard each key will be marginally bigger.... i think size of q10 keys are perfect anything bigger will create discomfort only.... i am a product designer and i find this bad....i don't think crackberry shud post these concepts.

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TX Jedi

Can we be done with Alicia Keys already?

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Nope. Not practical as a phone for me. However I would use as some sort of tablet. Bigger than a phone, smaller than a traditional tablet. Give it some bells and whistles with excellent battery and I'm in.

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Nooo, 1st dont change the logo 2nd this is ugly concept 3rd no alt and shift key 4th wider and a bit taller should be enough with trackpad.

Im a blackberry fan, and I dont like that concept

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This phone looks impossible to handle.. with keyboard missing so many keys and functions doesn't go down well with me.. A complete no go!

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Too big.

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Hey stop the negativity... this is want you guys wanted...keyboard, trackpad, and larger screen..... love bit up bwahahahahahahaha

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Way too fat. Pass.

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I like it, allot. But from what I gather listening to reviewers I don't think it would sell many units.


I despise that keyboard.

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Jeo Chen

wow,,,damn it.What is this?

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Nice look. But to wide for my taste. In regards to use and functionality I'm sure it would be at the top. But imagine having this hanging it at your side on a holster. My view would probably change if this actually came to market and I actually held one.

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I think I prefer BlackBerry Q10 this concept is too big.
Just want I think!!!!!!

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Geez! That's awful! Looks like an old two-way pager from the 90's.


Do you think this might be for a tablet? :)

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Why did you put that bb logo on the top ? It would be nice if you replace with "Blackberry" text like "Porsche Design" text.

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HI i am from GREECE and i was have from the first year the iPhone 2g !!!!!!!!!! Here and 2 weeks i have the
Z 10 and I LOVE THIS PHONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN I WILL HAVE THE MONEY I WILL BUY Z 30 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Know if goes to product this phone in photo …….. I WILL BUY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its beautiful
The only problem with z 10 its battery but the same was and with iPhone 5 ,,,,,,,………!!!!!!
OK i will wait for Z 30

thats all folks

Nathan Alves

I would NEVER buy a phone that wide... that is huge... it is almost impossible to hold it in our hand... I prefer my Q10 by miles!!!

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Uncle Sky

Nope, would not buy it.

C004682C1 .... shot from my z10


Needs to be looks short

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Don't like it. I want a 16.9 format. Only a slider will give us a large screen (5"+), keyboard and a refined look.


I think it looks odd full stop, definitely not for me.

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Let's see you one hand type on that phone.

BlackBerry wins the lawsuit against the attachable apple keyboard they should use that idea on these larger touch screens.

Reason NO ONE makes a tablet with a built in physical keyboard.

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Not for me, this is too ugly
And don't tell me "but it's for businessman, not for kid like you", business man or not, this is a piece of uglyness.


Think of how much typing you can to on this device without having to scroll up and down. I think the device will be very much like the size of a passport.

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I like it. Plus I think that people with big/fat fingers will love it (no offense intended, just stating facts), or at least they should. Since that's a complain you hear about touch screen keyboards now a days.

Overall, I like this concept. It sure if I would buy it, because I don't switch phones often, for whatever reason, but if it were the time And this design was available, it would be a top-runner. You'd also have to make the battery detachable since a screen that big will drain ur battery.

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Nice if your blind

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I see all these comments but you are thinking of this as a device in terms of how you currently use yours. Instead, look at it as a business device, as Chen said they are focusing.

Sure, the size and aspect ratio is not outright an obvious win but I think it is a great alternative to a laptop if I need to hammer out 20 emails.

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Isn’t there a point when a physical keyboard layout is too wide to use effectively? I realize it’s just a render, but if the proportions are correct, that keyboard looks like it would be about 50% wider than the Q10. I think you can only go just a little bit wider than the current layout without it becoming a frustrating typing experience.

Plus, it would be embarrassing using that square block in public. All IMO.


This phone is very unattractive to me. No thank you.

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I saw the story that showed the "alleged" 5 inch display and thought it looked similar to some of the infotainment screens on the newer cars I've worked on and agreed with some comments about it's implementation in automobiles. Now that I see it on a rendering of a phone, I can see where it will work. For my taste though, the keyboard is too wide and it would need to be the normal BB keyboard, not the three row rendition this one has. They're going back to the tool belt because people have asked for it, why give them that but not the keyboard they are used to?

Inco Gnito

I do not think this device was primarily designed as a PHONE.

Big screen with great QWERTY taylored for two hand handling and (probably) hard drive.

Could be great replacement for your TABLET, GAMING DEVICE and even LAPTOP.

If marketed well, this COMMUNICATOR could be bestseller.


Too large

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That things a monster!

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A big no no.

5 inch and square? You must be kidding, right?

I can only see the screen gets longer if to have a full qwerty keyword, right now, ui for q10 makes the screen less efficient, all the buttons are way too big, usable space on screen is only tiny, specially if you want to have a quick browse of some video clips.


When the keyboard gets nice and larger, the space bar needs to be enlarged proportionally, at least.


The new "design" is no design whatsoever, utterly dreadful, lost all the beautiful things what a q10 has.

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