Formula 1 Season Kicks Off Today - Download the Free Official Live Timing App for BlackBerry Smartphones!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Mar 2010 11:05 pm EST
Formula1 BlackBerry App Formula 1 BlackBerry App

WooHOoo! We're literally just hours away from the official start of the 2010 Formula 1 season with the first Friday Practice about to kick off in Bahrain. And to make this year's practice sessions, qualifying and races even more engaging to watch on tv BlackBerry owners can now download the Official Live Timing App and follow the lap details from their device. Features include:

  • Live Timing: The main timing screen lets you track the progress of every driver, from their position and best lap time to their latest sector times and lap count. Other features include a track status indicator, informing you of yellow/red flags and safety car phases, plus straight-line speeds and text commentary.
  • Circuit Data: The circuit data screen lets you know what conditions the drivers are facing out on the circuit, with the current air and track temperatures, rainfall, air pressure and humidity levels, plus wind speed and direction. Graphs also allow you to see how conditions have changed throughout the session.
  • Additional Features: The Official Live Timing Application isn't just about the current race. Other features include results for every session of the current season, the season calendar, timetables for every Grand Prix and the current championship standings.
To download, just visit from your BlackBerry's web browser. The app is free of charge, but you will need to register at to take advantage of the app all season long (you can use the app for one race weekend without having to register). At 1.1 megabytes it's a fairly heavy app by BlackBerry standards (I'm sure F1 fans won't mind!), but from the few minutes I've spent on it so far it seems to be a well-built app. The true test will come once the cars hit the track though.

As for the 2010 season, I think we're in for a good one. Some of the rule changes are a bit wonky but should hopefully make for better race action. And with Michael Schumacher back in the sport (albeit not in a Ferrari) and with some very competitive team driver pairings, there's going to be a lot of drama and action both on and off the track. Any picks on who wins this year? Sound off in the comments! I already have my race ticket and trip booked to hit up the Grand Prix of Canada in Montreal in June, so if you're going to be there let me know and we'll do a CrackBerry/F1 Fan Meetup! Enjoy the app, and enjoy the season!

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Formula 1 Season Kicks Off Today - Download the Free Official Live Timing App for BlackBerry Smartphones!


I should be at the Montreal Grand Prix with friends ... can't wait. I will also DL this app and try it out. If i see you there Kevin ... beer is on me! LOL

*Edit : App installed and wroking great. Def a must for F1 fans.

It"s about time! I was beginning to think that Bernie and F1 only believed that Formula One fans only used the iPhone.

I can wait for this weekend's race to kick off the 2010 season.

no support for Pearls... to save anyone else some time, support is for 8520, 8530, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9520, 9530, 9550, 9630, 9700. I hope you all enjoy the season, luckily it will be rare that I'd be without my laptop when the races are on (Likely gonna stream them if i can).

I wish F1 would get some HD cameras soon, it might entice me to pay for a cable connection.
This will be one of the best season in a while, too bad about USF1.

Best blog for F1 info - - seriously good.

Finally some F1 love for the BlackBerry. Now if only TSN will provide some proper coverage here in Canada instead of going to commercials in the middle of the race. Life would be perfect then :))

I feel your pain CurlyFatAngry. I wish we could get the SpeedTv feed up here in Canada. Do you know if we'll be able to watch the Friday practices on SpeedTv or has the CRTC denied that from us also?

I just checked Speed TV's schedule and practice one will be 6AM eastern. Not sure if there's going to be a blackout in effect, but will give it a try.

I feel your pain guys. However I don't know if it was a fluke or something, but I'm was able to watch the live feed on SpeedTV at the same it was on TSN. I live in the GTA area as well. So maybe the CRTC changed the rules to allow both to be shown live. Here's hoping.

says my device is not accepted, i have a 9630. I download it, send the file to my desktop, but desktop manager wont recognize it for some reason...some help please?

I knew it was only a matter of time after seeing Blackberry pop up so much at the races. I am so glad that we finally got shown some love. Go Nando!!!

hmm i'm blind.. i can't find the link to the app... it just says that it's coming soon and i should check the page again...

I am on Orange UK network and although I can get to and see information about the app - "It will available prior to the Bahrain GP..." - there is NO link to download it. Has it been pulled or is it only available in certain countries?

I get the same thing and i'm in canada.. i've e-mailed them to see if it's an oversight or just poor linking...

Even i cant find the OTA to download. am in Dubai. anyways most of the things are blocked here so it wont be a surprise if they havent launched the app here.

I finally got it downloaded and registered but can't log in. I tried changing the password but it still doesn't work for me. Hopefully the kinks will be worked out before the real season starts.

Most be an issue with registering via the device through the mobile browser. I've attempted to change the password 3 times and still can't log in.

Why on earth would they not use the device keyboard?!?!?

Am I doing something wrong? It says it will be available prior to Bahrain GP. I'm from India.

Hi folks

I've downloaded the app and its running on my 8900...but i think its a bit buggy...

Jumping from "results" to "live timings" is *SLOW*...but worst of all, the results are showing in capital "A"'s with the various status colours! So effectively, right now, i don't know who's fastest in P2 (no readable name,team, etc)...and won't find out until i select the result AFTER the event...

I've already sent a mail to the "help" email given in the app, but i doubt it'll be resolved this weekend!

Hope someone has had better luck than me!


But hey, it's ok.. as long it's available next Saturday for the qualifying.

I'm not watching for Schumacher.. he spoiled F1 for me in the past. it wasn't the question who would win.

Right now i like him being back but it's not something i get real excited about.
My personal opinion is that he will get is ass kicked on the track because he now cannot bully others anymore and he doesn't have a favourable prosition at mercedes GP. At ferrari he had the place of first driver ,same as at mercedes but without someone driving on the track dedicated to making sure you win.

This was wrong and in my opinion show a great lack of sportsmanship. but hey. i'm biased as a McLaren fan.

For the championship i think Vettel, Button, Hamilton and Alonso will battle for it. Offcourse i'm hoping that one of the mclarens will win but i think it'll be Vettel for some reason. It's a gut feeling.

On the app:

When is it coming?

Not available in the USA yet either. I get the same "coming soon" message. Hopefully it will show up soon. It's going to be an awesome season!

Call me carazy but when i log into this site to download this APP it tells me that its not available yet to check back regulary???

Downloaded it last night thanks to a heads up from @britishturbo. Works great for me here in Pennsylvania on my 9630. Adrian Sutil and Force India throwin' down some fast times.

Can any of you guys who have the app convert the app into into .jad & upload it somewhere for our benefit!? Want this so bad!

i installed it on my 9520 (storm2), on vodafone uk, i am getting a capital 'A' in a box in all the important sections when i run it?? anyone else experiencing this??? makes it pretty much useless till i can sort it!!

Great as a page but when I got there the site said the app was not ready to download to keep a check to that page. Well being the F1 fan that I am I just bookmarked the homepage and will go from there. Did I do something wrong or what?

Great as a page but when I got there the site said the app was not ready to download to keep a check to that page. Well being the F1 fan that I am I just bookmarked the homepage and will go from there. Did I do something wrong or what?

Sorry about the double post! As stated no luck getting it in Alabama. Still GREAT to see so many F1 fans on Crackberry, please excuse the Indy fan, they do try.

Working great on my Curve 8520 only thing it doesn't have an exit/close option when I hit the Menu button and the escape button doesn´t work. Only way to close the app is by hitting the Hang Up key. Anyone else has ahd the same problem or knows how to close the app another way?

"The application will shortly be available for download for high-end Java-enabled phones and Blackberry. Check this page regularly for the latest on availability."

I have my race tix for the Canadian Grand Prix booked as well!

Are you making a list? If you're doing a meetup, please count me in!

Also, if the download doesn't appear to be available:
That means you haven't read the article. You must register! Go to "My Details".

That isn't what the article says. It says you can download for free, but you have to register to be able to use it all season long.

I can't download it, and I've been a member as long as I can remember

mhmm same as the other people...cant download it

i would love to see schumy take this one...would be great to see

That's not fair! I got all excited and then get to the download page and it's not avaialble for my Storm2!

Thanks for the "ringtones" anyways!

Got the link back now.

There's no preferences to set, such as adjusting the schedule to match your own time zone instead of the venue. Strange omission for an app with worldwide distribution.

I tried the basic link and it still wasn't working. On the other hand, I used snowdei's link, but changed the '9700' to '8900' and it worked fine on my Curve.

On another question that was brought up, it doesn't appear like there's an exit button, but when you press the 'End Call' the application seems to be terminated as it doesn't appear in 'Switch Application'.

Kevin, I also have my F1 tickets for Montreal. Section 31. Where are your seats? Anyways, it should be a blast and I'll feel even more connected with Live Timing! This is awesome, thanks for the post.

Well I got it to download so that was a great step, followed the steps, they confirmed my email, so I go to sign in and this stupid useless keypad pops up, never could sign in, kinda sucks!

you need to go to for a OTA Link, Orange in the UK and just downloaded it

I was having one heck of a time trying
to type information in. Ended up giving up.
Unless someone can tell me how to get the regular
Keyboard to work?

Got my ticket for the weekend in Grandstand 11. Can't wait. For others attending this Ramada still has rooms at $87.20can a night when you book and prepay for three nights. It's about a 3 mile drive to a subway stop that takes you right to the race. Much cheaper than downtown hotels.

For those who are getting a bunch of capital "A"s in the results and live timing tabs- delete and reinstall the app (no need for another registration)- it should sort itself out after the second install.

True test will be @ qualifying. Good luck to all (drivers included!)

Horrible user-id/password entry on the storm - entering one's login credentials is near impossible with that bollix they have for a keyboard. Why didn't they use the standard Blackberry component?? It was so bad that I've uninstalled the app, sadly.

I've been trying to enter my username and password for 20 minutes without success. This keyboard is the worst idea ever in the history of F.O.M. Even worse than women dressed as Nazis.

It woks fine on my Storm.
But I enabled compatibility mode before I launched the app.
I used the Storm keyboard to login with no agro.
I then disabled compatibility mode and went back to the app and closed it.
The app restatred w/o having to login again.

Options > Applications > highlight the app, and hit the BBerry key.
You will see the compatibility options

I was so excited like everybody else and installed the app but neither BB button nor the return button works on 9500.
So storm users don't bother to waste your time on it..

It's not as cool as the iPhone/Touch app from last year, but HURRAY! we got an F1 live timing app for the Blackberry. Yes the lack of an exit/close option (and not getting sector split times) is a bit of a bummer, but all in all a VERY cool FREE F1 app!

The wife and I bought our tickets to Montreal within days of their becoming available. A CrackBerry F1 meet up would be very cool. I certainly am looking forwards to visiting Montreal in the Summer (my only trips there were in February--even then, I found the city to be one of my favorites!). F1 back in North America and meeting up with some CrackBerry friends--bring on June!

Managed to get the 1st version to work on my Storm eventually after repeated login attempts.
Installed update and now it is worse - the compatibility mode enabling still doesn't work as the cursor isn't in the login box so I still cannot type.

This as well as lock ups that force a battery pull or often unhandled exceptions make me wonder why I bothered to persist in the first place.

I love F1, and does this compliment it? Does it ****!

I had the first version and it all worked well then it told me to update so i did and since then every time i open the app it hangs on exit and i need to do a battery pull to fix. I have tried to reinstall a couple of times but the same fault remains.

Come on sort it out.

the most frustrating experience in a long while... trying to type username and password on the virtual keyboard. Has anyone figured a reliable workaround yet?

awesome app, love it, Said my 9650 was not supported but downloaded it as 9630 and it works great.

FORZA Ferrari.

Go Massa