Formula 1 Malaysia Grand Prix Recap

By Adam Zeis on 1 Apr 2014 07:40 am EDT

Sitting in the pole spot in Malaysia for the second straight race, Lewis Hamilton had much higher hopes for even finishing the race this time. He has a 100% finish rate in Malaysia though, and once things got going it was clear he wasn't going to let that number change.

Right from the start Lewis took a commanding lead and never looked back. His teammate Nico Rosberg held on strong in 2nd as well, the two Mercedes cars clearing dominant for this one. In Australia, Hamilton started the race in first but quickly retired due to engine problems, leaving it up to Rosberg to take the win. This time around there was no car trouble for either driver.

As the checkered flag dropped, it was 1-2 for Mercedes — the first time that's happened since 1955. World Champion Sebastian Vettel pulled in behind Rosberg for a third place finish.

Even though it's still early on in the season, Mercedes is clearly the team to beat. Vettel's third-place finish was over 20 seconds behind Hamilton.

It's awesome to see the BlackBerry-sponsored Mercedes AMG Petronas team off to such an amazing start — here's to hoping that they keep it up all season!

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Formula 1 Malaysia Grand Prix Recap


The new F1 has been likened to a former smoker who is now able to taste certain things they were unable to before. The high pitched windup of the turbochargers has replaced the familiar throaty growls of the previous era. I too like a menacing growl on a speed machine.
F1 has undoubtedly changed. With rookies scoring points and podiums and mid pack teams challenging perennial contenders, this brave new world of Formula One seems far from awful thus far.

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+1. Well said.

I would like to hear a more throaty exhaust noise with the wonderful sounds of spooling turbo if at all possible.

But it is amazing to see such small engines put out such great powers. F1 has always been a "tech geek" dreams come true and the engineering folks never disappoint!

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It's not about the noise. The drivers dont even push to limit anymore because they have to save fuel. F1 used to be the most advanced edge in motor racing, not any longer now it's GP2.

Nope not really, not to this extent for sure. I'm sure they'll change some of the rules before the end of the championship - the fuel one is absurd.

I've sent an email to @Bla1ze earlier this morning for having your Formula 1 Recap !!!
It was a fabulous race for Lewis and Nico.
Good Job to the Mercedes AMG Petronas Team and BlackBerry

Great start of the season..

Two races, two wins first second.

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It's actually the opposite. For one, it's hard to be associated with a winning team and two.....Formula 1 is huge.

Powered by BlackBerry

They have the best active BBM Channel. Always updated daily. Good luck the rest of the season.

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How can you say it's a waste of funds. Formula One is so international. You must not get out much. If you travel you might know that.

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Yeah, I know what you mean... lol

How much does BlackBerry give to this team per year? I wonder if that'll change under Chen...

Yes, I find the logo is too small, they're paying for a lot of white space around it....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

As much as I love BlackBerry, I don't think F1 posts should be made on this site. I watch every F1 race, but sometimes it takes me days, or a week, to do so after it airs. It sucks avoiding twitter and most sports website for that long already, I really don't want to add CB to the list!

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Honestly every single post about F1 has someone like you complaining.

First it was "please wait to post results" and "don't post results in headlines".

Now you are saying "don't post this content at all because I don't want spoilers".

Don't read the headline or don't read CB until you watch if it matters. Just like any other event. Don't want a sport or TV show spoiled? Don't go on the Internet or communicate with anyone until you watch it.

If you don't watch something live then you need to plan your life accordingly.

CB is more than fair to you guys by now not posting results in the headline.

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All valid points, and I do plan my life accordingly. I'm just saying that it sucks.

If for example, CB did not post an article about F1... that would suggest the Mercedes cars did not do well, or crashed out- which gives something away.

Heck, the Toronto Blue Jays, Raptors and Maple Leafs all have substantial BlackBerry sponsorship in their stadiums and associated with MLSE. But we don't see updates on how those teams are doing. Having a tech blog not post about sports isn't really that outrageous of a statement, but I'm not expecting CB to stop just for me. I am happy with what they've done so far to reduce the chance of spoilers! Now all thats left is to COMMITTING to make an F1 post after EVERY RACE; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I'm an avid F1 fan and often record the races to watch later. As long as CB doesn't put spoilers in the headlines I'm fine with them posting about F1.

I've been watching ever since BlackBerry started sponsoring this team and it's amazing how much they have improved in the last year

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Now that is the way an F1 post is made!! Thanks again Adam for avoiding spoilers!

On the race: well it wasn't the most exciting but I think the renault engines are down on power compared to their Mercedes counterparts. And I was a little confused how they were still getting fuel flow rate statistics for Ricciardos red bull even though the sensor was broken...

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Does the Mercedes-car have any BlackBerry software or technology? Or is it just a sponsorship from BlackBerry (aka car stickers for cash)?


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Anyone else notice the picture is of last year's car. Hamilton is now number 44 not 10. His helmet design has changed and the car nose is now lower.

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Yes partnering with mercedes with naming a phone q5 like audi and z3 like bmw probably is marketing genius...

I disagree with F1 being awful. If anything this year offers a greater understanding of the sport and it seems more competitive, bringing the driving skills more into play. Great job by Mercedes thus far.

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The irony is that probably nobody noticed Nike Lauda calling his bosses to celebrate the victory on his IPHONE..

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