Former BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben heads to Rogers as Interim Chief Strategy Officer

By Bla1ze on 23 May 2014 03:56 pm EDT

If you've been wondering what former BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben has been up to, we now have an answer for you thanks to Rogers. The Canadian wireless carrier has now laid out their plans for what they're calling Rogers 3.0, which is a multi-year plan to radically improve the customer experience and increase revenue and cash flow for the company.

As part of their efforts, they've mixed up management a bit and among the names on the list is Frank Boulben who has been assigned the role of interim role as Chief Strategy Officer. Frank served as BlackBerry CMO until it was announced in November that he would be exiting the company along with Kristian Tear and Brian Bidulka.

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Former BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben heads to Rogers as Interim Chief Strategy Officer


I really hate their service..
Everytime I call them its always some brown guy who picks up with no enthusiasm to help at all.. I can hardly understand with their accents... no offence.

Last week I called in for help with my digital box, I think the guy said he will send a new box replacement but nothing happened yet. Maybe I misunderstood him?

Brown guy? Really?

I know terrible customer service but no need for the ignorance.

When it comes to the x CMO, I wish him the best. He sucked with blackberry so maybe he found his fit with them.

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So was your "white" accent for him... I know that it wasn't meant in a mean way, but consider, the only thing that counts is how it's understood and not how it was meant to...

Ferrari ZetaTrenta - STA100-2

At first I was taken aback by the "brown guy" term...but now thinking about it we say "white guy" & "black guy" all the what is really the troubling part is the fact that these people are from other parts of the world and that is THE problem.

I'm pro-North America...but I'm also pro-human especially when the space aliens get here and start taking all of our jobs.(Any else see the "Futurama" episode on was great.)

Murray Squire Marr

@ thedustytaco, that's racist! Brown skin guy? Huh!? You could see his skin through the phone???? You definitely need a wider world view!!!! SMH at your ignorance!

 'n Arsenal by choice! ;-)

Strange that people still employ those people - wondering where Thorsten Heins will show up next - maybe Nokia? Starbucks or sprint?

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Nah these guys usually end up with clueless organizations. It's like coaches in major sports. They don't do jack but keep getting offered chances to coach time and time again because it's a good old boys club. Once one breaks through to the top their names will be linked to top jobs no matter how pathetic their performance.

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It's funny how Rogers hired him despite his performance with marketing of BlackBerry 10. Such a disaster that he did with that super bowl commercial and everything else he did as CMO!!! I was never a fan of that commercial from the moment I first saw it!

Thorsten I kind of liked but always found him so boring to listen to especially during the BB 10 introduction.

Of course we can't change time but I'm pretty sure if Chen was CEO then it would have been more live and a lot better received to the world!!!

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With Chen there would have been ZERO $ spent on marketing the new OS.

This, though, may have been smarter...because a new OS conquest sale was going to take time to attract consumers (ALL conquest sales are tough).

Murray Squire Marr

Perhaps Rogers know why he was such a failure.

Truth is however bad he was, it had very little to do with him, and everything to do with the carriers.

Rogers will know that better than anyone. They weren't even going to carry the Z30 they make so little money from BlackBerry.

I am laying my money down on your line as we speak. I am sure he is a decent guy, but his curriculum vitae is a little suspect.

I think it's fine. He took on the challenge at BlackBerry but that didn't work out that's all.

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He was the "chief marketing officer" at BBRY - And I think 99 percent of us would agree that the products are decent, but marketing "strategy" was horrible. He accepted the challenge and failed IMHO. I would love to get my hands on a Z30 built for AT&T's network, but I can't. Is that AT&T's fault? vertical marketing management's fault? or the late CMO's fault? - we will never know but it is a damn shame.

True. But eat the CMO reports to someone. And ultimately that person reports to the board. Also, marketing requires money. At a time of cutting costs some tough decisions needed to be made about what money was available and for what. The marketing failures may have been his doing or they may not have. Hard to tell.

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Marketing can always be done on the cheap, especially in the modern age with social media. Generating "buzz" no longer takes millions of dollars, just a little savvy.

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The money they spent on the Superbowl ad wasn't cheap! They could have definitely spent that money more wisely.. I still don't understand how they justified spending that kind of money in a market that wasn't getting phones for months. Mind blowing!

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How is it Frank's limitation if there aren't enough apps or random reboot errors or not enough perceived differentiation?

Not to say he's off the hook, but it took many to tango but marketing is always the easy scape goat

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You seem to know a lot about BlackBerry...who was the Chief Marketing Officer before Boulben? And what is your opinion of their tenure?

Murray Squire Marr

His keep moving campaign was terrible. There enough differentiation with the hub and multitasking that he could have easily promoted. But the keep moving ads? Please. The super bowl ad was actually quite good if he followed it up with an actual campaign to show us what BB10 could do that he couldn't shown is 30 seconds. His F1 sponsorship was really the only thing I would say was good.

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Those "Keep Moving" ads showed many of the features of BB10...but I only saw them on CNBC and Bloomberg---they were aired constantly.

Maybe marketing at the time to a hunkered down "business community" that wasn't going to spend "$" on anything they "REALLY" didn't need was part of the problem. A year later...and perhaps now the features & productivity gains of BB10 will justify the capital expenditure by businesses and business people for new BlackBerry BB10 phones.

Murray Squire Marr

BlackBerry believed they'd get carrier marketing support.

They didn't.

The carriers had no intention of selling the phones because they cost too much to the carrier.

Why do you think BlackBerry shifted production to FoxConn? For the improved quality?

No no no, Frank was the CMO, chied marketing officer, and other than his dunb super bowl commercial, he purely did nothing..

He's to blame a lot!!!!!!!

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STA100-1 I'm dying for one, with no luck looking for STA100-5 or even STA100-3 for decent price can't find one. Don't want to pay $500.00+ TAX for 8 months old phone with almost no chance of getting LTE. Would pay $500.00 for STA100-1, unfortunately it doesn't exist. Thanks to Chen.

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" that the products are decent"

The products are decent, but the price is too high. That's why BlackBerry has been such a disaster.

Nothing to do with marketing. BlackBerry could have spent every last cent on marketing and they still wouldn't have sold any phones.

The retailers make more money selling other phones!

By the way. It's AT&T's fault. Or rather, it's BlackBerrys fault for not producing their phones at a lower price.

Chuckle. Well... I'm shooting that stock in a month or so again.

Welcome back to Canada Mr. Bed Shitter!!

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It's more welcome to Canada. This guy refused to move from New York when he was hired at BlackBerry. Staying there really helped the marketing effort didn't it? Well one thing it seemed to do was establish a precedent where top execs for BlackBerry stay in the States but still run the company. I guess some of the top dogs don't like paying Canadian taxes or something.

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Crackberry Team, where is Jubei Raziel?
Blogger are asking the same question.

Step up to the plate team, what's going on?

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Maybe Jubei is on vacation or something!

My concern has been that the dude can write, so well that he may be putting so much effort into a particular post that he may not have much more to post on in the later days or maybe even weeks.

I like an informative thought provoking post but there's always a fine line.

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That was my first thought too. Didn't the Rogers Wireless Board of Directors not pay attention to BlackBerry, the industry pioneer formerly called Research In Motion? Oh vey! Sacre bleu, mon dieu.

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Rainbow smoke... and elephant feet.

Crush some iPhones this time, if you plan to do it again. ;-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I hope you are correct. Unless this is his real BlackBerry marketing campaign. Maybe he is a double agent! - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

They are smoking some strong stuff over at rogers lol!!

This will not end well...

I don't care if other people want a bb10 device I wanted one and that's all that matters.

They'll get their share of rainbow smoke, when this dude walks in....

they must be trippin' already... (on elephant feet)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Sigh... rogers is pathetic I can't wait to leave them as well. customer service is garbage and i need a carrier that gives better signal in crucial areas I need it.

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Oh dear that's the 'Kiss of Death ' to Rogers.

Mr Boulben has the opposite of the Midas touch.....

Everything he touches turns to......(you know the rest ).

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What will their strategy evolve to, when the current strategy seems to be "since there is no significant subscriber growth, the only way to show 'growth' to investors is to raise prices and reduce value to customers simultaneously".

I thought they couldn't get any more creative than when they introduced the "paper invoice surcharge": where if you don't opt for electronic bill documents, they levy a $2 fee.

I predict the next innovation will be the "bill compilation fee": since there is a cost to Rogers to keep track of the services you subscribe to, starting in August 2014 a $2 monthly fee will be levied to cover the costs of calculating what your fees are.

mark. my. words.

They charge $2.00 for a paper bill and yet they still send you junk mail every month on the form of paper.

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I sent an E-mail to them about this exact thing. No reply of course. Maybe the repy will come in the mail soon. ;)

C0015B221 Wine kit making

You'll be crying when you receive your first compiled billing assessment fee which will have surcharges in excess of the two dollar monthly fee to recover "government regulatory fee."

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The rainbow smoke has already kicked in....

very creative in inventing new innovative fees...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I live in the US but maybe he will help and be positive for only hopes!

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Just goes to show you that once you reach Sr. Executive level, you can always find work regards of your past track record. In all fairness, we really don't know what transpired behind closed doors and what he must have been up against while at RIM/BlackBerry

Posted via CB10 some lines of work they're called "the Untouchables"

Doesn't matter what they do or how much they screw up...they're untouchable.

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Customer experience my ass. It took a twitter blitz just so they can carry the Z30...

Good luck with that Rogers!

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Unfortunately in Canada the government created the telecommunications duopoly of Bell/Rogers. They will not fail or improve until true competition is allowed to enter the market place. Their business model is based on customer turnover between the limited carriers available, rogers (fido) bell (virgin) and Telus/wind. Competition is an illusion.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

That's why a lot of folks for excited when a large US service (forget which one) contemplated coming to Canada.

Also put the duo-opoly into pucker mode for a while.

Maybe someday it could happen again the US giant will force some serious competition to the market.

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I hope he doesn't have any ill will towards BlackBerry? Mr. Sims said BlackBerry will be kick starting marketing when 10.3 drops. Along with that is improving carrier relations. I can't see Frank having open arms?

Hopefully he doesn't read Crackberry, lol. I'm just as guilty for cutting him up for his performance and choices.


I can't see him not having open arms... they knew they failed... the whole bunch of them and Frank Boulben failed. They all knew they were getting kicked out the moment they put up the for sale sign... there should be 0 ill will....


Well, best of luck with that new position Frank. I'm sure you'll be BlackBerry best advocate here.
Also, hope your hands will be free, this time.

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With this news if I had shares on Rogers, I would sell them inmediatly... That guy is a tool... He couldn´t arrange for a 1-2-3 marketing plan for BB, couldn´t air a decent TV ad on the Super Bowl, and couldn´t book decent celebrities for BB events... This guy knows marketing as I know quantum physics!!!!!! Sorry for the investors, shareholders and employees of Rogers, I mourn with you!!!!!!!

In Australia we say, "he couldn't organise a p...-up in a brewery... "

- no ill will, BlackBerry paid his tuition fee. Hope he's using it right this time and hope he gets off the rainbow smoke and back on the right, ahem elephant foot, ... :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Not sure about Franky B's previous history but he was about as effective as using a pillow to pound in a nail during his time at BBRY. I'm not sure if it was due to internal factors or if he is just an imbecile. I guess we'll see in his new role with Rogers.

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I dont think its the problem with him that BB dint have any soooppperr ad...Its been 7 months that he left the company and what is the ad you c about blackberry still ??

Time to buy TELUS shares! Rogers is probably going to make some amazing strategy blunders, given Frank's track record! Ha Ha Ha!

If I had to pick between the lesser of two evils, I'd pick Bell. Sorry Rogers, had enough of you.

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Mark my words, rogers (fido, chat-r) will definitely be raising it's prices up much higher. Bell (virgin, solo) and telus (koodo, public) will follow suit. It always happens in due time. Increased revenue ans cash flow = jacking up the prices.

So glad i'm not a rogers (fido/chat-r) customer, but a wind customer. Saving more than I ever did on the big three.

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hahahaha! O wow did they pick the wrong guy! wonder how many $millions$ Rogers needed to throw away?

If he as CMO approved for Super Bowl add that is all I need to know about him. Good luck Rogers!

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Rogers will be an even bigger challenge than BlackBerry and he was unsuccessful there. Rogers' reputation is at an all time low; their prices already high and their services inconsistent. Unless they are prepared to lose money to win back customers and confidence they are heading for trouble.
If his mandate is to improve the customer experience and increase revenue, he cannot possibly succeed.

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Let's see how this sequel of the story turns out.

If you've got anything in ya, mate, go and prove yourself now.

Don't do the lazy thing and jack up prices.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I despise this french @sshole sooooooo much!!!
He did nothing for orange, he did nothing for blackberry! He will not do anything for Rogers!!!

I hate him!!

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How he has another job is beyond me. Pretty sure Rogers will kick him to the curb when they don't get the results they want.

Rogers sucks. How appropriate to hire Frank, cuz we all know how well he performed when he was with BlackBerry. *awkward*

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Talk about revenge, he will surely end carrier support for BlackBerry for firing him.
Next Rogers will end BlackBerry relationship lol

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As long as he stays quiet and doesn't make any guarantee then he might be alright.

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Give the guy a chance; he was no genius while at BlackBerry but that does not mean he will screw up at Rogers.

Let's hope he emphasizes BlackBerry in his new position.

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Hope loyalty or gratitude are in his vocabulary. Even if it didn't work out at BBRY.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Lmao... Rogers customer service sucks and doubt "Bulb-less" has any bright ideas to help! Looks like I'm going to have to switch carriers.

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Good luck and best wishes Frank. It never ceases to amaze me how people can be so critical without knowing all the facts. Was there money provided for real marketing and if yes was it enough? Was Frank given a free hand or did others micro manage him like the President or the Board? Frank had a life before BlackBerry so how did that go? He did get your attention because your all talking about the football add. But marketing is more than one add. Good luck Frank!

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Let me see... Alicia Key, Keep Moving commercials without showing the device, Sponsoring Apprentice Asia, but totally no air time for BlackBerry device in the entire show...

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Wow did Rogers not see that fiasco of a BB10 launch and Marketing campaign? The good ole boys network is alive and well!

Posted with a BlackBerry Z10

Finally someone mentions the old boys network. Been reading and reading.... these execs all have friends in high places. and they always seem to get beautiful exit packages at shareholders and lower level employees' expense when they screw up and eventually exit. Just like politicians and their disgusting back scratching and patronage.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

No more rogers... telus will celebrate!
Of all people seriously... frank?

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Some funky fire with rainbow smoke and elephant feet fire walking exercise ...

feed the fire, with Samsung plastic and iPhone charger$ ...

Hope this will ignite some to join Rogers network on BB10 devices again... with better pricing, of course...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Why wouldn't he hop on board an already profitable company that just rips our wallets apart every month instead of trying to make blackberry profitable. Selfish scum

Posted via CB10 for Z30

Maybe Chen sent him as a mole to infiltrate Rogers and have him ditch the iPhone and reduce Samsung shelf space to a tiny corner at the back once BB 10.3 marketing kicks in....

They made him lose it, so they can park him there without raising any suspicion.

BlackBerry needed time from Jan 2013 till Oct 2014 to bring BB10 and BES12 up to scratch, and he's always been part of the plan. Heins was just a interim puppet to win time for software devs to catch up.

Prem had it all mapped out and is pulling the strings in the background...


Don't believe this. Only if you like a "good" conthpirathy plot.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Sorry Rogers. At least he's not over marketing again. That guy sux at marketing. CB10 has better marketing by word of mouth

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Frank will do alright considering the industry is a duopoly. This new position actually suit him well.

For cutthroat technology and smartphone's market, BlackBerry needs people like Chen. Execute, execute and execute.

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BlackBerry communications and market presence is still poor in my view. For me little has changed. For example the z30 has the best battery of all. Why does not the world know it? A 10 second add on TV could at least let them know.

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Hahaha signing a former Blackberry CEO, can sign me also, I have also no idea

RedBerry Z10 #00167 OS10.2.1.2947 /2235

Perfect match! A complete numbnuts is joining a den of vipers, snake pit, a cesspool of amebas...well you get the picture...

I can't wait until Rogers ceases to be so that I can be there and take a piss on their smouldering ruin...


Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Frank Boul...

New head of Strategy for...

Ah hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (pauses for a cocktail) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (passes out due to lack of oxygen)

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Corporate canada/us is a sham. Where else does one get promoted or grossly compensated for bad performance? How many millions did thor make for helping run the company into the ground? Nobody should be surprised here.

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Looks like once you get a C-level job, you always get a C-level job, no matter what your results were so far

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This guy had a great opportunity to help BBRY sell devices. And this guy failed real bad. Good Luck to Rogers.

Rogers over spends big time on recent they need Frank to increase sales/profitability! ouch!

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Well... "sälbertschuld" we say in swiss german... (freely translated: "HaHa..." Nelson style... =)

Ferrari ZetaTrenta - STA100-2

Adi "efffing" Os. Who cares. Better off without this lazy turd. Let him go stuff up some other company's toilet!

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