Forget Snapchat, Secret Pictures for BBM is better!

By Bla1ze on 30 Jul 2013 03:43 am EDT

By now, most folks have at least heard of picture messaging app Snapchat and know there isn't a version available for either BlackBerry 10 or Windows Phone available. It's strictly iOS and Android for now and for some folks, that's displeasing. If you're looking for the same type of application though, you now have one fantastic option available by way of Secret Pictures for BBM from Shaosoft. 

Rather then sending your images across a network you don't overly trust, you can now send images through BlackBerry Messenger with set time limits for their self destruction. Choose a picture and set how long the picture can be viewed for then select the person to send it to - the app does the rest! Once they start to view the picture a timer starts counting down once the time is up the picture vanishes. That's the basic concept for the app but there is plenty of other features included with the release as well such as:

  • Securely send pictures without letting them save
  • Encrypted for you protection
  • Screen shots are disabled
  • Pictures will self destruct if sent to other people that it was not intended for
  • Add captions to pictures
  • Pinch to zoom and and out of pictures when viewing
  • Take a picture with the camera from right within the app 

Sure, you lose the cross-platform nature of the app but if you're already using BBM like a Snapchat of sorts, well now you can do so more securely. I'll leave the Anthony Weiner jokes to you all. Secret Pictures for BBM is priced at $1.99 and is available in BlackBerry World right now for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones running OS 10.1.0 or higher. Keep in mind, each person you send pics to also has to have the app in order for it all to work.

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Reader comments

Forget Snapchat, Secret Pictures for BBM is better!


Great way to leverage BBM, especially with it going cross-platform soon. Maybe Shao will even port the app to the other platforms.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 and loving it!

Really nice, now change name to something original and change icon and good to go

Not to mention price....

Marketing is everything

I wanted to name it WangBewbChat and make the icon a set of pixilated bewbs but Shao wasn't hearing it.

And the app stops someone from taking a picture of their phone's screen (or HDMI monitor) while the picture is displayed? I didn't think so. Fine, use the app. But when you send the picture, you've lost control of the image. App or no app.

Posted via CB10

Well, most people know that ... or they should anyway.. it's an assumed risk. Though you may have just come up with a feature addition. Block HDMI out.

You got a typo man, "Pinch to zoom and and..." thought you may wanna fix it :)

Posted via CB10

Snapshat is successful because it's both sort of private and cross-platform, this app only meets half the requirements, so I guess it will only succeed in Indonesia.

Snap chat is successful because it is free, the kids that use this kind of app typically don't want to pay for it. What there should be a is a base free version with limited options and a paid version you can upgrade to that gives you the bells and whistles. (ie add video, screen capture block....etc).

Otherwise, I think it's a great idea, and the apps that this guy typically makes are exceptional. I even bought his suprise app LOL. If BBM cross platform goes viral, this app could potentially take off depending on well it can be integrated into BBM.

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Z10

Yeah, I forgot to add free, so I don't see this app succeeding outside of Canada and Indonesia, even if BBM goes cross-platform in 2 months. The reason being that this app won't be available cross-platform.

Obvious issues already pointed out aside for a moment, the encryption used (at least initially) by snapchat was strictly amateur and easily defeated. I'd like to see full disclosure of the encryption used in this application. The days when it is responsible to tell users "it's Okay, we use encryption" are long gone, if they were ever here.

Posted via CB10

Forget Snapchat :-/ for it cross platform?

I think I'll pass.

When BBM comes to iOS and Android....maybe..just maybe.

Snapchat works great on my Z10, I have had it via the porting method since I got my Z10. Until, BBM is cross platform I think I am going to stay with the free Snapchat port instead of paying the $$ to send pictures to the 4 people who I BBM...who all have Snapchat installed already anyway.

Posted via CB10

I would've downloaded it immediately if it was for free but this is not an app I would pay for.
0.99 cents would be nice.

Posted via CB10

1. It needs to be free, at least initially
2. That name is horrible. The name shouldn't make you feel like you are doing something wrong.

What prevents someone from taking a screen shot before the timer expires?

These apps are designed just to get people in trouble. LOL Give them some false sense of security to show a little nip and then it's all over the interwebs.

Windows Phone at least has a 3rd party SnapChat app. They also have 3rd party Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine clients which are all better than the original apps. Personally I sideload so no biggie for me but we need these apps in the store for the health of the platform. Windows Phone has the best 3rd party developers in the world and we need BlackBerry developers to step up to the plate in the same way. C'mon devs!

Posted via CB10

This kind of get the purpose for this , but if someone really wants to have a copy of the pic u sent to them they could simply snap it with another phone or camera while still showing up on their screen.

More apps keeps coming daily and people and just grateful for that . O well the app works great. Happy blackberry app gap is closing at a steady pace

Posted via CB10

Yeeees... "Forget about SnapChat" and use an app that's 1.99 and no one uses. Thaaaat's the ticket! There is a fundamental problem with not only settling but pretending that this app is "better" just because we don't have SnapChat. I'm glad to see alternatives and more apps on BlackBerry World. But don't for a second delude yourself into thinking that SnapChat is not what this app wants to be. I for one don't use Snapchat or anything like it. However, MANY people do. And if BB wants to "port" those iOS and Android user to BB10, they are going to HAVE to get a hold of these app issues. I know, I know... They are working on it...

Um this should be free so it will have a subscriber base to actually warrant using the app. When will devs learn. Don't be greedy, get popular on a few free apps and ride the profit wave on some more specialized apps later.

Posted via CB10

Free upfront, premium upgrade to receive/view more per day. Since viewing is the incentive not sending. No one's going to pay so they can send risky photos... I'll fork out $2 in a heart beat if I'm over my view quota for the day and my girl just sent me something on it at 11pm ;). anyway kind of a slacker cost model. That's how I think this should be. Shit maybe I'll write that app, good idea bud.

Posted via CB10

As surely has been said before, unless 'screen shot' was magically disabled on the receiving end this is a risky tool for those who tend to 'snap first and think of consequences later.' That said, I'm sure there's a market for this and I hope the dev enjoys the ensuing income.