Ford talks Focus Electric and its integration with BlackBerry

By Derek Kessler on 12 Jan 2012 02:41 pm EST

Ford's Sync system has been leading the way as far as in-car mobile technology is concerned. With the upcoming launch of the Focus Electric, Ford is leaping into the mobile space with a new app that allows owners to manage their vehicle remotely. While it won't let you drive (sorry James Bond wannabes), the MyFord Mobile app they're showing off at CES 2012 enables Focus Electric owners to manage how and when their cars charge at home, allowing you to set it so the car charges at night off peak hours with lower electric rates or override it to get your car charged up for an impending trip. MyFord Mobile users will also be able to find charging stations out and about and even plan trips around those charging stations (useful, given the 100 mile range of the all-electric vehicle).

The app, which will be available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones is launching with the Focus Electric, which itself is ramping up production right now.

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Ford talks Focus Electric and its integration with BlackBerry


How come they didn't show the Blackberry version of the app? If history repeats itself, I think the Blackberry version will be a dumb down version of that.

I thought it will show it on a BB and instead it was an IPhone. The title of the article is misleading... It should be called comercial for FORD.