Ford shows off updated Sync vehicle BlackBerry integration

By Derek Kessler on 14 Jan 2012 10:14 am EST

Ford has quite the presence at CES 2012. From the slick Evos concept car to the upcoming Focus Electric (with nice mobile app integration) and 2013 Ford Fusion, Ford has a strong showing (which is impressive, when you consider that the Detroit Auto Show is also this week). In addition to the mobile integration going with the Focus Electric, Ford's moving forward full stream with their in-car infotainment system Sync. Powered by Microsoft's Windows Embedded Automotive operating system, Sync has been leading the in-car media game for a few years now, and the latest version naturally kicks things up another notch. Sync integrates with BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android devices, allowing a driver to control apps on the device with a combination of voice commands, steering wheel controls, and the center stack and touchscreen.

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Ford shows off updated Sync vehicle BlackBerry integration


Translation: "On Blackberry and Android you can do this because Ford is not bully to write software the way RIM and Google want them to write. But with iPhone you cannot do this without touching the phone because Apple God force tied our hands."

One more reason why people should avoid Apple products all together.

Nice box, I guess thats why bloomberg thought it was the car tech winner of the show, never even mentioning QNX Car2.

QNX car2 is going to be sweet. ford can go as long as they want with this and when their ready, QNX will just kick out a spoke and run it for them.

Funny how Ford is using their older Sync software vs the newer but much-pain-in-the ass-to-use My Ford Touch. Side note, I have a car with the older Sync just like shown in the video, and used to own another car with the My Ford Touch and had to return that one because it crashed on me 3 times, after the Ford dealer replaced the unit all 3 times.