Ford hasn't decided on QNX for future Sync sytems just yet

By Bla1ze on 27 Feb 2014 03:32 pm EST

Although there has been plenty of talk surrounding Ford and their possible ousting of Microsoft for QNX in their next-generation Sync systems, Fords managing director Pin van der Jagt has now stated the rumors are not entirely accurate, although Ford is looking towards other vendors for the system as part of normal business operations.

Sync 1 and 2 was done with Microsoft but we are not married with them. For us, it's a supplier, so every time we keep evaluating is it the right partner. That is a rumor. What we are in the process of, we are spec'ing out our requirements for the next generation: what we want to do, what features we want to add, what functionality.

Then you go through a normal supply selection process. Those requirements for the next generation get sent out to everybody, to Microsoft, to Apple, to everybody, and they come back with offers... We go to evaluation and make a choice and that choice hasn't been made yet

So that's that. Microsoft hasn't officially been decided on but neither has QNX, Apple or well, anyone else really. They're just currently checking things out and seeing where exactly they want to take Sync 3 and who can offer up what best fits their needs. Looks like we'll have to wait for some sort of official announcement before this one gets put to rest.

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Ford hasn't decided on QNX for future Sync sytems just yet


QNX generates zero revenue. It is sort of like Java for Oracle or Linux for Google(they created Android from it).

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Yes, just like Google is giving Android away.

The aim is to sell services, and Android/QNX is just the golden plate.

Just like a vending machine is free, or a Xerox copier.

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@rbrar ...they definetly do and your father's car is not your car.A car is not a coffee maker,Microsoft was getting $600 for each unit installed,so what do you think is reasonable for the best,they say QNX will save them money but let's be realistic,20%???

It is doubtful that MSFT gets $600 per car. I'm guessing a license fee of under $10 per car is reasonable. I think that's what an OEM pays for a Windows CE license on a thin client. QNX doesn't make a whole lot of money now, so I'm thinking those licenses aren't $600 either.

That statement sounds dramatic but it actually signifies, ironically enough, if not nothing, then little. Perhaps you're coming from the angle that because BlackBerry doesn't break out QNX revenues divisionally (I myself am not 100% sure if that's the case) then in fact revenue contribution might as well be zero because it gets subsumed under the revenue-losing parts. But there's no denying QNX reaps at least tens of millions of revenues each year on a standalone basis, therefore from that standpoint, you're talking nonsense.

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sigh.. If they don't pick QNX.. I'll be very disappointed. They have basically left the door open to Google as well..

Qnx..... no contest, if it's good enough for NASA and the space station, its good enough for Ford!

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I don't know. Microsoft Windows seems oddly appropriate for a company who's name is "Fix Or Repair Daily" :p

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Lol, yup. I have noticed that most of the newer cars that have one headlight out are usually Fords. The quality of the materials used inside the car for seats, dash, etc. has gone way up from what was used 5-10 yrs ago.

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it's just a well known fact, i'm sure not all of them are like that.

Good thing is it's cheap to repair because it's north american

Well known fact for those who want to feel like they know but have no real clue. I used to work in the auto industry and I can tell you that's not the case. At least not any more. It may have been at one point, but just to put it in perspective, in 2011 Ford was ranked #4 in quality by JD power, only being beaten out by Porsche (#1), Lexus, and Acura. So Ford was actually the top non-luxury brand... And out of all of the cars I've had experienced with, ranging from Honda, Acura, Nissan, Chevy, Oldsmobile, and Ford, I've had the most experience with Fords yet the fewest issues with them... Go figure. Just a well known fact huh?

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so you are telling me that a Ford is more reliable then a Honda, Volkswagon and Toyota? Learning something new every day i guess. Last I checked i still see 1990s Honda, Volvos, Volkswagons and Toyota on the road everyday. I haven't seen a Ford from the past 5 years probably ever.

I live in Canada and Ford is almost as popular here as in the U.S. but since it's made in the U.S. it's gotta be the best :P Very patriotic of you but that is not the case here. JD Power happens to be an American company, catch my drift?

Toyota and Honda are consistently high reliability in US-based tests and surveys, VW is not.

Nor is Audi, a VW brand. Porsche is better, but their platform is not based on a VW platform, it was an independent company until a year ago or so.

The Volkswagons & Audis you see on the road from the 90s have had many expensive new German parts replaced in them, over and over again.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda S2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

would you say the same about Hondas and Toyotas for the 90s? ;)

But now you are getting way off point here.

Nope, I didn't...Ford has really upped their game in the last few years. I wasn't even looking at Ford when I was in the market last year and wound up in one. They used to be dead last in my books quality-wise but I love my current Ford. They are looking at alternatives because their customer satisfaction ratings have taken a hit due to the MyFordTouch/SYNC problems. I have a less enhanced version in mine and it works fine so I'm guessing it's when all the bells and whistles get added on the MS base can't hold up. That's what's so nice about QNX's micro-kernel. No matter how many bells and whistles you add...if one dies the kernel chugs on. I read an article claiming even Apple's iOS in the car runs on top of a QNX kernel.

I heard that somewhere too but I don't know if it was real. I heard something like iOS was going to put a layer over QNX micro kernel.

But if iOS were going to make their own in car system it would get blown out of the water.
- QNX and Apple are partners and Siri works through QNX.
- QNX works with android/blackberry/windows/iphone so you aren't just limited to 1 phone

Read through this forum, people are talking about it too

Very interesting, and I've heard that before about QNX and applr

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Er, you can pay JD Power to rank you high in something... Haven't you noticed how specific the awards are? Like, "Highest Initial Customer Satisfaction"? Keyword being "Initial"...

I have a 2002 Toyota Camry with 335,000 km on it and I just charged lubricants, coolant oil and brakes. When Ford gets that good we'll talk.

Just to be clear, no stupid new noise, no broken power switches, no new rattles, just maintenance and glued change!

Ohhh and I get 700km from my gas tank....

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People have been getting that kind of mileage out of their Ford and Chevy trucks for years. Is there any frame or body panels left on your car? ;-)

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I'll give them trucks but even then I have found cost of ownership to be extremely high and poor efficiency but we are talking cars since I'm mentioning a 02 Camry. My Camry looks brand new and drives brand new. People coming in car car think it 5 years old or less than 100,000 km on it. They are shocked when I tell them!

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Sorry bud but I drove a Ford probe up to 307000 original motor and tyranny before it finally died. Car ran sweet to the very last day. So keep the toyota

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I'm sorry to hear that, my favorite car of all time is Probe GT in pearl white with black leather. Such an amazing car and so beautiful

I really wish that north American manufacturers products are not designed for replacement.

A Dodge dealer service advisor actually told a friend of mine when he was complaining of noise from the engine of a 2012 Dodge Journey; "well you know you have to trade in your Journey next year, cause it's 2 years old and you'll have all kinds of trouble and it won't be reliable!"

This is why Asia will be super powers!

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That probably comes from the late '70's though all of the '80's and at least the early '90's when pretty much all American cars were pretty much crap. There are those type of sayings for all American auto makers to appease the fanboys of each. Nowadays, I would have no problem purchasing several makes of American autos, and I would say Ford has really stepped up their game in recent years. Besides, was not Ford the only auto maker to not need a government bailout? That alone would put them at the top of my list for first consideration...

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Funny, since Ford is the top selling brand in the USA yet their service departments have been going into the dumps recently in terms of revenue. Maybe you can tell all of those service technicians barely scraping 40 hour every TWO weeks how the cars are needing fixing and repairing daily...

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Sorry. I have had many Fords and only had one I didn't like. I sold my Taurus when it had 120,000 miles. My current Expedition has almost 140,000 miles and I am reluctant to part with it. I also had 2 F250s and had no trouble with them even though they pulled a 30' goose neck horse trailer. I sold the 2004 F250 to a friend and she still pulls her horse trailer with it.
Nothing wrong with Ford in my book!! Now I hope my next Expedition will have QNX!!

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I find it interesting how everyone is slagging off Ford on this forum in just the same way that others slag off BlackBerry on other forums!

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Good point, but some of us (me) have lost thousands on owning an American car! When a product is not quality we must demand quality.

When it comes to BlackBerry I realize it's powers (Bb10= basically a laptop in my hands) and weaknesses (apps), but every BlackBerry device I have owned (including z10 and Q10) have lasted falls spills, and in back before my anger management days of OS6 phones; many flights across the room for intimate meetings with a wall and or floor and still function.

But when you do everything right and services but crap fails that shouldn't or have to replace 2 engines to keep a car for 250,000 km I'm sorry that is not qualify. And as consumers we must demand quality.

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Is this terrible journalism or is this done with a purpose? It's the DoD stuff all over again. The mainstream American media are absolute GARBAGE. How can you publish such a confident article without assurance that it is accurate? It's a joke. I suppose this will send the stock south tomorrow and add another twist to the BlackBerry roller coaster?

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@BBUK14...Not really this news has been out since this morning or even as of late yesterday,anyway you look at it ,this guy from Ford is just pulling the company line and is playing it safe,Bloomberg has inside info and that's what ANALSHYTS do.All big names always have the best up front and then the cheaper US Mfg,s follow them a couple of years later,which sounds about right,I am sure they will go with QNX in 2016.BB is not the same company when they needed a boost from rumors,such as takeovers .Chen is the real deal expect confirmation soon.Has anyone noticed Prem has increased his holdings from 10% to 17%,Go figure?

I agree with you on this. It really isn't rocket science. Inside knowledge is different than public knowledge.

To be honest, I would be surprised if Ford didn't go with QNX. When you look at all the industry consumer surveys, Ford does quite well, except in one area, where they are at the bottom of the heap by a country mile. That is Sync. It's all over for MS.

"Has anyone noticed Prem has increased his holdings from 10% to 17%,Go figure?"
Actually, this is another example poor journalism (like news about Ford sync, like 80,000 for Pentagon). This piece is simply incorrect. The 13D indicates that FFH’s 16.8% stake is inclusive of an assumption that FFH convert its convertible bonds into common shares in the future. FFH previously reported a higher ownership stake and actually sold shares reducing its position in the company.

"News" was a follow up article by Tim Stevens on CNET. That was more direct from the source than most of the re-reporting done for the original story. It's laughable what passes for "News" these days on even supposedly reputable"news" outlets. "It's been reported that....." makes it OK to repeat whatever someone else has said whether that was originally accurate or garbage.

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So in other words, all these related posts are just blurted out for the sake of posting something on here. What's the use posting something that isn't concrete? Kinda makes look like a bunch of fools.

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Not really. Even Forbes went and said it was a done deal. I'm not sure how you look at forbes but most of te world looks at them as a serious and reputable organization.

Funny thing, after reading all this on CrackBerry and other news site, I never got to believe that Ford had already settled on QNX, but that it might be likely they will.

This blog post now states just that, it wasn't a done deal yet.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

How do squeeze additional concessions from an existing supplier?

Easy, just 'leak' a report that you are switching to another supplier... the auto manufacturers are notorious for getting blood from stone.

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Exactly. It sounds just like a tactic to sequence more from suppliers and increase bargaining power. It confused users, however.

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no they are with QNX but it's a multi platform. This is just a concept and I don't expect it to get out to consumers.

Correct. I'm sure this was the same with Ford with the Microsoft Sync system. Microsoft, Android, and Apple systems are for the multimedia purposes only. They are not designed the run the whole car. There are established players in the embedded computer system that run the engine of the Car. QNX is one of those established players and I have no clue who else. I would bet most car companies will still use the same systems that run the cars currently since these should be separate from the multimedia system. What the car companies want to do is just give you a great experience when linking your phone to the car. They know that people like their phones and familiar with the way they operate. It's unlikely that the car companies can design something better than Apple, Google, or Microsoft.

If they stick to msft their customers will go buy BlackBerry and will not buy their buggy software!!
Hope this happens ;)

Ford needs to move to QNX :)

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I like xbox one and windows 7 but hate windows 8 and WP. Just because you like or hate soemthing from one company that doesn't stop you from buying their other products

Wow, that QNX Audio is super impressive. I love how the GPS is integrated into the dash and you can change the size of the speedo and tach.

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If ever BlackBerry needed to make a killer offer that leaves no doubt it's the best supplier for Ford, NOW is that time!!

Cheers. :)

Ford has to do this. I know they had a good relationship with Microsoft but luxury brands are going QNX and Ford is no cheap company either.

Please Ford make the switch to QNX.

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I test drove a Taurus the other day and was playing with the my sync system.

It crashed and had to restart on me.

I'm buying a BMW with QNX instead.

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BSOD? That would be a classic. Maybe to avoid embarrassment, they make the GUI not show it anymore, but we know what it is.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

One or two more false starts like this and CrackBerry news reports like this aren't worth reading. Please folks, pick up your game, this isn't good enough.


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I sadly agree with this. I love this site for its support of BlackBerry; the good news and the bad; the how tos; the industry wins and losses; the market speculation and Chris' breakdown of the financial stuff.

Touting rumors as news makes the credibility of as viable as the rest of the media.

People rely on this site for accurate news. C'mon guys..

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Oh please, CB did not say this. Just reread the original articles and the interpretation is quite clear. Likewise don't blame CB for linking to an article published by bloomberg.

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Read about this on CNET this morning. No mention of apples security problem. But this made their list of news stories.

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Why even run such a fluff piece on CrackBerry. We know no official word has come down, but I will offer this there is know way Ford would leave Microsoft hanging like this, they would deny these reports and support there partner. This piece is I nice way of saying yes we are we just haven't signed yet. I've read a few storys like this and they all sound like fluff reports. I don't care who gets the contract but I tell you if my business partner left me hanging like this, it would be very damaging to our relationship.

This is quite disappointing. Again, news that reaches conclusions too soon and 'reports' showing up, just like that DoD news thing..

Or maybe Microsoft brought their big guns to bear. Maybe Microsoft dies not ho down without a fight.

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And a few thick, tightly packed stacks of paper neatly wrapped in envelopes? Microsoft will buy their way in, if they have to.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I wonder if their uncertainty stems from the fact that Blackberry is not yet healthy, and still with a questionable future. As much as I have faith in qnx, cannot blame Ford for shopping around. Google and Apple and deeper pockets, proven longevity and massive cashflow for insured long term support. Not to mention global dominance and popularity. This is the reality I see. And Ford is American. Sigh... But still have faith for Blackberry to come through with qnx.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

This is what always happens and yet certain media outlets and eager shareholders will jump all over the news and talk about the coming squeeze.... people need to learn to chill out and wait for confirmation before going gaga. At least, now we no know. That is good. Let's hope that QNX does win this contract. Though, notice he did not even mention either QNX or BlackBerry?

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

As I posted before on CB, Apple is not going to let BB get into Ford. It might not be Apple but it won't be BlackBerry.

Apple has absolutely nothing. It Linux Marco kernel approach is not just unreliable but dead. Likewise, Apple's walled garden approach to software development is like the plague. Nobody wants it but Apple.

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I kind of suspected this was the case. There was no formal statement that QNX was chosen by Ford, but CrackBerry chose a headline saying this was so.

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Of course they didn't mention Apple's security issues, Apple is perfect. Their shit(because that is what Apple is, shit)"just works". Perfect Apple is. Yup.

Team BlackBerry

So many features that can't fail, if you don't add them. NFC / USB / Miracast anyone? But there surely is an app for that.... LOL

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I have a Ford Fusion, company car, and never had Sync crash, just don't like it. The interface doesn't flow.

Don't have sync software in my escape as it was too expensive. Next vehicle was going to be with the whole entertainment package and was hoping to be ford, if its apple, may have to pass or look at another company.

Don't want apple, blackberry user, want my BlackBerry devices to work, not a os that doesn't play nice with any other provider.

Cmon ford, the obvious choice is qnx, don't be stupid.

Hate solves nothing, Respect gains everything!

When (if) we get back to journalism.

Sadly, we're in the Blogging Age. It's all about mashing out content, facts be damned. And hell no, we don't need editors!


Ford= fixed or repaired daily... QNX would be way to reliable for these guys..

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Now I would like to trace back what sources this rumor claims to have originated from. Because people all over on Wall Street were parroting it.

How's that for a paradigm shift in terms of RIM/BlackBerry coverage?

Chen seems to have managed to successfully hypnotize Wall Street. Kudos for that. :D

here's a clue for future reference

If BB confiorms a big deal there will be press release ( there was never onything on the BB site about the phantom pentagon pohones)

QNX is the only logical choice in this matter. Being far superior than any other setup in the industry. QNX is secure and reliable. FORD would be fools to pass this up.
Also to note, CNET has been pretty much Anti-BBRY for years now.

Ford is just one car company out of dozens world wide. When Blackberry survives and turns things around, as a business quote, opportunities will present themselves. Would have been great if Ford used qnx but @ the end of the day it doesn't matter. Plenty of verticals everywhere.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

I think this was just a PR move to cover the leaked information. BBRY/QNX has Ford locked up. Big companies (especially automotive) just don't like information to be announced unofficially and/or before them so they go out and calm the claim down.

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Never seen so much down playing from the Americans (DOD and now Ford) before. Can the media be that wrong all the time.. I'm mean they're usually giving terrible news about BlackBerry and now it seems even the positive ones get retracted.. smh..

Aside: even saw it on Automotive News twice on two separate announcement a few days apart and Ford still says "not really " .. wtf

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Ford "DID" decide to use QNX for its Next Gen Sync System, the problem is they were not suppose to announce it just yet.
Ford to Add BlackBerry, Drop Microsoft
BlackBerry's QNX to Power Auto Maker's Sync Software Beginning in 2016
Ford Said to Drop Microsoft for BlackBerry QNX in Syncing
Ford may drop Microsoft in favor of BlackBerry for in-car sync system
Ford Drops Microsoft And Opts For BlackBerry’s QNX
Ford set to drop Microsoft for BlackBerry

I have never owned a Ford, but this feature in a fuel efficient vehicle might be a deciding factor...guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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Of course this stupid announcement will hurt BBRY stock. Sick of companies down playing the benefits of going BlackBerry. I hope BlackBerry begins to realize they can offer phones without carrier support if they start their own service, or make a deal with companies like Three, Vodafone, or Telcomsel to offer some healthy competition here in America.

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I guess I will have to put my purchase of a Ford vehicle on hold until they decide. No QNX, no Ford products for me...

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If Ford decides against QNX, BBRY shaves 10% at least. Come on Ford, make the right choice! :)

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Look folks,
At the end of the day, it is about the best product. MS has continuously screwed up for a decade. Apple and Google have nothing and will continue to have nothing into the foreseeable future. QNX is best in class, end of story. It's a no brainer.

BTW, if you don't think the Ontario government isn't working behind the scenes and applying pressure to Ford, your living in La La land.

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Android Java garbage collector frequently halts the device for 5ms to 200ms. This is OK for a phone. This is absolutely not allowed for vehicles. However, Google has money, people, and political support. I wouldn't be surprised if Google sneaks in a new real time os under the name Android.

iOS as it is now cannot run in vehicles. Not in current single task form (don't argue with me here. It is fake mutitask). I don't think Apple has the manpower to develop a new one as Google does.

In any case, protectionism will put Apple and Google into vehicles. But at the end of the day car owners give the verdict.

When it comes to tech, protectionism hurts in the long run.

QNX is obviously a nice choice because the Microsoft solution caused dealers and customers a ton of heartache. Google I don't think has a product ready to install though several manufacturers are in line for their development project. My question is why does bad information keep hitting the press?

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It is better to get it right than to get it first. Which may be the reason CrackBerry isn't "breaking" these stories first as some have complained.

As a Ford owner I too hope they switch to QNX because it would make a better driving experience.

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For me its quite simple. If Ford implements QNX I WILL buy a Ford Edge that year. If not, its going to be a Honda CRV or Toyota Rav4. Come-on Ford make my decision easy.