ForceRadioOn - Keep on Truckin' When Your Battery Is Low

By Adam Zeis on 9 Jun 2009 12:01 pm EDT

I'm all about apps that help fix the little things RIM won't let us change.  Bla1ze checked out LEDReset a few days ago which is a great app, and today I came across ForceRadioOn from our buddy Fabian Heuwieser.  ForceRadioOn does just was it says - it will keep the radio on your device active when you get the dreaded "Battery too low for radio use" message.  The app is very small and runs any device with OS 4.3 or higher.  Best of all it is 100% free.  You can grab ForceRadioON from your device OTA at

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ForceRadioOn - Keep on Truckin' When Your Battery Is Low


This is something that could be a lifesaver when you need to make a quick call or text and the battery levels are low.

I've been caught out a few times where I have NEEDED to make a call just as my battery level has gone too low. This is a bit of a saviour in my eyes and I bet I won't be the only one!

The reason that the phone shuts down the radio is to keep the phone on and not take the battery level below a certain level. Its a lithium battery cell. These batteries don't develop a memory as long as the voltage doesn't get below a certain point. I think if you do this enough you will kill the batteries life.

While I've only had the radio shut off on me once due to low power, I think it's a great idea if you need to force the phone on for an emergency call.

I'm not as familiar with charge memory as bluemsw may be, but I wouldn't expect most users to force on their phone's radio everyday. If you are a user that needs to do that, get the Case-Mate Fuel Case instead.

There will be no damage to the battery by using this app. The phone will shut off before damage is done, regardless if the radio is off or on. Keep your opinions to yourself, unless you are sure of the facts, not speculation.

Perhaps you should follow your own advice regarding speculation?
This is an excerpt found at :
"Don’t drain your battery every day to 10-20% of its charge. You can actually expect battery problems by draining the battery."

It seems that draining of LI-Ion batteries can indeed cause damage if done often enough.

You shouldn't need to buy an accessory to use a function of the phone while there is still enough battery power to do so.

Actually, if the radio is off and you need to make an Emergency/911 call, it will force the radio back on automatically.

ok i give up, how do i download this app? when I go to the ota link it just gives me a page like this one. when I go to the apps launcher, it doesn't find the app.

I'm curious as to how much extra battery life this actually gives you. It's a novel idea, but your BlackBerry shuts off its radio because your battery is extremely low. So forcing the device to stay on will only get you an extra minute or so, correct? Can someone who's using the app test this out and let us know?

Muchos gracias.


Hard to answer your question objectively. I'd say pretty dependant on how many 3rd party apps you're running.

When your radio shuts off, simply do the follwing

Options Menu --> Advanced Options --> Wireless Update --> Next --> Check for Upadtes.

It will prompt you that your radio is off and ask you if you want to turn it on. Select yes (obiviously) and bingo, your radio is back on.

I'm not sure if you can do this with other Berries. I'm assuming it only works on Berries that can update software OTA.

all i do is dial 911 then quickly hang up before it everytime.I dont think theres a point in having an app like this.either way i never need to really use this option because im alway in my car (with my charger) or at home(with my charger)

This seems alright, but is anyone aware if theres something to turn off the LED light when your battery is low? I'd rather just tell me its low once, and not have my light blinking all the time.

I now have a "Utilities" section in my QuickLaunch. I have memory cleaner, BBFileScout, Berry Torch, ForceRadionOn and ResetLED. It's like a tool belt.

Like others have mentioned...there are workarounds for this. Why waste valuable memory on a app. that you dont REALLY need?

Options Menu --> Advanced Options --> Wireless Update --> Next --> Check for Upadtes.

Thanks... good to know.

Will try this tonight to see if it works on my storm...

This is what I have always done to turn my radio back on if need be.

Why do you need an app to do it?

Is there a cod/alx for this?
Im curious because I wonder what this app will do for those blackberry pearl that have the problem with the radio autoswitching off every 20 seconds when the battery level is fine??? Thoughts?