Food and nutrition tracking applications for BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook

BlackBerry Nutrition Apps
By Ryan Blundell on 24 Sep 2011 02:03 pm EDT

At my day job, we recently had a nutritionist come in to assess our staff to determine how well they are taking care of themselves. There were mixed results; I was pretty much spot on for everything that she measured; my minerals, vitamins and meridians, though I was slightly below average for my zinc and vitamin D3 cholecalciferol (that was expected since I’m a redhead that gets sunburnt easily). There was one colleague who scored dangerously low in every aspect. His diet regularly consists of energy drinks…ALOT of energy drinks. I quipped that he was actually dead, but his body kept moving due to the residual energy drink ingredients in his body. I noticed that the nutritionist had a BlackBerry (obviously a wise choice), so I asked her what type of applications she used. She sadly informed me that she wasn’t much for applications, but her clients would email her their food intake logs. What do you think I did next? I went online to see what type of apps were out there that would help BlackBerry users accomplish this. Out of the dozens upon dozens of apps available, several of them stood out to me.

Food Diary

Food Diary

Dear Diary, guess what happened today. I did it, I ate the whole thing. I’m so glad I wore my comfy pants. Instead of gushing about what you did today, this app wants you to gush about what you consumed. Food Diary includes two types of tracking; Predefined and Basic. In Basic mode, you manually enter in everything you drink and eat. Once set up, predefined mode may be quite the time saver. Initially, predefined mode has 80 types of food, 40 drinks and 50 restaurants in 60 cities already set up for you. Of course, you can edit, delete and add items as you go, making it completely personal. Now on top of this you can also record your height and weight. Once you have collected your logs into monthly/weekly reports, you can send the info off to your nutritionist.

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Food Intake Tracker

Food Intake Tracker

Nom nom nom. How healthy do you think your eating habits are? Do you still think donuts are a food group? Tapping into the Food Guide from Health Canada, Food Intake Tracker helps you see the big picture. By taking specifics such as your age and gender, the application uses the food guide to chart what you should be eating. The chart is separated by your four basic food groups and your actual consumption can then be matched against the recommendations. If your grocery bill fails to tell you what your habits are, then maybe the charts within Food Intake Tracker will.

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Food Journal

Food Journal

Another diary type option is Food Journal. Not only can you record your meals, but also tag it by what type of meal it was. When recording food items, the application can store information such as; portion, calories, protein, fat, sodium and fiber. Once you have filled your belly for the day, you can flop on the couch and go over what you have eaten. Food Journal will also let you see what you should be eating by using BMR and BMI calculators.

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Brio Calorie Tracker

Brio Calorie Tracker

For a more well rounded option to a less rounded you, Brio Calorie Tracker is designed to track caloric intake, as well as exercise history. The menu makes it extremely simple to record values and see how your calories burned stacks up against calories ingested; results can be viewed numerically or on a graph. Records can be modified, so in case your significant other found an old receipt of yours which happens to prove a double cheeseburger you conveniently forgot about- you can add it in to shame you forever. Brio Calorie Tracker supports desktop synchronization for backing up and restoring calorie history and records.

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Daily Diet Tracker

Daily Diet Tracker

This one is an extremely simple, one screen application for your BlackBerry PlayBook. You remember being told about the four basic food groups. You’re pretty sure that someone tried to let you know how many servings of each you were to have each day. For some, it’s hard to remember and they assume that, if they have a couple of things from each food group they should be ok. That’s where Daily Diet Tracker comes in; it remembers the number of servings you have, while you only have to check them off as you eat. Simply tap on an icon to tick off a consumed serving. The applications give example of serving sizes, so there no way you can get away with claiming you though a tub of ice cream was a single serving. It also give recommended servings of each food group per day, based on age – of course, you should always consult your nutritionist first. For a record of your day, you can always take a screen shot as well. Once the day is done you can hit the reset button to clear your selections. Daily Diet Tracker is free from BlackBerry App World.

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Calorie Tracker by LIVESTRONG

Calorie Tracker by LIVESTRONG

LIVESTRONG is a vast online community that embraces a healthy lifestyle. An extension of this is the Calorie Tracker application which grants access to a vast data base of food and nutritional facts. Just imagine looking at information on over half a million restaurants and food items. The information you require, such as weight loss charts, is synced with your LIVESTONG account, so it can be accessed online and made readily available for your nutritionist.

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Now there are many more excellent food tracking applications available at both BlackBerry App World and the CrackBerry AppStore. Of course, for these to actually work for you, you have to be truthful about what you eat. To make it easier, why not just opt for healthier food? How are you tracking your carrot sticks? What apps are you using? Let us know!



I have used Calorie Counter by myfitnesspal, it's a great app where u enter what u had or what u r thinking about having for breakfast/lunch/dinner and u can also add snack category. It gives u all info abt each item u enter, the nutritional chart, u select the portion and many more, u also tell ur height, weight and ur goal and based on ur calorie graphs it tells u an approximately date to reach that goal. I have used it just to control the "junk" food I used to add to my regular healthy meals. 2 months using it and it made me more conscious about food.

There's also Calorie Counter by FatSecret, great app too but simpler that the first one but has some other options like how many glasses of water u drink. Both apps working together is perfect for people that like to be in shape yet healthy ;)


OK time for my V8 Portion.

Good article @Ryan Blundell


no calorie counter by fat secret? BOOOO ..JK. its a great app.


can't believe you missed my fitness pal. i tried a few of the ones you listed and they didn't ever work for me. 3 months on my fitness pal and i'm down 30 Lbs.


um losing 10 lbs a month is not healthy


I've lost 18lbs in 21 days using MyFitnessPal. It just works.


I've been using myfitnesspal for 4 months along with daily visits to the gym. I'm down 36 lbs. myfitnesspal works great! working in my 9930


Oh, that's a shame.. a lot of fruits in the main picture, and not even a single blackberry... but there're TWO Apples...WTF???


I loved myfitnesspal and use the website. Unfortunately, they haven't updated their app for OS7.


It installed just fine for me out of app world the other day, and i have a 9930


I'd really like to see them add the Weight Watcher's app for the PlayBook!


Useless correction - technically you were deficient in calcidiol (AKA 25 hydroxyvitamin D), which is the form that is measured to test for deficiency. Vitamin D3, AKA cholecalciferol, is the form you supplement. They are different. I realize no one cares, but as a dietitian I couldn't stop myself.


Technaily do I care, no.


Oh come on. Don't be like that. You're just sore because you didn't get to type "First!!" on this post.


For those in the UK on Weightwatchers there is a ProPoints app at

It does not install to os7 via appworld but does work so you'll have to copy in the .cod file.

For a free calculator that works we found:


where are the BlackBerries in the Food picture on the blog lol


Really wish there was a Z10 opiton - MyFitnessPal sounds great but not available for Z10