FontCollection v1.6 by Almoko - Customize your BlackBerry with different fonts!

By Michelle Haag on 28 Dec 2010 10:01 am EST
FontCollection v1.6 by Almoko
Almoko has released a new app called FontCollection for your BlackBerry. Personally I was super excited when I saw this in the CrackBerry store, because I love fonts and the chance to add some cool new ones to my BlackBerry was intriguing. Usually you are stuck with the stock fonts on your device, or if you change themes, the font that the theme developer used. With FontCollection you can browse through more than 60 fonts, right on your BlackBerry! You install the fonts you want, and then access them through your Options menu. FontCollection is available for just $.99 in the CrackBerry store and is compatible with devices running OS 5.0 and BB6.

Important notes:

  • All fonts in the FontCollection are free for commercial usage.
  • English fonts only are supported at this moment.
  • BlackBerry OS 5.0+ supported.
  • Small footprint
To purchase FontCollection in the CrackBerry store
To read more about the app in the forums
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Reader comments

FontCollection v1.6 by Almoko - Customize your BlackBerry with different fonts!


i have download almoko
but i cant install font in this application...
the respon are installing in red word is a long time, cant instaled, i wait very long time and cant install or success

i having download almoko
but i can't install font in this application...
i wait very long time and cant't be install too

how i can install font in this application?

Pretty sure arial can't be freely distributed without paying premiums. There are free similar alternatives though.

No Cooline.

As a fan of slashed zeroes, this was a must buy for me. I think there's 3 or 4 fonts on here with slashes. Ended up with "Grayscale". Great app at a great price. Only drawback is that there's no way of knowing which fonts are on there. But for $0.99, can't really complain.

Got it. Love it. It was only .99 but I wish RIM could have just added more font options from the get go.

So I installed this and I'm not seeing the additional there some sort of waiting period to where they have to be "delivered" to the phone?

Took about 10 min before the OTA was delivered to my device. From there, you will have to open the app, and download the fonts to your blackberry. Some pretty cool options, I really like it!

I figured out through the forums what I was doing wrong and I was able to fix my problem...I like the fonts I see!!! Too bad RIM couldn't offer these as a standard...

Good to see that someone is taking advantage of RIM's failures to provide us what we want and still make a buck.

Lol do the other platforms allow you to change fonts. w/o having to download 3rd party apps. This app is great. Defenitely best buck ever spent!

didn't like the app so i deleted it and now all of my oem fonts are all distorted my phone looks like crap, i just did a swype and restore nothing is working... im pissed as all hell...

it looks just like the font smoothing is turned off but the torch has no font smoothing option :-( im very sad...

Anyways their customer support helped me fix it, thank god because doing my system restore didn't work... phew... so download away lol, lots of kool fonts just so hard to read most of them are (why did that come out like yoda?)

Can I request additonal font to be included? Currently, I cannot read myanmar font in my BB. I have The font which can read myanm$ar font in window which is zawgyi.ttf. If you would help to include that font, the whole BB community of myanmar people will buy this software.

awesome app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! always thought RIM would update there fonts through BB updates.
But since they haven't, Thanks Almoko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best app ever!!!! makes my blackberry feel new again!!!
looking forward to more fonts and coolness.

Great app for changing Default fonts on your Torch. I am disappointed that when you send out an Email to anyone the Default font on my Torch does not go with it.
When I sent an Email to Techinical support asking how to let the recipient read the Email with the font selected on my device I received the following reply:
Sorry, this is not possible with FontCollection. It does not change other's default font. Although this is a very good idea for another app
signed: Dima Kornilov-Technical support

Hope they upgrade this app to do the above on outgoing Email or develops a new app that will.

I thought I was gonna get shook down for .99 but this is very cool!!

Some fonts are a little difficult to read, but I like "Garton", it rocks! Oh, and it works on quick launch fonts too!

I got the download link in my email immediately after purchase, there's an OTA link in the email. Not sure why folks are having trouble downloading it? took about 30 seconds to get it and set it up too.

Good luck

I really like this!! I've been wanting something like this for a while. I've been hoping RIM would add more fonts...