Fongo teasing their VoIP app's arrival on BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 3 Feb 2014 03:34 pm EST

Remember the Dell Voce app for BlackBerry? It was actually powered by Waterloo based company Fongo who specializes in Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. The Dell Voice app isn't available for BlackBerry 10 at this point but the folks at Fongo are seemingly already working on bringing their Fongo app to the BlackBerry 10 platform.

On their Facebook page, they've dropped hints by posting the BlackBerry logo and noting more but perhaps the more compelling evidence an app is in the works comes from a Fongo employee on Twitter where images of the app up and running were posted. Given the images show a bottom bar, it seems as though the app might just be their Android version but either way a Fongo app arriving in BlackBerry World would be great to see.

I'd be remiss to not note though that right now, Fongo is only supported in Canada and only in certain regions. For those that do have access to it though, it's a great service that's packed with a lot of features and is potentially a money saver depending on how often you find yourself needing to use it. 



More the merrier for us

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jojo beaconsfield

free is good!!! but this one is not completely free ,as there are many plans to choose from ,thanks.


Free is for garage sales... not useful apps.

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One of my most missed apps from BBOS. Can't wait to have it back.


For a great BB10 VOIP softphone try Bria 3 by counter path.

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Bria is 7.99$ app. How is the quality? If I don't have any US plan will this Bria work?

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Brian Persaud

I used this alot on my 9900

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That's great news!

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I remember Skype to land lines were free.


Not in Canada it is not ... at least not in Toronto/Ontario that I've tried lately. Anyone in knowing how to set this up please PM me (Supa_Fly1) thanks.


Hopefully it's a native app.


This reminded me of that announcement that BBM voice was going cross platform soon.


They said it's coming in 2014 so they have 11 more months :)


Yeah, hopefully it will be here way before then!


I heard bbm voice is coming in this month.

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Unlike Skype you get a dedicated phone number in your area code and can call landlines for free. The only thing that I pay for is text messaging non Fongo users and that is very reasonable. I also use the Fongo adapter for my home phone service. Voice mail to e-mail and other custom calling features are included no charge. International calls cost but Canada and US is free. The test messaging could be a bit more reliable as not all sent or received. I already went and installed Android version now that I have 10.2.1. Seems to work but have tested it extensively. I used to run the Windows Desktop version but I installed it for security reasons. It needed an old version of Java.

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Been waiting ages for this!!

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I had this on my 9900 forever and have been running the Android version from Snap since the leak. It works just fine, and now that the Comwave ePhone is no longer free, it's the one I'll be using on my Z30.


Looking forward to this being released. Had it on my old phone and moved it to the Wife's iPhone when I went to the Z10. The ability to get a local number in another part of Canada was great too.


I lost 20 $ when they acquired dell voice they would not let me keep my number nor transfer my credit what a waste of energy...

Observation Junkie

What's wrong with using BBM voice?

Catapulted from my Z10.


BBM voice isn't available to cross platform folks yet.


Cannot receive or call landlines with BlackBerry voice.

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If anyone wants this now, the android version works fine, except it wont let you purchase credits, meaning no outgoing txt messages.


My friend just told me about Fongo the other day he is running it on the iPhone and told me it's a pretty good app. He calls me from it all the time some times it throws me off by the phone number that shows up. It Has me wondering where in the world is this call coming from. Lol...

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It will be pretty sweet to see it on blackberry10

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I found it glitchy. I'm using Viber until BBM kicks in. Can't wait for that day! Love my BlackBerry more and more everyday!

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!


Already been using the Android version and it's been meeting my needs. Would more then welcome a native version though. Great News!

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Nice and when

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Of topic: can you get the Porsche clock on 10.2.1?

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Yup. Search for the work porsche in the forums. All you have to do is side load it.



I used fongo (dell voice) extensively on my 9900 and it was a great service. I love that you can have a 2nd local (or not local if you prefer) phone number to be used for calls (landlines included) and sms. My main need is sms and it does this pretty reliably although you do have to watch as sometimes your messages don't send (it always tells you when the send fails). I think they charge $2/month for unlimited sms in Canada and a little more for canada/us. Voice calls to most big Canadian cities are free and credits for calling everywhere else are inexpensive. Incoming calls are always free. Currently, Android sideload won't allow in-app purchases so you'll need an android phone to log into your account and pay for the sms etc if you want that. I haven't tried bluestacks but perhaps that works as well. Sms and calling are free to other fongo users but I don't think you need this app for that. If they release a bb10 version I'll be thrilled... even more so if it's native but an android port will certainly get us by. I wish TextNow would follow... TN install from BlackBerry World and sideloads haven't worked since before 10.2.


I hope it's a headless app. The Android app works, but must be in an active frame to receive calls.


been using this since the .1055 leak. Works fine, about as well as the Android version..which is to say it's somewhat buggy and there are dropped calls, but now that I travel a LOT across Canada, it has probably saved me a ton of money in phone bills. i'd be astonished if they make a version that works better than it does now, given that it runs about as well as the Android version currently does


As stated in the article, this looks like an Android port.

Why it takes so long...

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