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Fongo back on BlackBerry with the release of their BlackBerry 10 app

By Bla1ze on 3 Mar 2014 01:51 pm EST

If you've been missing the Fongo app from BBOS, you won't have to worry about that now. Fongo has released their money saving Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app for BlackBerry 10 smartphones after having teased its release a bit back in February. As expected, the app is fully featured offering unlimited calls, text and more.

  • Free local Canadian phone number
  • Free unlimited calling across Canada and to any Fongo number anywhere in the world -- without using any cell minutes
  • Free unlimited incoming calls and SMS text messages
  • Free unlimited Fongo texting, including group and picture messaging anywhere in the world
  • Traveling outside of Canada? Call back to Canada for FREE
  • FREE premium features like visual voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding
  • Cheap international calls
  • Sync with your existing contacts and Facebook friends • English, French and Chinese language support
  • Fongo even supports 911 emergency calls

For those who make use of Fongo, this is certainly great to see but I do feel the need to point out it is an Android release and not a native app. Still it works as it should so if you've been waiting for it, go ahead and give it a go. For new users, keep in mind the app is only available in Canada within certain regions so it's not one for everybody sadly.

Learn more / Download Fongo


percy franklin 360

Good to know,more apps coming to bb10.

From my awesome Z30



Posted via CB10


I was actually thinking what if BlackBerry adds SIP protocol to BBM, it would be nice for business and ordinary users


SIP and firewalls don't get along well - running it in a secure space like eBBM would no doubt create call quality issues because of traffic encryption and what not. Unless BlackBerry can figure out how to run a protocol like IAX through eBBM, I don't see SIP flying well in eBBM.

As a separate application though, SIP would be great and is an app that is not currently available. I think business users and IT departments would pay $5-10 per SIP Softphone App that auto-provisions via HTTP/XML or BES.

I can keep dreaming.


Who knows maybe the guys at BBM could do it...

Posted via CB10


No notification when the app is not running, iis there anyway to port the android app with at least functional notification?

Posted via CB10


By not running, do you mean when the app is closed or when it's in the background?


Headless would be nice.

Posted via CB10


Once in the app, swipe to the right and go into account, then settings. Scroll to the bottom to Advanced Settings. Check "Start On Incoming Call". Go back and then close app. Call your Fongo number. It takes a bit to kick in, but the app starts up and runs showing an incoming call. I left it set like that and reboot my phone. Called my Fongo number and the app started up right away for me to answer the call. Headless. You can even set it to integrate the call log with the Hub.

I was running the Android version of this before, but I have since uninstalled it and will go with this version.


Any reason as to why I would choose Fongo over BBM voice?

Posted via CB10


That's an easy one, you can call real phone numbers and people can call you back on your real phone number, FREE.


So exactly like Rogers one number

Posted via CB10


I thought that Rogers OneNumber Smartphone was based on Fongo's solution? Much more convenient to use your own number.

Posted via CB10


Right, but no need for a laptop or computer I live in British Columbia and now have a Toronto number for my Ontario customers.

I just downloaded the app and chose the region I wanted the phone number to be and next screen I entered my BC info for 911 information

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 10


It dials phone numbers. In particular, it dials Canadian phone numbers from anywhere in the world for free, and someone using a Fongo number can call you on your Fongo number anywhere in the world for free. The idea would be options. Combine this with BBM and you should never be out of reach.


If only I lived in Canada...

Posted via CB10


Runs headless since it's an Android port. I just tested it. Closed the app and called my opens the app after like 4 rings

Anthony Roberts5

So far amazing reviews on blackberry world :).

Posted via CB10


Seems to work well.

Would only hope they see fit to write a native app.

Posted via CB10


I take it doesn't work very well.

UI for this port is clunky and very slow.

Posted via CB10

percy franklin 360

Unavailable for my Z30 running

From my awesome Z30


Great app! But let's get them to make a native app it would be even better! :) loving the ability to go to the US and still text even though it's from a different number

Posted via CB10 on my  Q10


Bogus. Android app are laggy.

Posted via CB10


Horrible. Deleted. Setup doesn't have my city (capitol of my province), then when I attempt by using available city it needs 911 info. Try to put it but it forces street name choice for me and I can't change it.

Once all setup all calls fail.



Hmmm I get the message that there is no Fongo connection

Posted via CB10


Glad it came to bb10. I had the Android version sideloaded but it didn't receive calls when closed.

Posted via CB10


Yeah that was fast and worth the waiting

Posted via CB10


Is this porting from Android

Posted via CB10


Says unavailable for my device?? Z10

Posted via CB10

Halifax Guy

If you live in Atlantic Canada, it is less than useful or functional. As someone else said, it doesn't have his city, nor does it have mine or anywhere closer than Quebec. Useless!

Posted via CB10


Unavailable for Z10, tho I am currently out of country, using a local number here, but I believe it shouldn't be a problem. I maybe able to download the app through BlackBerry Link.

Posted via CB10


not available fir z30. BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


Not available for Q10

Posted via Q10


Based on comments downloaded. Wanted a bit too much info and access. Nixed it. Don't need storage that bad.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.


Oops. Wrong app/topic.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Larry Williamson

Installed easily enough on my Q10. Works, somewhat. I can be called on the new "fongo" number, which was my main hope. But I cannot initialize my voicemail - or at least the one voicemail init function I tried failed. I tried to set the name of my voicemailbox, you know ... say your name then press #. But the # key does nothing. I speak my name and cannot get fongo to react to the # key. :(

I'm not sure this is going to be a solution for me. But I'll keep trying for a bit.