Fōne Book Phone Directory for the Storm Aims to Please!

By Bla1ze on 10 Mar 2009 04:36 am EDT

Here is an awesome looking upcoming application. Fōne book, which is currently under development by Blinding Rain is building a great phone directory application specifically for the Storm. Blinding Rain's philosophy for this application is that users are seeking out  great looking, and for that matter, functioning applications for their Storms that will at least put it closer to the iPhone. While I'm all for the great applications philosophy, I personally believe that developers for BlackBerry devices can do this without the need to toss the iPhone "look" into it at all. Just make great applications for the Storm and users will be happy. But what do I know lol? Dig the video and leave some comments on what you think about Blinding Rain's efforts. Have they got a winner here?

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Fōne Book Phone Directory for the Storm Aims to Please!


This does seem very nice and I am in full agreement with the leave the "iphone" look out of it. I didn't buy an iphone for a reason, I don't like the way it looks, the icons are kinda cheesy imo. I believe that RIM and blackberry is a far superior electronic device and attempting to copy the iphone is only degrading. Just my one cent (it's the economy, gotta cut back, every penny saved helps)

Is this really going to be much different than everything else that is out there? Yes, I understand by using google maps AND my contacts I have added an extra step. I am not having a duel with the storm user next to me!

Hi - This looks like a very interesting & useful app. Hope you can get it to market soon at a good price.

Thx - Tom

Way to go TetherBerry! If Verizon is gonna be mean and make us pay for something our phone can do, u have every right to take advantage

Poynt does the same thing for free, why pay? unless there is a difference.

Plus unless I am looking at the wrong picture it doesn't look at clean.

Wow I am so negative today.

I use this kind of app all the time on my laptop. This storm keeps replacing one device after another! So far it has replaced my PDA, camera, GPS and now it almost replaces my laptop (not quite!). Good job on Fone Book!

Looks like this is going to be a great app! Only down side I see, is he stated it constantly runs in the background, might be a bit of a memory hog.

If I wanted an iPhone I would have purchased one. Why are the most popular themes ones that make your Blackberry look like an iPhone? I agree, make a good app. and stop trying to make everything look like iPhone stuff!!!!!!!

I agree... we definitely don't want an iPhone look-a-like. What we do want are good apps. Way to go, Blinding Rain!

I love your program. It is possibly the most interesting one I have found yet. This is because it is so much more than just a phone book and will be a cvery usefull tool to add to this device. Cant wait for its release. Thanks Jim

The fōne book by Blinding Rain is to be "officially" released with its launch on BlackBerry App World Wednesay, June 10. However, it is now available on the CrackBerry App Store for immediate purchase for those who just can't wait.