Following BlackBerry Jam Americas, things are looking up a bit for Research In Motion

Reasons to Believe....
By Chris Umiastowski on 6 Oct 2012 10:52 am EDT

It's now a little over a week since BlackBerry Jam Americas. RIM's stock price closed on Friday at $8.22, which is up from $6.37 the morning of Thorsten's keynote in San Jose last Tuesday. That's a 30% improvement in only a few short days.

Why is the stock up so much, and is it justified? That's a trick question because, from where I sit, it's fruitless to try to predict short term stock movements. Sure, RIM looked like a stock that had been overly punished. But if their market share keeps sliding we'll look back at $6.37 and realize that even that was overpriced. And if they recover to the degree that we all hope with a strong launch of BlackBerry 10, even today's $8+ stock price will seem cheap in retrospect.

But short term? It's anyone's guess.

That said, let's look at some of the positive developments from last week in terms of how they might help build RIM's overall road to recovery.

RIM says that its BlackBerry 10 developer tools are now "API complete", meaning that developers have access to all of the necessary application programming interfaces to build great apps. This is good, however a quick read of the BlackBerry devblog guest posts shows that many developers are still confused as to which environment they should be working in. An environment like iOS provides far less choice, and perhaps as a result, far less confusion among developers. Is RIM giving developers too many options? What are your thoughts?

RIM also showed us a few big names of who will be in the app store. Cisco on the enterprise side, Facebook, FourSquare, and others. This is great. But I still think the app store will be a work in progress for some time. RIM is improving, but they won't match the breadth of apps available on iOS anytime soon. I say this a lot, but it's true: RIM needs to to show the big names in entertainment (think Netflix) and communication (think Skype).

Oracle had some good news to share about RIM last week. Oracle's OpenWorld conference featured a presentation by CEO Larry Ellison. He showed how RIM isn't far behind Android and iOS in terms of people using these devices to post updates to Twitter. Ellison reportedly quipped, "If I was an investor, I might buy a little bit of that RIM stock."

I doubt Ellison meant to be dishing out investing advice, but it's nice to see evidence that RIM is still a heavyweight when it comes to its customers making use of devices for social purposes. The BlackBerry platform has always been powerful for social networking. BlackBerry 10 will only make this more true.

RIM also released its latest financial results last week. The most important news? RIM is still growing its subscriber base (by over 10% per year). This sparked some financial analysts, such as Richard Tse from Cormark Securities in Toronto, to upgrade the stock. This is the first time in a while that I've seen any analyst upgrade RIM because of some aspect of business performance, not just because the stock seemed too cheap.

Competitively speaking, RIM is also clearly in the running for the #3 platform spot. Microsoft is working hard, but they haven't publicly released the SDK for Windows Phone 8 yet. It's only been released to "select developers", and won't be available to the rest of the world until later this year. The way I see it, RIM has a head start with BlackBerry 10 on the app development front. The tools are out now, and earlier tools have been around for much longer. RIM has a larger base of users and developers for its mobile platform. Microsoft has more money though - which is important, and can't be forgotten. This story will become more clear soon. Microsoft is set to reveal Windows Phone 8 on October 29th, and it's rumored we could see devices like the Lumia 920 on AT&T as early as November 4th.

The risks to the RIM story remain. They're doing $1 billion in quarterly revenue relating to system access fees (SAF) paid by carriers. This will come under pressure even more than it is already. RIM isn't making money on its hardware today, and will need to boost ASP (and see strong sales) of BlackBerry 10 devices to call this a financial turnaround.

They'll also have to earn great reviews of the new platform when it hits the market. Will people love the new touch screen keyboard? Only time will tell. I will point out, however, that executives who have conducted demonstrations of the keyboard don't seem to type very fast on it. Why is that? Lack of use? Is it as good as they've hyped it up to be?

Lastly, here's a friendly reminder not to take executives too seriously when they talk up their own story. Thorsten Heins has been saying, at every opportunity, that carriers are excited about BlackBerry 10. Whenever you hear any executive speak simply ask yourself if he or she would ever publicly say the opposite. If the answer is "no" then chances are you shouldn't place much value on the comment. In this case, I'm happy to hear that carriers are excited about BlackBerry 10. It makes sense that carriers will want to support RIM and the launch of BlackBerry 10. But actions by these carriers speak louder than the vendor's words.

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Following BlackBerry Jam Americas, things are looking up a bit for Research In Motion


Carriers like Androids that shatter so easily. It allows them to sell more insurance plans. Finicky buyers like myself, and many business customers, want a phone that will take a beating but will keep going. Water resistance is also more than just a nice to have.

What I care most is that potential app developers like Oracle and Cisco are saying great things about BB10.

On another note, more development tools are a very good thing. Developers can pick what they're most comfortable with. RIM just has to guide newbies towards what will work best for them.

Another good thoughtful article, Chris.

The SP to me has hit the floor and should be heading higher but who really knows. Been buying the dips when possible and I think the best last dip just happened when the SP filled the GAP after the $1 + jump in SP from Ah after the Q earnings.

In a way, RIM has already started the climb back even with another couple of tough quarters before they'll see solid growth again.

Why? Because much of what needs to be done for them to succeed is already in place. There's plenty of evidence that BB10 is going to be a very good platform, and they presented a lot more evidence--to a lot more people--of that at Americas Jam. BB10 is real now, it isn't just a canned demo as we saw at BB World back in May.

We know there's strong developer support, and while Chris' comments about Heins' "carriers are excited" needs to be considered, carriers DO want a diverse field. I think developers do too, so long as there are customers to buy.

People "in the know" already see what RIM is about to do, and it looks very good. I won't say the share price is only going up from here (it may well dip back below $7 again before BB10 launches unless RIM has an EXCELLENT Q3), but I think we've seen the bottom.

This is one of the big reasons why I love crackberry: they cheer for the great product that BB is but also call out its weaknesses. It's not just roses and happy stories, they also make people face reality so they can take educated decisions.
Great article Chris!

* BlackBerry by choice *
I could not have said that any better, agreed. I'm personally sure that BB10 will be a success but we do have to look at everything from all sides. Chris makes it a little easier to see all angles and I think he puts a lot of thought into his articles and always presents the information clearly and unbiased.

The problem is that all of this analysis is backward looking and therefore of very little use going forward. By very little, I mean none.

No one really knows that the consumer response will be to BB10 phones. People could get excited about a BB comeback or they could say, yes the phone is good, but why buy it.

A lot depends on the marketing. Focusing on Skype and other big name apps is a mistake. As noted, RIM will not match iOS anytime soon so playing the app card is doing exactly what Apple and Android would want. RIM needs to sell these as on-the-go communication machines that are the best in the market. I use skype a ton, it isn't on my phone and I've never found myself without the ability to use Skype when I wanted to use it.

Having Skype would be good, but running around saying we have skype isn't going to anyone that doesn't have a blackberry excited. The only people who would be really excitred about getting Netflix would be people who have never subscribed to what is the worst on-demand service they might dream up.

The phone must be marketed as the best at something.

Well said. I think a little bit too much emphasis gets placed on 'must have' apps-- mostly because everyone thinks of their own use case, and generalizes it to all smartphone users.

The primary benefit to these 'must have' apps is PR (which shouldn't be underestimated): if BB10 has the apps, then tech 'pundits' can't slam it for not having them.

Outside of that, I think they're doing the right thing by focusing more on the BB10 experience - what BB10 allows you to do.

As a pull factor announcing skype and netflix is not so significant but as a prohibitive issue the lack of cannot be denied.
RIM should should work on having them but should not make too much noise about them once they are on.

+1, your analysis is spot on and it is why RIM appears to be pushing the communication side of the BB10 platform. Thus, BB10 is a communication device that supports quality 3rd Apps vs an App platform that allows for some communication (iPhone). As a communication platform, the iPhone has always been a mediocre device but this is perfectly OK for many of its core uses who want a strong App platform. While the App concept has dominated over the last few years, it is the communication side which is now coming back. BB flow and the reworking of BBM into a more interactive platform is an expression of this revolution. Apps will need to work and communicate with one another. And let's not forget NFC, it's time has come. This is an area will RIM can really shine and Apple struggles. Apple appears has a visceral hate for deeper App integration and new communication technology. I think this reflects the fact that it's OS and UI have reached the end of their functional life.

Japan is the most insular mobile market in the world. It has no influence on the rest of Asia Pacific or the world really. Even major electronics giants like Sony and Panasonic that are dominant players in Japan are tiny bit players everywhere else. When was the last time anyone outside of Japan got excited for the latest Kyocera phone? Or the latest Hitachi, Casio, NEC, or Sharp?

It would be nice to get a few sales in Japan, but hardly a market RIM should focus heavily on.

Japan is dominated by the carriers who dictate to the manufacturers what phones to make and what OS and apps to put on them.

As I wrote in an article, a customer needs to be able to walk in to a carrier or reatil store and say, "Does it have (insert app name)?" And the rep needs to be able to say, "Yes."

If that happens then they have failed. What they need to do is have the customer walk into the store, point at the BB10 phone and say "I want that one."

RIM actually has a chance to do this since they do hold a dsitinct position in the consumer mind (they just need to make sure it's a good one). This is different from Samsung, HTC, LG, etc.

I don't beleive that most people walk into a phone store and are then sold on buying an iPhone. They want one coming in.

This is an excellent point, and largely explains a good chunk of both apple and Samsung's success. But RIM does need to get to the point where have a positive recognition. This will come from two points.

The first is A unique and compelling user experience. i think weve seen that so far.

The other is hype. Without a decently large selection of apps including those ever-talked-about Skype and Netflix, it will be hard to get the 'pundits' in the media on board and hard to get into the mind of the common consumer. I don't actually care much for said apps, nor for what people think of my choice in phone. But Most buyers need to be assured that their phone is 'cool' in one way or another, and that will come from the hype.

RIM's greatest weapon is it's user base. There are many people, like myself, who are waiting for BB10 to drop in order to upgrade; they're not starting from zero. While many like myself are waiting, it's great to see that RIM is still able to sell over 7 million legacy handsets! Note that RIM saw sales *grow* in Canada and UK so it's not just Asia and Africa where BlackBerry is selling.
In the meantime, Samsung and Apple are attacking each other and Apple is facing scrutiny over iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 problems (scratching, camera, new proprietary plug that can't even output video, etc), leaving the door open for a fresh new OS from RIM to shine in the spotlight.

This is a good point. While I'm not denying RIM has it's problems, the view of "As goes the US, so goes the World" just doesn't hold anymore. Being in North America we see RIM in it's worst possible light.

The competition is currently engaged in a mass foot-shooting exercise. Windows Phone 8 may be quite good but it is getting negative publicity because of the name association with Windows 8, which isn't much wanted (an objective comment this as I will be updating my work laptop the moment it hits the streets). Samsung have just had the ability to trigger an unwanted remote wipe revealed. The iPhone 5 has turned out not to be a finished product - the same charges leveled at BB OS 7 - except that spalling anodising and lens flare can't be fixed with a software upgrade.

But this puts even more pressure on RIM to do a perfect product launch. It absolutely has to be available and to work 100% out of the box on Day 1. If it does, wait for the analysts to queue up to make "Buy" recommendations and prove how objective and not in Apple's pocket they are.

Meanwhile, L or N? My wife will probably go a bit spare on me if I buy both to find out. Perhaps I can claim they're for "work research".

I'm a former hardware industrial engineer. I've worked with most manufacturing processes - injection moulding, composite lamination, pressing, machining - and with many surface finishes (plating, anodising, polishing, powder coat and the like). It's nice of Apple to allow people like me to suggest that they should listen more to their industrial engineers once in a while.

I work in Cost of Coverage engineering at a major engine manufacturer and the fight between us and the purchasing department over cost per engine is ridiculous. I feel bad for the IE's at Apple who I'm sure said "this won't work" but got ignored in the name of short term cost savings

Good story Chris well balanced. RIM are well on the way on their road to recovery but there are certainly pot holes to avoid along the way. The apps you named above are important to RIM getting consumer focus back. You are right they won't have, nor should they care to, the quantity of apps that are currently in the Play Store and iTunes however when there is an app that folks think of when they consider their smartphone (Skype, Instagram, Pinterest, FlipBoard, and on and on) there needs to be increasingly an App World logo next to the other two. I have faith that Alec Saunders is well on his way to making that happen, and I really hope that soon we start to hear some of these apps are on board at some of the Jams around the world, which have increasingly proven to be a real asset to the brand.

I think anyone who will not buy a phone because they cannot watch Netflix on the 4.5 inch screen is a little daft.

I was trying to figure out what tools to use to develop BB apps and gave up. I didn't know what the best ones would be and didn't want to spend two or three days trying to figure it out.

Hey tim,

Let me help you out send me an email martis180@gmai. Just tell me what languages you know/experience you have and how strong you are in each. I'll help you find ur route, don't worry bud we are all in this together let me share my knowledge with you.

Take care

Actually, I do Java, JavaScript, JSP, Struts, HTML stuff but go way back to PL/1, Cobol and JCL.
I have done Visual Basic etc.
Don't know C++ though.

If you can point me to some good basic beginner tutorials on the web, that would be great.

I just want to learn the basics for now and can grow from there.
Also, if you know if any OCR apps or ways of taking a picture of a document and having it scanned by OCR, that would be great because that is part of what I would like to do for my first learning app.

There is no best tool - there is only what you'll be most comfortable with. RIM supports each of the major three platforms well, so there's no 'best' - only what works for you.

Start there - if you're comfortable with C and C++, then go with Cascades. If you're comfortable with HTML and JavaScript, then WebWorks is for you. And if you've done Flash programming/games before, go with AIR.

If you're new to programming, I'd recommend against developing for phones as your starting point.

If, on the other hand, you're just trolling we can all move along now ;)

Don't forget that the number of apps is irrelevant. It is the quality or desirability of the apps that matters. 400,000 apps have never been downloaded from the Apps store and over 1,900 of them are flashlight apps.

The sentence about executives not being able to type fast on it is totally out of left field. What are you talking about? What executives? How do you know this? Are you trying to tell us that they were given the phone for a demo and couldn't type fast in a half an hour period? It takes time to build up muscle memory even for a physical keyboard before you can really start banging it out.

I was wondering where this came from.
Chris seems to be looking for some bad news to temper the current excitement around BB10.
Things are looking VERY good for one of the biggest come back stories in tech history. Hey Chris, don't be afraid to show some excitement.

Great article, Chris. And very well balanced.

Here's what concerns me about Blackberry 10: we really haven't seen anything that gives you that WOW feeling yet. Oh, sure, we're all Crackberry addicts here, and we're gonna be first in line for whatever shows up. But at the end of the day, BB10 is "nice", when it needs to be AWESOME.

I have to admit I was also a little disappointed at the leaked devices, especially after seeing those cool concept phones by Crackberry readers (That BB Blade remains my fave.). Again, they were "nice", but not thrilling.

It's gonna be interesting to watch RIM and MSFT duke it out for the 3rd slot. As Chris pointed out, MSFT has billions in a bank, ready to burn. And they are NOT going to accept defeat. The money situation might be the difference maker, here. MSFT also has a platform on it's 3rd iteration, so RIM MUST get it right with BB10 out of the gate.

I'm hoping RIM has a few surprises left for us on launch day, and takes a page out of Steve Jobs marketing manual and shows us "one more thing". Looking forward to January, 2013!

What are you talking about westex74? Blackberry has only shown a taste of what we can expect from BB10 and it already has the WOW feeling. Also MSFT may have more money but RIM has a much greater user base to build on then the WP.Also WP7 was a TOTAL FLOP as very few were sold. MSFT does what they do best and gives up with their old scheme of an OS and trys to create and hype a "new" OS . This is just one reason people will not want to buy a WP knowing full well in 2 years or less it will be useless OS.In fact I have yet to see one single person use or talk about a WP phone outside of crackberry. Millions and millions of RIM's user base will be upgrading.

I disagree. There have been quite a few 'wow' features so far if you have watched all of the videos. And as for nice but not thrilling, look at iPhone 5. There was NOTHING thrilling about it, and yet it sells en masse. This makes it obvious that it's no longer about hardware like it used to be. From what I've seen, BB10 is going to be a great UI and should bring back a lot of those who decided to ride out the launch delays over on the Android platform. I honestly believe that Android's success is due merely to the fact that it is NOT iOS and really the only choice you had left if you wanted the full slab phone experience. A lot of the people I know with Android complain about them constantly but refuse to get iOS. When it comes to the battle with Microsoft, I think RIM still holds the advantage. Microsoft has a long history with pissing off developers and they're not letting up any time soon. Devs are already resisting the new platform thanks to Microsoft's new 'certification' process for apps and WP8 hasn't even been released yet. BB10 is new; Windows Phone 8 is still Windows and that's a perception that will be harder to overcome than most all of their other issues. People use desktop Windows because they have to, not because they want to. No amount of money is going to fix that.

It would be a nice slap in the face of Apple fanatics to hear in a thick German accent "One more thing..." I bet Apple would try to sue Thorsten for using the almighty Steve's famous line LOL

Devs are resisting the new platform not because of certification worries but because of stability worries. How long will Windows Phone 8 last? Windows 7 is arguably better than Apple OS X and people like it, now they are going to be faced with a new UI and years of Microsoft fiddling about to get it right.

One thing that RIM can do to reassure developers is to produce a stable OS and UI. If Ten turns out to be as advanced as we're being told, this could be the case. What developers really, really like is to get paid, and to keep getting paid without redesigning stuff every few months.

I`m totally with you right up until your last point. The line was Steve`s and Steve ìs dead. So is his line. RIM has charted an independent course, so in the same way Thorsten needs his own original tag line. He`s already thrown out a couple

`Lets rock and roll this!` and `BlackBerry by Choice` maybe he needs one just for introducing exciting shiny new BlackBerry toys uh .... I mean tools.

@Puz_zled -- Totally agree.

I think we should all start waving the 'BlackBerry' flag and shout in unison, "GO RIM."
Am so looking forward to BlackBerry 10 !! Let's "ROCK and ROLL THIS."

+1 on the blade. Totally original design that leap frogs all competition by at least a generation or two. Even if bb 10 software was mediocre (luckily its looking great), people would still buy them just to own a phone that looked like the blade. They advertise themselves on a store display. The "real" rumoured designs I've seen so far only say "me too". Don't get me wrong, they look great, but they are not innovative designs. The software is shaping up to be very innovative, while the phone design is very 'safe'.

I am NOT thrilled at RIM pushing back the release date for the BB10 to January! I think their sales would be much greater had they kept the date before at least a month and a half before Christmas. This way sales would definitely help the closing quarter for RIM and a great start for the 1st quarter. I think many people would try to have this new BB10 as a gift for many presents in this upcoming Holiday season push.

I will buy this BB10 with excitement because I have longed to show a BlackBerry device in the faces of Android and Iphone abusers. So with all anticipation, RIM needs to really stand by this product and make sure its on the cutting edge. I think this phone will eithe make or break the company. I am all for the Positive Outcome.

Article is fine, but contains little insight. I want to know...

1) Attractiveness of M2M opportunity and RIM's position in it
2) possible structures for its content partnerships
3) what RIM's assets allow it do that no one else can do

I believe RIM has lots of opportunities to Partner...other firms need / want a successful RIM. Let's hear more about this please...

I just got off the phone with my friend working in RIM in software development. I just heard some new things about BBM that when it hits crackberry in a few weeks you guys will *panty drop* lol.

I am a tech consultant and developer and my buddy is a software engineer, Me and my buddy were debating on what would knock bb10 out of the park. If you want to know about that convo and the juicy deets email me cuz I'm not allowed to post here. Crackberry Kevin you too. Martis180@gmai

I'm actually pretty happy everyone (in the public) is bashing RIM and saying it's gonna fail. Some of you will say why? And the reason is that their expectations are so low that even if RIM puts out a decent product they will be impressed by how far off it is from their expectations. And we all no its not just gonna be decent, so when RIM actually puts something interesting, all the bashers will be blown away just from the sheer delta of their low expectations.

I have found this out through market research, in busses and the mall I have been showing of bb10 on my device alpha and everyone is so shocked that this is a blackberry. 15 people who were buying iphone 5 or s3 said they were gonna wait till Jan. One girl started tearing up because she was planning to buy an iphone 5 at the store (source) that day and she saw this and teared saying blackberry and BBM was how she met and kept in contact with her fiance who worked overseas for a bit. She owes her marriage to blackberry and Herr BBM group with her fiance. She was switching because she really wanted apps and blackberry never had that. When I opened angry birds, instagram, flipboard and draw something(yea I figured a loophole for these to work) she started tearing and said she will wait for the phone that changed her life.

Blackberry is coming. Are u ready?

Unfortunately, the bashers are still gonna bash because they need RIM to fail so that the last 2 years of articles they wrote don't expose them as no-talent hacks with zero insight into the tech industry. They will resist saying anything positive until it's absolutely undeniable because changing their tunes would devastate their credibility. If you need any proof of this, just look at how many Apple-apologist writers are explaining away and down-playing all of the shortcomings in the iPhone 5 and it's "disappointing" (according to their incorrect estimates) launch numbers.

Because BBM is a single platform feature, it can have the most whiz-bang features, it will be tied to the success or failure of the entirety of BB10.

One or two great features won't matter its the whole UI. Example, WebOS had quite a few game changing features, many have adopted since it's release, I even hear that BB10 has a lot of features introduced in WebOS. How'd that work out for them?

I am currently trying out the older version of iPhone (from my husband). The thing that impresses me most are the apps and the browser. What I have noticed recently is that there are very few 'mainstream' apps for BB OS. Even my library doesn't support BB. iOS and Android are the new standard. Will this change with BB10? I truly hope so, but I'm not holding my breathHas anyone heard anything to the contrary?

Wishing and hoping that BB10 is released SOON... Bold 9700 (OS5) and PB - fantastic combination that I really don't want to lose...

I wouldnt say things are looking up just because the stock price went up. What if it goes down 10% next week? Are things starting to look down? Until blackberry 10 actually launches the stock price is meaningless.

I don't think the price is as relevant as is the indication that there's been a (albeit small) change in sentiment by the investment industry. You are correct though that actual number doesn't hold much meaning. There's been a disconnect between share price and company valuation for quite some time already. Only after "The 10" arrives will it mean much for the future of the company

Rim is to far gone to come back even if BB10 is great. People are tired of waiting and waiting and wainting plus people bought BB os7 not even a year ago, and Rim wants us to BUY another Blackberry ! BB10
Look i have been using BB for 8yrs and 2day i lost my last BBM contact,so i had to delete BBM cause everyone left BB I was the last to hang in their in.

RIM its hard to stay positive, my BBM is no longer in use.

If you have a better insight, let's go. Contribute. He did asked a few questions, no?

I think that Chris's stated the obvious that happened in the weeks before, and he's pointing that there's more optimism that RIM is going to be BETTER (maybe not number 1, remain number 3, not to lose customer, not to concede #3 spot to MS) but at the same time if you re-read the lines, he's saying don't get too far optimistic.

So I don't see HOW its vague, unless you can read his mind?

RiM is going about it correctly. Making sure the product is fully baked and it has a sufficient ecosystem at launch. they can't afford another PlayBook launch.
i read too many times RIM is late. consumers won't wait for BB10. Well that's the most idiotic comment i have read, if BB10 is as good as we think then there will be consumers that have Android or iPhone device will purchase Bb10. Most consumers aren't loyal to their phones, I've purchased Nokia, Samsung and LG devices in the past because i got bored with the others and wanted to try something new, now have been with BB because work provided me a 9780 and now a 9900.
RIM's just needs to bring out a great functioning device, the top 100 apps for the launch and they.will sell many devices regardless what the Tech Analyst and Media decry.

Rim is NOT launching in January. If they were ready to launch in January then they would be ready to launch in December and rake in some holiday cash flow.

March is much more realistic. If your telling yourself January, you're setting yourself up for disappointment! BB10 phones launch in March. PlayBook gets BB10 May-June.

The reason for launching in January and not December is, for what I've been told, the extra month is needed for carrier testing and certification.

We all know skype is a big company and BB10 grows on people you will see skype there on it. but I must say this skype is not the only application you can get for all around free chat and calls. If your a mobile user viber is great to have and one thing i do know is viber will come to BB10 and another good app I use and get free landline calls to the usa is vonage with has the best sound quality I think from app to landline and app to app.

We have to look at the real picture and as a consumer have to look at not just what is here but what will be say even a year down the line for the BB10 os. Will it be BB10 then move on to BB11 if it gets there or Will it be BB10 and then BB10.1 meaning support and help make things better and the experiance both for business and the every day Joe user and not just jumping from one os to the next.

I think what would make a company like rim and for the users and buyers of the phone is for rim to set up some type of forum where we could leave feedback and let the users have there say then the techs respond to them. Then the top 5 things that people want to see in the next build of rim. then put it to a voting pole up and see what comes out in first and what the users want.

We keep these mobile comapanies in business its about time they listen to what we want and have some user input and some feed back on it. these type of things would not cost a lot and in the long run might even ave a mobile phone comapanies money and we would all be happier with a better product and get what we all want at the end of the day.

This is just the way I feel some may agree some may not.