Follow the US Elections on your BlackBerry with Viigo!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Nov 2008 12:30 am EST

Viigo has added a real-time results for today's US Election. The Live Election Results Feed will provide both Overall and State By State results throughout the evening as each contender demonstrates a Firm Lead, or is declared a Winner in each State. Results will be updated every 5 minutes.

Election Results Live with Viigo!

To add the new feed, click on Elections 2008, then select "Add Channel", then select "Live Election Results".

And if you're not already among the thousands of BlackBerry Users rocking CrackBerry Viigo, you can learn more about it and download it here for free. If not by a computer, you can download it by typing into your BlackBerry's web browser.

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Follow the US Elections on your BlackBerry with Viigo!


It loaded on my 8330 Curve. I know however, this will not really serve much of a purpose for me as I will be glued to the tube and watching in real-time from probably 6pm until a winner is declared!!

I downloaded this to my nifty pearl, and needless to say I will be glued to the t.v. as well, but if for some reason I step out to go to the store It'll come in handy.

To add the new feed, click on Elections 2008, then select "Add Channel", then select "Live Election Results".

It's before you go into the feeds - on the main home screen there is a dedicated channel for elections.

I don't see elections 2008. . . . this is a bit confusing.

maybe i have an old version????

Look directly below the download button. There should be two links. One is for BIS and the other is for BES. Click the one you have.

I ended up going to the site with my laptop, having viigo send an email to my phone with the download link. Once the new version is installed it shows up just as it should. Reloading the application solves the problem.

Dang only 99.9? ;)

Thanks, not very often you find something this powerful for the bb that is free, not sure why I didn't download sooner haha

I like this although, I will be at a watch party this evening, I guess if I go to the bathroom I can still be updated!!!

I liked this program but it did not like my blackberry pearle. it took to much memory and caused to many problems because of it so I had to delete it. If anyone knows how I can save it to my memory card please email because I would like to get it back.

I goofed and didn't look at the URL very carefully (there is no WWW and you have to include / Crackberry)
Its confusing a the URL flows over two lines in the blog post..

Any how fingers crossed I have it OK now (just rebooting)

OK that deleted my old RSS feeds
Now I have on my Viigo display
And I have to futz around to get delete a buch of stuff I dont want..


once you install the app, you can login with your old/existing Viigo id and it will pull all your old feeds that are saved on your viigo account.

so it seems to be working just as it shows in the picture, a lot of zeros. excuse me if i am an ill informed Canadian but shouldn't there be some kind of updates here? what time should I be expecting the numbers to change?

Polls don't start closing until 7:00pm (EST), so data won't start to be released until the polls start closing. They are supposed to hold back the results to not influence the vote in that area.

Finally getting the hang of it..

Its not an RSS - its a service.. with its own page (I kept wondering why it wasnt in my feeds after 'adding it" Doh!)

The podcast service looks interesting!

Does Viigo absolutely cause havoc on anyone else's Bold? It makes mine go crazy and when I reboot the device I get a whole series of null exception error messages and then find that my mail icons are missing. Only uninstalling this app and rebooting 2 more times after the uninstall will stop the error messages and let my mail icons come back.

I've had Viigo on my Bold from the day I bought it months ago and it's always worked perfectly. Perhaps try uninstalling and reinstalling?

I followed all the steps listed but when I click on elections 2008- then-add channel-then-live election results-----and that is where it stops! Anyone else having this problem?

I've tried the crackberry address, the email link option, and the direct download link from the viigo site. I have not seen a single clickable link on my blackberry. What is going on with this thing?

edit...I had to use Opera in order to get a download link.

its not worth it.. it is updated way too slow. ure better off watching tv or da radio. although itd be very good after da election is over so you kno which state voted for who.