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By Adam Zeis on 4 Jun 2013 11:07 am EDT

Yesterday we kicked off Talk Mobile 2013 and many of you have already joined in on the discussion. If you missed our first post it may be because you aren't following our BBM channel. While the Talk Mobile stories will be posted here on the blogs, as BlackBerry users you can take advantage of BBM Channels and get the stories delivered right to your doorstep. 

On the Talk Mobile BBM channel we'll also throw in some other discussions, questions and just have more goodies that you won't find elsewhere.

Just add the PIN C000422E4 or scan the barcode below to join.

Of course you can keep up with the action through TwitterFacebook and all of our other feeds as well. 

See you there!

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Follow the Talk Mobile 2013 BBM Channel


Question: When bbm is available for android can i still go to bb beta zone and download bbm chanels to test out or is that only available for bb users?....I'm part of the beta zone communtiy from back in the day btw!

As Mobile Nations are all about tech, will others (Rene, Phil et al) be creating BBM Chanel accounts to test out. It will be cross platform after all, so it would be good way to get their impressions on using it.

Posted via CB10

I don't have bbm channels yet

So plz inform us for those who have bbm channels Beta Program you can add this channel.

Posted via CB10

I need help!! I have started my channel but when I send out invites from my z10, it says "sent" but message never goes through. Even when I scan the channel pin I get nothing. Very frustrating!

Posted via CB10