Follow the NCAA Men's tournament with ScoreMobile on your BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 18 Mar 2011 09:41 am EDT

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While there aren't any specialized apps for keeping up with the NCAA men's tourney this year, you can certainly get all the latest scores and updates on your BlackBerry. Once again ScoreMobile comes through for BlackBerry users. The just updated free app provides up to the minute scores and tournament standings right on your device. You can check out schedules, rankings, injury updates, scores and much more. ScoreMobile can help you out on the go when that TV or PC is out of reach. In addition you can check out all ScoreMobile has to offer from the NBA, MLB and more. So don't fret - even when you only have your BlackBerry ScoreMobile has you covered so you don't have to miss a beat. Grab it free from BlackBerry App World.

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Follow the NCAA Men's tournament with ScoreMobile on your BlackBerry


Track live games with the new Push Alerts feature
-Added NCAAB March Madness Bracket view
-Added Cricket (ICC)
-Improved look & feel for ‘Settings’ page
-Many bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance enhancements
Haven't really had a chance to check out the enhancements. I like how you can add your team to your calendar so you won't miss a game.

Wicked. I just updated this app from 1.7 and seen the push alerts feature in this update. This feature will be awesome if in fact it works well. The iphone edition works flawlessly so I'm hoping that the Blackberry edition is the same. Score Mobile will be hands down a MUST HAVE for any sports fan.

The only thing left for this app to cover is minor leagues. If this thing had push alerts for American Hockey League games, it would be one of the best apps ever. I would pay a lot of money for it even with ads.

I first must say I like this app! However with that said my co-workers that have iphones are using a March Madness On Demand App that allows you to watch any game you want on your phone and pull stats from all games as well. It's stuff like this that has me wondering if I shouldn't make the switch to iphone. I love my BB phones but I'm beginning to think BB is too far behind in the App race to ever catch up at this point.

Great thing about it (and a big reason why I like blackberry) you can instantly send the events to you calender and remind you when they are on.

nice used it last night it alerted me when the game started (when i was picking up the pizza lol) and every time my team scored or got scored on and when the game was over cool.