Follow F1, NASCAR and Indycar with Viigo Motorsports

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Apr 2009 02:18 pm EDT

I know a lot of CrackBerry readers out there are NASCARS junkies and if you're a long time reader of the site or follow me on twitter you'll know I'm also a huge Formula 1 fan. That said, if you're into Motorsports, you'll want to check out the video above to learn how Viigo can help you stay on top of the F1, NASCAR and Indycar happenings this season.

And if you don't have Viigo yet or want to change up give the popular CrackBerry-branded version of Viigo a try, you can grab it for free by visiting from your BlackBerry's web browser. See ya at the finish line!

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Follow F1, NASCAR and Indycar with Viigo Motorsports


I guess you cannot access this program via WiFi?

I d/l the program, installed in on my ATT Bold, but keep getting an error message when trying to connect.

Tried it, but can't find anything related to motorcycle road racing... even MotoGP, the two wheel equivalent of F1.

Where is the bike racing?

I was using Advant Go before this but this is much much better..I too am a big F1 fan and Indy Car Fan not much for the roundy rounds..Thanks for the link and short tour..much appreciated!


This is tempting me to load Viigo back on my Curve. I've had it before and thought it was slow to update and such a memory hog. Maybe I will give it another try now.

Hello, Viigo? I've written this directly to you, but now here it is for all your loyal fans to chime in!

I LOVE the Motor Sports feeds - especially the Schedule. You have great details on the race except one - What Television Network is Broadcasting the Race? NASCAR runs on THREE different Networks!

Please be so kind as to add which network is covering the race.

I don't know if the same problem exists with Radio, but it would be nice if that was available too.

The info IS listed on NASCAR's schedule...

I noticed this during the off season while scanning through Viigos Feeds.
I believe it has an Indy car one too.

I like Viigo, but at the time, it did run sluggish on the Storm.
I do believe there has been an updated version since then, but haven't tried it.

In a way, I think its kinda usless because if you're a fan, then you're already watching the races... but I guess its more for a stat thing.... and to be able to track the lower end teams, which usually dont get too much light....least on Indy... cuz I know for F1... they always have the scores lol