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By Adam Zeis on 14 May 2013 10:49 am EDT

So BBM Channels has been announced and if you've fired it up you'll certainly be looking for some good channels to follow, right? Well you're in luck because we've had a chance to play around a bit and already have some channels up and running. 

Kevin, Bla1ze and I all created out own personal channels that you can follow, and of course we have an official CrackBerry channel as well. While each of us will send out updates for plenty of random things, we'll keep the CrackBerry channel straight up BlackBerry with news, updates and all kinds of BlackBerry-filled goodness. 

If you're in on the beta (Details soon) you can subscribe to our channels by searching the PIN below within BBM Channels

  • Official CrackBerry: C00012B19
  • Kevin: C00010BC5
  • Bla1ze: C00015DD7
  • Adam: C000184EE
  • Michelle: C0001B3B5
  • DJ: C00024E24
  • Simon: C000E48A7
  • Alicia: C000FE2DE

For more on BBM Channels, check out the announcement post here

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Follow CrackBerry on BBM Channels!


Very Interesting, finaly out of bata.

Want to follow Canadian Real Estate news? Follow my channel CITIFIED Real Estate C00123403

Absolutely!! Channels are like BBM, Twitter and Facebook all rolled into one. A great channel to follow is Geeks United C00122408. Mine is a BlackBerry channel C0001BBB7. Take a look! :D

After you've downloaded it, tap the three lines on the left in the BBM app. Look for Channels in the menu. Tap that and then search either by name eg "BlackBerry" or a celebrity or sports team for example or by code such as the examples above.

Signed up as well on Beta zone but where do I find it on my phone now to be able to see the channel?

Posted via CB10

I'm downloading mine right now. How hard was it to know about BBC and not tell anyone?

Posted via CB10

for BB10 devices you need to connect it to a PC and install it that way. the download is an .exe file that installs it to your phone.

Just signed up in the Beta zone. They list Kevin's channel for an example! Nice work, Crackberry.
"CrackBerry (C00012B19) - The official BBM Channel of! Also follow CrackBerry Kevin (C00010BC5). "

Log in or register in BlackBerry beta zone. Then join the channel beta testing program.

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I cant't remember a tome I was excited about tech like now. Great! Who cares about BB10 for the PlayBook now? (I know some out there will kill me for that)

I do care about BB10 for PB, but damn.. i didn't expect to that much from today and there are 3 more days to follow of BB Live

Perfect way to say goodbye to all other messaging and sharing platforms. Never used actively Twitter or FB, but definitely going to use this one.

For anybody else who scanned Michelle's QR code, you MUST browse channels then hide the keyboard and hit scan to join on the bottom of the screen. The normal BBM scanner does NOT work for it.

Already joined the Crackberry channel. For anyone interested in joining my band's new BBM Channel, ASCENDANT, here is the pin C000B8970 We will be posting show updates, new releases (from ASCENDANT and other artists we produce) as well as other tidbits of interest we find to encourage and inspire you to "BE Ascendant"

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Would love to join. Oh wait, I can't OTA doesn't work and I have a mac. How long ago was Thorsten saying something about BB10 and not needing a laptop? Ironic BBRY, really.

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I'm in!
Find me here C0010B9A9 or simply search for in bbm channels.

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I have joined the beta and it looks like quite an interesting idea. It will be interesting how well this would port across to the future cross-platform BBM

Is there a directory of channels? Or even a way to categorise what the channels are about.
I think this is something that will become necessary, otherwise it will be almost impossible to find what you're looking for.

V bn tryin to register for beta zone bt it xays tz not in nigeria...i download d bbm8 n dy r askin for keycode..v received alot of pings nw bot cnt open dem cos of d keycode...wt do i do?pls i need help

Wait these are the channels to get us started? Be serious CB. Those channels you posted would make anyone go insane because they are boring.. should have put USA Today, Maxima, NBA, Dogs, Quotes, OMG Facts channels that would interest people NOT just BlackBerry news people like other things other than BlackBerry