Follow the 2013 Masters on your BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 11 Apr 2013 09:22 am EDT

While there is still no sign of that PGA Tour app that was promised for BlackBerry 10 back in January, if you're a golf fan you can still keep up with the Masters on your BlackBerry. There is an extensive Masters mobile site that offers up plenty of news and standings for the entire tournament, which starts today and runs through the weekend. 

Just head to the link below from your BlackBerry to load up the site. There you will find a live leader board, latest news, videos, pairings and more. While it's not as fun as a full-featured BlackBerry app, it can still keep you in the loop and does a pretty good job at that. 

If you're on a BlackBerry Z10 you can also head to the full site for a more immersive experience. 

Follow the Masters from your BlackBerry

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Follow the 2013 Masters on your BlackBerry


Look great on the z10 but can't watch videos. The error message says Flash 10.2 is necessary.

Posted via CB10

Scratch that. Thought I had Flash enabled but didn't. Looks great in full screen landscape mode.

Posted via CB10

Once again, iphone gets credit for showing the video using an app, and Z10 gets no love for doing the same thing through built in functionality.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was responding to people complaining that it works on the iphone and not the Z10 without recognizing the fact that it in fact DOES work on Z10 without needing an app.

Another "coming soon" promise that has fallen through...come on BlackBerry. I love my Z10 and wouldn't trade it for another device if you paid me to, but this is getting old. MLB held up, Whatsapp held up, no Skype, no PGA app...I am sure the list goes on for both sides but stop making promises that fall through.

Cracker should do more mobile website announcements. The line between mobile websites and app store apps is blurring. People need to realize that there is more to a phone than apps.

Posted via CB10

Email sent to PGA to see where the app is.
Although I agree with above posts, apps are not everything, depending on the content.

Posted via CB10

Awesome feed on the Z10 via at&t lte. Better and quicker than my broadband at home and tracking scores via TheScore app. Glad I upgraded my data package cause it is chewing through it at the moment, may have to downgrade my feed and switch back to the wifi.

I suffered through the limited mobile site on my bold and poor android port on my playbook for too long.... The masters app on my new ipad is unbelievable - the picture and functionality are amazing - kinda makes me wonder why I bought the playbook in the first place.

I'm watching the Masters live on my PlayBook (at - no app needed), using the picture-in-picture feeds -- simultaneously. Heading for a meeting, where I'll sit in the back and flip between this feed and Docs to Go where I'm taking notes on the presentation. I haven't used my PlayBook much since I got the Z10, but am sure enjoying it today.

So why mock us? We can do the same thing on our playbook nd Zen 10 (including Q10). Doesn't make any difference to me.

Thats sweet! I will be downloading this for sure. Come on Lefty time to win your third green jacket.

No i'm not talking about Mike Weir!!! The real lefty Phil "the thrill" Mickelson

I was watching this today. Don't use the mobile site go to the full site and watch live no app needed

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My guess is Dreasley doesn't have a Z10. My experience is awesome on the full site. I have a 2011 playbook 64 gig that I paid full price for and does OK but nothing to compare to the Z10. The playbook just needed more ram. BB10 is rocking my world and my wife is dropping the droid and my daughter (in college) is dumping her iPhone for the Z after playing with mine.

Posted via CB10 on Z10