FML releases official BlackBerry application for free

By Bla1ze on 1 Jun 2010 04:20 am EDT
FML releases official BlackBerry application for free

There has been many applications which allow you to access FML in the past, some remain and some are now long gone. This one however, is the official application and provides quite a few features over the others that are currently available. Things such as logging into your own account, submitting your own FML scenarios are all supported through the official release. Of course, I must do my due dilligence and advise that the application does indeed provide some NSFW material. So, keep that in mind when downloading and accessing the application.


The Consigliere

not working on my 8310. Getting an error message "Class 'net.rim.device.api.ui.decor.Background'not found


your os is probably too old. works fine on my tour9630(os5)

The Consigliere

Maybe...oh well guess I'll just go to the site like I did before & save myself the memory that downloading the app would take up, not like the 8310 is known for having "memory to burn" anyway. For those who aren't familiar with this site it can be pretty comical to read some of the posts though, definitely worth checking out from time to time.


Not working on your device...FML!!


free? awesome. thanks for the heads up!


"submit your fml" doesn't seem to do anything at all. Makes for a fun read I guess.


It's blocked here at work, claiming inappropriate or adult content.


Blocked here too FML!


It's for no life people that like to post stupid updates like in tweeter or fb.


I had never seen it either until this app. Pretty funny how people can post how bad life is. You can vote, leave comments (if you can log in!). Pretty funny stories.


About as useful as a fart app.


Very cool site. Mostly NSFW, so makes sense it's blocked most is for me at work too. It's great for a laugh to pass some time. Dare I say a great 'bathroom read'.

Personally I just setup the FML feed on Viigo and have been using that for sometime great.


Dumb question but what's viigo? I'm a newbie!!


Check the website below. It's one of the only apps I really use constantly and I could go on forever about how great it is. At it's core it's an RSS reader but they have added a bunch of other functionality that makes it really handy (weather, sports, podcasts).


On the main page, it doesn't let me to scroll down to click on the options on the bottom. And submit FML doesn't work for me either.

I'm an 8330 on an Hybrid 5.0 OS.


Been waiting on this forever!


How may ppl still havent heard of FML, I found this on Sunday while "perusing" the site, works pretty good but I deleted bc i thought it was draining my batt, will reinstall and see fi that is truly the case!


Redeleted, it wont allow you submit a comment, an FML or Login... yeah, I'll still to the $.99 app I bought a while back.


I click to read them, it says loading, then the screen stays white. Bummer.


It looks like the app doesn't support pure wifi mode as I see the same symptoms. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any way to contact them, and I also had to uninstall the previous FML app I was using as their module names clashed.


Today I went to and realized an official fml app was released. I was kind of excited for the new app and couldn't wait to download it. I clicked on the link, that I thought would direct me to the DL page, but couldn't find it. I tried searching for the DL link but unfortunately no luck. FML


I think or hope what i'm asking for is obvious. Just thought it would ruin the story if I mention it up there :P


Take it off mobile view and click applications on top


I actually love my life and so technically I would like to f*ck my life is hot!


O my goodness too funny!! Haven't downloaded but its prob like bein me!!! Really useless but can be funny! Ill save my memory!


So if I dl this, it'll fml or at least my phone memory.. Good thing the site is fairly phone friendly.


is it just me or does the mobile site look better than this app........


The grammar in this post is atrocious.


not to beat a dead horse... but if google reader were to be as decent as it is on the iphone on my blackberry then this would definitely be unnecessary .


I remember an old free FML app, that had all of the current and pasts posts. This app places all of the stories in each category and there are only a few. If this is the official app this is pathetic.


I remember an old free FML app, that had all of the current and pasts posts. This app places all of the stories in each category and there are only a few. If this is the official app this is pathetic.


hopefully now I can win the lottery


Sorry RIM does not provide me with enough app space to test your app. FML and BB


It doesent seem to work on my 8330. Ill just keep veiwing it on Opera Mini.


wont let me scroll down to see the categories, other than that it seems to run alright


OTA link isnt working =''(


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