FlyCraft Herbie: Crazy Machines all set to arrive on BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 2 Jul 2014 11:02 am EDT

If you're a fan of the original FlyCraft game and of course, its main character Herbie, then you're going to want to keep your eye on BlackBerry World over the next day or two. FlyCraft Herbie: Crazy Machines has been submitted to BlackBerry World and should be appearing soon.

As a follow up to the original, you have to help little Herbie fly his crazy flying machines through the forest without running into the bamboo trees and crashing. Easier than it sounds. Plus, in Crazy Machines you can fly with Mollie, Herbie's girlfriend and pick up even more bonuses!

This simple game will challenge your reflexes, response speed and your flying technique!

  • Featuring the hero from the award winning game FlyCraft
  • Share your scores on Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Sweet graphics
  • Collect red life gems, and Drachma coins
  • Unlock various crazy flying contraptions
  • Record flight replays and share with your friends

Check out the trailer above to get an idea of what the game will be like and as always, we'll let you know when it actually lands in BlackBerry World. It's expected some time next week but it might pop up sooner. Totally looking forward to this. FlyCraft is one of my favorite games.



I like the herby games

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Me too I love how they just ignored Windows phone too :)

BlackBerry 4 life :)

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My kids love flycraft. Great to see support for bb10.

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How do I save my search settings on BlackBerry10?

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shehab sayyed

Tht greats news

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Love supporting this Dev! He builds great stuff!

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Allwyn John

A bamboo forest and a girlfriend.

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When is he gonna marry her? This can't go on like that... :-)

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Support BB10 developers! More support less whining!

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I loved the original! This one looks really fun! Like bad piggies or something.

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PlayBook UK

....and on the PlayBook please!

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As usual, our family will automatically be supporting this developer since this will be a native game to BB10. And if the developer makes it available for the playbook.. same thing...

Love these games...


So much appreciated my friend! Thank you very much. I will try for Playbook but I will not make promises..


Hated the first one. But I'm sure there's plenty to like about it.

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And presumably the Drachma is in reference to greek Deadalus/Icarus (who also crashed like Herbie)

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Drachma was actually the currency we had in Greece before moving to euro... so maybe there is a connection to the economic crash there... :)


So Devs aren't afraid of posting new games in App World like everyone was saying. I'm sure BB Devs are in for more than just money and BB10 users will aways Go Native if they have the choice.

"Classic" better be called "Bold Q20" or "Bold 10" 


Some of us have high standards, and ONLY go native.



Even if BlackBerry ever forbid us from posting to the BB World, I will better distribute .bar files to sideload that to make it android and through the Amazon Store. Android app will never meet the performance of native apps.


Skipped Windows phone because they can't just port the android version I am sure. Glad for the support though. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8


This was actually ported TO android FROM BB10... all my games are 100% native. I skipped Windows phone because I don't like the platform.


Yeah everyone seems to assume a BlackBerry app using Android is a port. Our game NeverMaze was also originally written for BB10, we only released it in Google Play half a year later cause we thought why not. But it is in no way a port.


Awesome! FlyCraft is lots of fun and this looks like a great cross between it and Flappy Herbie Saga. Thanks for your love for BB10, Charilaos.

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Cool. Hasn't been many new games lately.

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Also a great way to recycle some code and provide a new experience with known elements for us.

Looks like we won't be building any of the machines in this game, but pre-select them, if I got the trailer right.

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That is right. You have prebuild machines, inspired by the thousands people made and posted on on . Like a mini-flycraft that you can get for free.


Herbie is a Rock Star!!!

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Looks cool

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Better be for free

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Do Nike make any free stuff ?? Or do they sell anything for 1.99 $or. 99$ ???

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Herbie strike back .plz don't forget the playbook

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Joseph pepple

I want to be an active member

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Harkal we love your games and your full throttle support for bb10! Keep it coming!

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I'm actually really excited for this game I like flappy Herbie saga so think I'm going to enjoy this one as well

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When will it be available?

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syed zunu

Would you please put clash of clan android app on BlackBerry World

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