Anyone want to win a BlackBerry Z10 or PlayBook? The FlyCraft competition is coming!

FlyCraft Competition
By James Richardson on 8 Jul 2013 04:05 am EDT

This one should get your attention! There's some serious FlyCraft news going down this week. First up is that the latest update to the BlackBerry 10 / PlayBook game now allows users to upload their flights directly to YouTube from the app - which is a first for BlackBerry 10.

But that's not the best part. The developer will be holding "The FlyCraft Championship" from Thursday 11 July to Sunday 28 July.

But that's still not the best bit - the winner will receive a BlackBerry Z10! And there is more - every person that votes will automatically be entered into a draw to win a 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook. It doesn't get much better than that!

To celebrate the competition FlyCraft will go on sale today with a 66% discount - meaning if you don't already have the game you can pick it up for just $0.99. The new price has been submitted to BlackBerry World so should show up at some point today.

  • The submissions will be done from inside the game. The game will know there is a competition and suggest to the user to take part.
  • Contestants will be able to compete with more than one flight.
  • People without a FlyCraft supported device (see poor iOS people here) can also enter the competition by using someone else's device and their email address
  • The voting will be done through a FaceBook application on FlyCraft's page ( )

FlyCraft is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones as well as the PlayBook so you had better get practicing if you want to win that Z10.

More information/Download FlyCraft

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Reader comments

Anyone want to win a BlackBerry Z10 or PlayBook? The FlyCraft competition is coming!


I can't say if they are serious or not but I want the Z10 to be my prize and for the playbook "they must be kidding" with no OS update for OS10 for playbook will be a big joke for a prize to grab. Give me the OS10 update for playbook and I will join the game.

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Used my brothers ipad2 over the weekend and it just kept crashing apps, browser and youtube...not impressed. Haven't tried the playbook though.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Not a fan of Apple products, but BlackBerry didn't give much options for Loyal users, so i opted to buy the new iPad. I might be buying an iPhone 6 after my Z10 contract expires and get into the ecosystem. Its BB's fault for chasing its customers away.

You may call me a troll because I stopped defending BB? I have been in CB for a long time and I don't have to prove you. BB is turning their fans down!

Typical apple user? I may be the person who hates apple to the core! But BlackBerry killed the PlayBook and I need a tablet (I have a Galaxy Tab2 but thats only for work)Since I still support BlackBerry a little and wish them luck, I do care for them. I have the right to point their stupid mistakes.

But you also said you'd switch to an iPhone 6. That has nothing to do with your need to have a tablet and if you hate Apple to the core and now don't trust BlackBerry then I would think you'd go android, no?

Posted via CB10

Arvind, are you just trying to inflate your post count? You claim to have "Moved On" from PlayBook but I see a lot of activity here contradictory to that statement. You sound more like a jilted lover than a rational person. Is it buyers remorse?

We get it you're mad and disappointed. Many of us feel the same. Let it go.

Posted via CB10

Inflate post count? how am I going to be benefited? Ok I will stop here. Seems like CB members only want to hear good things about BB. Yeah that will help BB moving forward.

Dude , I can turn on the Nexus 7 Browse the internet , make a purchase on ebay and Log off before the Playbook is even ready to display the Desktop. Even then it is so slowwwwwwww it makes my Dell Axim PDA look relevent.

Please stop with the BS. The Playbook is a Joke gone bad.

hehe I can feel your concerns, but I have been planning this for quite some time and had bought the prizes before the "no BB10 for PlayBook" announcement. Never the less the PlayBook is still a very nice and usefull device, and lots of developers still support it even if BlackBerry is abandoning it. At least I am building every update of FlyCraft twice everytime to support it :). And at the end if you win it and don't like it, you can always donate it somewhere where it's needed! ;)

I still use my PlayBook all the time. It works better than most other pos android tablets.

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People do relies that playbook is the only tablet that can go on any website and watch any sports live from site and it supports abode flash unlike apple products.....but I guess you guys only use it for games

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No they don't realize that.... because most sites have enabled Adobe alternatives (that work better).

Personally I always have the Flash on my PlayBook off - it killed the battery very quickly.

Personally I watched lots of hours of flash content and it didn't die. If watching four hours of flash is bad for a tablet and it still having some battery left then you have some rather insane expectations. It's not bad buy the truth is that BB10 could have made it great. However I must agree that the Z10 is a much better device. My PlayBook won't be used all too much anymore except perhaps for media consumption.

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I used to watch a lot of Flash content when I used my PlayBook. It never affected the battery. The only thing killed my PlayBook was BlackBerry!

Playbook? What's that? (yeah, I know, but I am so disappointed about BlackBerry not supporting it anymore - and it's just lying around :( )

Posted via CB10 on Q10

Too bad the PlayBook just needed some more memory. I still use it for games and playing movies through the hdmi.

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You don't have to get over sensitive. BB10 didn't come to PB because it requires more RAM. Why should I leave CrackBerry? You want BB fans to talk only good things about BB?

Still cost $2.99???? The post says 66% off.....for $0.99.... I'll get it on sale for sure and try the challenge.

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I'm in! I'll take all the PlayBooks and Z10s I can get my greedy little hands on. If anyone has either collecting dust, please please please please send them ALL to me!!!

Send me a PM, I have a youth center full of teens from low income families that call the PlayBooks iPads! They love em! They want em! They'll take em AND say thank you!

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Oh yea! Typical BB fan trying to justify BlackBerry's lies! BB will be over too. BlackBerry - run by a bunch of cheaters.

You not only need to get on with your life, you actually need to GET a life. Go be a loser somewhere else. Mentally challenged still come to a BlackBerry fan site to tell the world how BlackBerry is going down. Going on four years with that bs.

I have between my thumb and forefinger the world's smallest violin playing "My Heart Bleeds For You".

Wow, calling someone mentally challenged in a tech site shows your maturity. I am not here to argue with you. I am one BB supporter still trying to support the company. I cannot be like the other fan boys here cheerleading BB with my eyes closed!

You aren't cheering for BlackBerry at all. Therefore we will not like you. Therefore you are just passing people off. Therefore you should stop or leave.

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I have cheered BlackBerry enough! I don't care you if you guys like me or not. I still care for BlackBerry but that doesn't mean that I have to hail BlackBerry when they are making stupid decisions.

Question for u why would BlackBerry send bb10 to the playbook and it only cost $200 compare to the phones $500-600.....its only COMMON SENSE no one would buy the phones only the tablet (sick of this s*¤t I'm glad there didn't do it it makes NO SENSE)

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No one's justifying anything. Some of us can be disappointed but still find the PlayBook useful. It's my media consumption device. All it's ever done for me is ebooks, movies, games and tv shows off the Internet. Same thing it would have done for me had it got BB10. Same thing I would do with any tablet. You're allowed to be upset dude, but don't assume everyone else HAS to feel the same way as you.

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Thanks, I never hated my PlayBook I know its an awesome device, but BlackBerry has done complete injustice to the device. It lacks in everything except browsing and multi-tasking. I bought it on the very first day when it was launched for full price. I even bought Z10 on the very first day. I convinced my friend to by a Z10, told him that BB10 is coming to PB then I can use the full bridge features. As a BB fan I have tried my best to support BB and still having a bit of good hope for the company, but BlackBerry completely betrayed us!

BlackBerry did what's best for everyone going forward. A lot of people still find their PlayBooks quite useful. It's quite a good thing that devs are still supporting the platform. If you want to complain about something go stand in line with veterans who can't find a job and tell them how BlackBerry betrayed you. Stop acting like it's the end of the world. Move on.

So do you think its good if no one complains? do you think BB fans should only praise BB and not criticize them when BB screws up things? Are you trying to say that BBRY's CEO never said that BB10 will come to PB? Not just once or twice, Thor repeated almost in every interview that BB10 will reach PB! So BB over promised without testing BB10 on PB? According to you every fan should SHUT THEIR MOUTH and keep cheering BB!

You are certainly entitled to complain. My issue is the manner in which you do so. I have issues with some things as far as my Z is concerned, but ranting and raving about those issues is a sure fire way to get a comment like mine.

Remember that you replied to my comment, not the other way around.

Promises were made. Promises get broken. Perhaps you live in a glass house. What you seem to doing is letting a broken promise upset you to the point where you're raving mad.

Life is short enough. There's no need to dwell on such trivial things. The lack of BB10 on the PlayBook won't kill you or anyone else.

Not getting in=between this, but if he spent his money on something based on a certain expectation, then I think he has the right to feel however he feels. Are you guys the permission police or something? If you don't like what he says ignore him.

Do people really need a hub for the PlayBook? It is still getting new apps and the browser is still better than the ipad. I would prefer to have the bb10 browser but that is why I have my z10. The PlayBook is years old technology changes.

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Agree add a new browser and email app and some cut down notification center app that's only open sometimes so it doesn't take ram. All I need. Oh and code updates.

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Now that u mentioned gs4 I've seen about 8 ppl return those at a tmobile branch 2 for iPhone 5 (weird) and the rest for z10 why?? Hmmmm

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I love my Z10 coming from a 9900 and I'm satisfied with all the apps I've been grabbing from blackberry world! Even tho? out of 16 gb I only have 15.1 left LoL! Wish I had more memory on my Z10 and they have a blackberry bridge for PlayBook in blackberry world! Which everyone hates! I just think if all the blackberry products worked hand and hand BlackBerry would really be on top! With the lack of popular apps like instagram and other apps that they have on androids and iphones!the lease they could do is keep the loyal consumers! Happy! By the way I don't use instagram! And I don't have a PlayBook! LoL! Post via Z10

Posted via CB10

To win a PlayBook?

It's like telling "Z10" is only the prize... why don't they just offer Q10 instead?

Posted via Z10

Basically because that is what I can afford. :D I am an independent game developer and not a big company...

Because you posted this I will buy the game. I have a Z10 so don't need one, but that's for developing for the Z10.

The FaceBook element provides an authentication and vote validation system. This way we make it easy for users to take part without special and complex registrations involving emails etc. And it also ensures that every vote is true and not forged. Not easy to make 100 fake facebook accounts to vote yourself these days, while you can do that with email.

But also bottom line this is a popularity contest. The winner will be the one to make the most awesome flight! Awesome flights tent to become popular. It's going to be fun! I already have people sending my amazing things! Can't wait to see what people comes up with, and may the best flight win!!! :D

Lol, who in their right mind wants a paperweight aka a PlayBook.
This is what the PlayBook comes down too, lol.

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Why all this bashing and negativity?

A creative developer of a great game, putting up a competition for users, even giving prizes - and here some only talk shit?

If you don't like the prizes, there are no one forcing you to take part in the competition.

and If you are not happy with the products - please move to another forum and debate it there.

To the negative posters on this thread...sit down and really think to yourself. Take about five minutes in doing so. If you have any shred of common sense, or a good head on your shoulders, you will realize this contest is not for you. Hell, the developer didn't HAVE to create a contest at all. So at least be appreciative that someone did. So stop bitching like little brats. You don't want to win a PlayBook? Don't enter the contest. It is as simple as that. The developer doesn't owe any of you anything. Learn to show some respect. All the negative complaining is ridiculous.

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+1 thank you for saying this, I was about to write something similar.

Dev, thanks for a great app, I bought it a while back though my Fly Craft skills are admittedly lacking. Who knows though, maybe I can practice a bit and send in a nice flight. Don't need either prize but the contest seems like a lot of fun!

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Wow! All the negative talk about the PlayBook. I personally love my PB. I use it every day and don't have any issues with the browser. There are many features I like about it. One being Print To Go and the fact I can create documents on it and transfer from my laptop to the PB. One thing they can improve on is the adobe app which is not good and you have to find an app that can fulfill the need. I hope BlackBerry continues to support the PB and not drop it completely. The contest is a good idea and keep up the good work.

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I tried to purchase it on my playbook, it says .99 cents but when I get the Paypal page it is $2.99

Please fix.

It'll probably take some time for the system to update with the new price...

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Playbook you can't be serious that anyone wants crap like that can you be?

As for z10 sure I want another i can sell off to some sucker who will believe BlackBerry lies.

Posted via CB10

Hey. Kill that noise, I'll take another PlayBook, makes a great emulator device and e-reader!!!! Don't be hard on the PB

Posted via CB10

So people whom purchased a PLAYBOOK for $$200 - $600 are now using it as an outdated old Game Tablet ?
Wow , now that is innovation.

can i still win? im using a droid and i miss my past blackberries. Pleeeeease win me back Blackberry!