The FlyCraft Championship is now live

By James Richardson on 11 Jul 2013 04:56 am EDT

We told you recently of the FlyCraft championship that would soon be kicking off where the developer was offering a BlackBerry Z10 and PlayBook as prizes. The time has now arrived and the championship is now open.

So get uploading your best flights to YouTube - direct from the app and head on over to the competition page and get voting.

A quick reminder of the rules:

  • The submissions will be done from inside the game. The game will know there is a competition and suggest to the user to take part.
  • Contestants will be able to compete with more than one flight.
  • People without a FlyCraft supported device (see poor iOS people here) can also enter the competition by using someone else's device and their email address
  • The voting will be done through a FaceBook application on FlyCraft's page

Download FlyCraft for BlackBerry 10

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Reader comments

The FlyCraft Championship is now live


This game is hilarious. I've only managed 17.3cm so far but some of the bigger flights are awesome to watch.

Posted via CB10

I want to play but the price is still wrong for the playbook :( It says .99cents but when you click Buy it changes to $2.99, I know it's not a big thing but by principle I wont buy it, it's reduced or it is not.

It is on sale since Monday... It's probably a bug of AppWorld?! Try "refresh" under "My world".. that usally fixes some glinches the BlackBerry World app has on the PlayBook...

Nope, didn't make a difference, even restarted my playbook. Anyone else can confirm the same bug?

If you buy it on your BlackBerry 10 device for 99 cents, when you try purchasing on PlayBook, will detect you've already purchased it and download directly.

Will the person with the longest flight win anything or is it solely by votes. Facebook page is also working sporadically

Posted via CB10

Harkel I have also not received any emails from my submissions, is that because I have not allowed it to record a video yet? Excuse all the questions don't know where else to ask them. Thanks for your time

Posted via CB10

Would be nice possibly to put the longest flight on the "Featured user Section" each day during the tournament, so people can see what the record is and have something to shoot for. It would also help the original goal of distance, maintain some worth over votes, while still maintaining the promotion of flycraft with social media voting. Just a thought, I found your terms for the championship so disregard last posts questions

Posted via CB10