Can you make Herbie fly? Give it a try with FlyCraft for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 4 Nov 2012 11:36 am EST

Another challenging game arrived for the BlackBerry PlayBook this week - this time in the form of FlyCraft. Not just another port from a different OS, FlyCraft was created exclusively for the PlayBook over the month of October. The object of the game is to build a flying machine for your bug, Herbie, and fly as far as you can which will earn you points and extra tools to use on your mean machine. You will start with a small selection of objects to use but the more you progress the more objects you will unlock to assist you in your flight. There are currently 10 unlockable gadgets with more to follow in future updates.

Features of FlyCraft include:

  • Spend countless happy moments testing every gadget
  • Tune every angle of your machine to create the best possible flight 
  • Unlock special thrust-items like the soda can, the propeller and the mighty rocket to unleash extra power through your flight time 
  • Features 10 unlockable gadgets (more to come soon) to use on your creations.
  • Extra free bonus gadgets are earned the more you play and the more distance you cover. 
  • Scoreloop leaderboards and achievements to compete with your friends

I must warn you - this game is very challenging. It really takes some getting used too, but that's not a bad thing. At $1.99 it is reasonably priced and with beautiful smooth graphics and quaint sound effects the price tag is value for money.

More information/Download FlyCraft for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Can you make Herbie fly? Give it a try with FlyCraft for the BlackBerry PlayBook


This game is soooooo much fun. I can not wait for updates to bring more features. The dev has plans on instant replay and sharing with friends. If you have not got the game I suggest you try it. My furthest distance is 340 cm. I'm not in the top ten but I am in the top twenty :)

This game is sweet!.. I just want to know who the h*ll got almost 700 cm on this thing. I can't break 250 cm!!

Really it is pretty fun.

Decided to get this game after a few of the RIM folk on twitter mentioned it. WOW! Sooo GOOD! First off, the game load VERY fast, within seconds you can start building your flying machine and the possibilities are basically endless. There are several unlocks and always bonuses to unlock as well. Definitely worth the $2!!

I think this will become my game of choice during the morning commute simply because the game is THAT fast to start up and there is no loading in the game! (I'm not a patient man in the morning... lol)

there are many glitches in this game and thats how i think those people got 700cm. still love it though. very addicting

it's a great game. I downloaded it today before flying out. I had my coworkers asking me what game that was and if I got it on Itunes. I was like nope. It's a PLaybook exclusive. one of my coworkers is getting a playbook though. He said they are too cheap to pass up. I told him it's worth it now. Will be even better with BB10 come Jan/Feb

OKAY so I have some work to do. 75 cm and I just unlocked the Big Wheels! Whooo Hoo! Great game! You had me at "made exclusively......"
From my BB10 ready BlackBerry Playbook

Definitely a fun physics based game. Has kept me entertained for the past couple days. Just need to do a new design to see if I can break the 400 cm mark.

This looks like a fun game and reminds me of Bad Piggies.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Was gonna download it last week but was waiting for my playbook in the post. luckily this game was re-posted on the main page yesterday and i downloaded it last night.

Its a really good game. i've hit 300+ already just need to do some experimenting to get it flying more.

I recommend this game for everyone whos got a playbook and looking to get a bb10 next year.. its a really addicted and fun game. i've already been showing people of non-bb equipment and they've got hooked on it too.

Awesome Game.. Go Download It.