FlyCast 2.0 Officially Released Now Includes Caching Options And Twitter Integration.

By Bla1ze on 22 Jul 2009 08:07 am EDT
FlyCast 2.0 Officially Released!

FlyCast has been my personal favorite streaming music application for the past while, reason being I currently live in Canada and Slacker and Pandora just simply are not available here for me to even try out. FlyCast has just put the official stamp on their 2.0 release which includes a lot of upgraded features:

  • Storm supports both landscape and portrait mode now
  • New Twitter interface added. Tweet a song and it will post a link to the song on your Twitter feed that any user can click on to be taken directly to that station on FlyCast to hear it.
  • Station caching, users can now cache stations direct to their media card for playback when coverage is not available at all times.
  • Loading of your own music library through FlyCast

All in all a great update for the service, the only thing that I do dislike about is that the station caching offer is only available as a 7 day free trial. After the 7 days, users will have the choice of paying $9.95 for 5 hours of caching or $19.95 for 20 hrs of caching via a one time fee. I understand and can appreciate the need to make money off of the service but after having it been available all this time for free and other offerings like Slacker having it included I'm less likely to consider it.

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FlyCast 2.0 Officially Released Now Includes Caching Options And Twitter Integration.


Reword the caching sentence and put the word "space" in like the Flycast website. It sounds like each 5 hours costs you 9.95 or 20 for 19.99, or is it just to early for me to read coherently

I've had nothing but issues. I'm not sure what the bluetooth connectivity has to do with this app. I've tried to load up a couple of stations but to avail. There's no clear instructions of how to use it/set it up.

Can anyone shed some light?

This article implies that FlyCast becomes a paid service - the basic service that you talk about at the beginning of the post is still in place.

There is a one-time (NOT monthly or even yearly) charge for the caching feature.

Your conclusion doesn't really make sense - you don't like FlyCast because they offered a paid upgrade option to the original free service?

Love Flycast, always have, always will. Got the best Asian and other World stations available :)

Everything worked fine on the old version, but a lot of channels won't load on the new one. I even tried clearing out the phone to see if it was a setting or something but it still happens.

I thought I read somewhere that you can listen to Howard Stern on Flycast. Is this true? I have a 9530 Storm thru Verizon and would love to listen to Stern on it. Thanks..