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Fly Delta for BlackBerry 10 now available!

Fly Delta for BlackBerry 10
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Mar 2013 11:49 am EDT

If you fly with Delta, you'll be happy to know that the Fly Delta for BlackBerry 10 app is now available. The app touched down in BlackBerry World on March 18th and I put it to use the very next day, making the trip from YWG to LGA with a short layover in MSP.

The app delivered immediate benefit to me as well. After deboarding the plane and walking into the terminal in MSP, the monitor by the gate did not list the gate number I had to be at to catch my next flight. I whipped my BlackBerry Z10 and fired up the app, and sure enough, the Fly Delta app had the gate number I was looking for - in this case gate D4, and the flight was on time. Panic avoided!

Beyond checking flight status, the Fly Delta app offers a number of features:

  • Find, compare and book flights
  • Check in for domestic flights and have your eBoarding Pass delivered via text message
  • Pay for checked bags
  • View the latest flight status and flight schedules
  • Access Delta contact numbers and @DeltaAssist Twitter support

Overall it's a smooth running app, and if you own a Z10 and fly with Delta, it's an app you're going to want to have installed and put to use. Be sure to check out the video below for a closer look at it from CrackBerry's James Richardson.

Download Fly Delta for BlackBerry 10 from BlackBerry World




Let him be, he is having fun. I find it quite funny as well.


Now this is one of the apps I was waiting for! March 28 hurry up!!!


now this is great, but where is BB Travel?


+1 I absolutely love BB Travel


It's apps like this that make you truly appreciate how awesome BB Travel is. It would be great to have these features for all flights.


Great app. Along with SkyScanner, great tools for finding flights.


This is one I've been hoping for. I suspect we're going to see more apps rolling out as the US launch hits.

Posted via CB10


The great kevin was in Minneapolis? Kick ass!


Amazing! Just got it, this would have been handy on my last trip to Florida when I actually used delta...already have air canada, no just need American and im all set!

Posted via CB10


In the next few days it would be great to hear from someone that has used the iOS or Android version of the Delta App. I have used the Delta app on my 9800 for a couple years and it has been, reliable, but sorta, meh. Hope to be picking up my Z10 preorder from BestBuy this weekend and won't have a travel app choice I am accustomed to for a while. Since I am a Delta Medallion customer, it is good to know I can use the Delta app and at least manage the flight portion of my travel. Would be even better if Concur or Blackberry Travel would appear before too long. :D


finally! I fly Delta all the time from ATL, and the android port didn't work, so I was stuck using my iPhone...which I abhor.

Now we just need TripCase or BB Travel, and it's all gravy baby!


DANGIT! This is the same as !!! :mad: you can't sign into SkyMiles, or do half the stuff that the iOS version has! #notcool


#sad cannot see my points either. But at least you can check in.


It's kind of a meh app and a cop out. My old 9900 version of the app allowed me to connect to my skymiles account, check into a flight through my account and get a QR code boarding pass. This version is a step back. Hopefully they update it to have all those features soon as both the iOS and Android versions are light years ahead.


Come on BlackBerry Travel. Heard a rumor that it is coming very soon. Like very soon.


Can't book international flights. Sigh

Posted via CB10


That is the same as the iPhone version :( I haven't tried the Android version, but assume it is the same.


I am on delta all the time. This is just the same in functionality as the mobile site. They need to bring in the other capabilities on their Android app. The Android version is ok. Bad UX on the latest revision. But at least the data you want to see is there.

Posted via CB10


Delta needs to tighten up!!!! All they did was extend a link to their mobile site; total BS!!! If you've ever used the IOS and Android versions like the others have posted, you all would be just as pissed at Delta.


This is exactly the kind of app that BB needs, as much as the mega-saturation 'killer' apps. Absence or presence of apps like this, banking apps, and other company-specific apps are the things that can be deal-breakers for a lot of potential buyers.



Posted via CB10

Majestic Lion

Great news. With Delta on board, the perceived viability of the platform is enhanced.


I'm proud to be a Delta employee and a Crackberry fan! Our app is one of the greatest in the industry! Also glad we rolled out with the app just in time for the US drop . I'll be getting my z10 on friday. BTW @KEVIN next time your in LGA let me know!


Does this Delta app allow International app booking? The iPhone version only accesses domestic or NA flights.


Pretty weak app compared to the BB7 version. You can't login to manage your account.

Might as well just use the mobile site until the app gets better.


Great news for Delta and Blackberry and the timing is perfect indeed! BB10 is looking fantastic!

William Lofts

Not even close to the iOS version. A very weak first attempt. Delta needs to make more of an effort. I want to like this but can't say anything positive until it has half the functionality of it's Android and iOS cousins.